What Terminal is Delta at JFK?


John F. Kennedy International Airport

If you’re wondering, “What terminal is Delta at JFK?” the answer is Terminal 4. Delta Air Lines operates its flights exclusively from this terminal for both arrivals and departures at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Located in the southern part of JFK, Terminal 4 is one of the airport’s five terminals and boasts two concourses (A and B) with a total of 43 gates. 

Travelers flying with Delta at JFK can enjoy a variety of amenities, including numerous dining options, shops, lounges, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Ground transportation options to and from Terminal 4 are plentiful, with choices ranging from public buses and trains to taxis and rideshares.

Delta Airlines JFK Terminal—Quick Facts

What terminal is Delta at JFK Airport?

The sections that follow, starting from the table below, provide key information about Delta Air Lines’ departure and arrival terminal at JFK, along with the contact details, amenities, transportation and parking options, and more.

Airline NameDelta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines JFK Terminal Phone Number(800) 221-1212
Delta Air Lines IATA Code DL
Delta Terminal at JFK 
Delta Departure Terminal at JFKTerminal 4
Delta Arrival Terminal at JFKTerminal 4

JFK Airport—Quick Facts
Airport Name John F. Kennedy International Airport
Airport Location Approx. 15 miles from Manhattan
Airport Address Queens, NY 11430
Airport CodeJFK
Website URLJfkairport.com
JFK Airport Phone Number718-244-4444
Terminals at JFK5 Terminals (T1, T4, T5, T7, and T8)


  • JFK International Airport has 5 terminals—Terminals 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8.
  • Delta Air Lines operates its flights (arrivals and departures) from Terminal 4.
  • Ground transportation facilities at JFK include trains, buses, shuttles, taxis, and rideshare services (Uber, Lyft).
  • JFK has 5 parking lots, out of which 4 short-term parking lots (Red, Orange, Blue, and Yellow) are near the terminals and the 5th (long-term) is about four miles by AirTrain. JFK also has 2 free cell phone lots and a Kiss & Fly parking in Long Term Parking Lot 9.

Layout of the Delta Air Lines Terminal at JFK, New York

Layout of the Delta Air Lines Terminal at JFK, New York. Image Credit: JFKAirport.com

JFK Airport’s Terminal 4 is located in the southern part. 

  • It has 2 concourses (A and B) with 43 gates.
  • The departure level has airline lounges and check-in desks. 
  • The concourse level has security checkpoints, departure gates, restaurants, bars, and shops, and the pet relief area
  • The arrivals level comprises a restaurant, a takeaway food stall, and a baggage claim 

Terminal 4’s Concourse A is located on the airport’s east side. 

  • Concourse A comprises 16 gates (A2-A7, A9-A12, A14-A17, and A19-A21). 
  • Gates A9-A21 is located at the end of Concourse A on the lower level 
  • Concourse A has a few shops and restaurants. 
  • There are many shops and restaurants in the area between Concourses A and B.
  • The upper level of Concourse A has several lounges.

Terminal 4’s Concourse B is located on the airport’s west side. 

  • Concourse B has 27 gates (B20, B22-B39, B41-B49, and B51). 
  • Gates B42-B51 are located at the end of Concourse B on the lower level. 
  • Concourse B has moving walkways that run down the concourse.
  • The Delta Sky Club Lounge is located on the upper level.

Services and Amenities—Delta Air Lines JFK Terminal 

  • Cafes and Restaurants: JFK has more than 135 bars, cafes, and restaurants, before and after security. For more information, refer to the airport’s website
  • Wi-Fi: Complimentary Wi-Fi services are available at JFK. To connect, the “_Free JFK WiFi” option as your network, and then select “Free unlimited wifi”. The customer support number (800-880-4117) is open 24/7. 
  • Lost & Found: For luggage items lost on board, in the terminal, or curbside, you must contact the airline directly. If you lose something at a security checkpoint, get in touch with the TSA Lost & Found office at 718-917-3999, and for items lost elsewhere at the airport, you’ll need to file an online lost and found report. If you lose something outside of the airport’s terminals, visit JFK Police in Building #269 or call 718-244-4225.

Additional Information about Delta Air Lines at JFK terminal

  • Information Services: If you need any assistance after entering the terminal, get in touch with a customer care agent wearing a red jacket. You can also approach the welcome center in the arrival hall for assistance with travel or accommodation-related information.
  • Travelers Aid desks in Terminal 4 are located on the arrivals level of all terminals, as well as in the retail hall.
  • There’s no Children’s Play Area in Terminal 4. However, there’s one in T5 near Gate 12, near Gate 26, and in T8. 
  • Baby Facilities in T4 are situated close to Gates A3, B31, and the retail hall (level 3). 
  • Pet Relief Areas are located in all terminals. The one in T4 is located near Gate 31 and at the east end of the arrivals area.
  • Duty-free shops can be found in all terminals. 
  • Smoking Zones are outside each terminal, including T4.
  • Prayer The interfaith chapel is located in the departure area of T4.
  • ATMs and currency exchange services are located in all terminals.
  • Luggage storage facilities are located in the arrival halls of T1, T4 (Accommodation Plus International), and T8 (Meegan Services). 
  • Important Phone Numbers
    • General Inquiries 718-244-4444
    • Parking Helpline 347-238-3231

Transportation Options at JFK Airport

Transport options at JFK include public buses, trains, taxis, shuttles, and rideshare services.

  • Public Buses

Public MTA buses, such as the Q10, Q3, and B15 routes, are one of the most pocket-friendly modes of transport to or from JFK. They are parked outside T5 and typically cost $2.75 between the airport and Brooklyn or Long Island.

  • Trains
    • The MTA subway is available at the AirTrain’s start and endpoints.
    • The AirTrain serves all terminals at JFK, and you can travel between stops at no charge. You can travel to New York and beyond by taking the Green Line that serves Howard Beach (the Red Line serves Jamaica Station). 
    • The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) services several stations in Long Island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn from Jamaica Station.
  • Shuttles

Both private and shared shuttle rides are available from/to JFK and many parts of New York, incl. airports nearby. If your flight lands at JFK, you can easily book a shuttle from your terminal’s Welcome Center. 

  • Taxis

Taxis are parked outside each terminal at JFK. A trip to Manhattan will typically cost you $52, but if you’re riding Monday – Friday between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., a $4.50 surcharge will apply in addition to your fare. 

  • Rideshare 

Services provided by Uber and Lyft are available from and to JFK Airport. Drop-off and pick-up areas are located outside each terminal. 

Parking Facilities at JFK

There are 5 parking lots (open) at JFK. 4 of them are close to the terminals and suitable for short-term parking or if you’re ready to pay extra. JFK’s long-term parking lot is easily accessible by the AirTrain and is located 4 miles away. To check parking availability, visit the airport’s website. 

Short-term Parking

Options for short-term parking at JFK include the Blue Lot (near T4), Red Lot (near T8), Orange Lot (near T7), and Yellow Lot (near T5). However, you can park your vehicle in any parking lot, regardless of where your flight departs from. 

  • Red and Orange Lots are priced for the first 30 minutes at $4, $8 for the first 60 minutes, and $4 for every additional 30 minutes, subject to a maximum of $65 per day. If you book in advance, the per-day rate is $36.
  • Blue and Yellow Lots are priced at $6 for the first 30 minutes, $12 for the first 60 minutes, and $6 for every additional 30 minutes, subject to a maximum of $70 per day. If you book in advance, the per-day rate is $42.

Long-term Parking Lot

JFK’s long-term parking lot is situated roughly 4 miles away at Lefferts Blvd and can easily accessed from the terminals via the AirTrain. The parking charges for the first 24 hours are $29 and each additional 8 hours incur a charge of $14.50. If you pre-book, the daily rate is $20.

Pick-up or Drop-off Parking

JFK does not allow waiting or parking waiting outside the terminals. However, drivers can use any of the two free cell phone lots and wait with their vehicles until the passengers call and request for pickup. The cell phone parking lots are situated off the JFK and Van Wyck Expressway. 

Kiss and Fly

The Kiss & Fly area at JFK is located at c. The AirTrain offers a free ride from Lefferts Blvd Station to each terminal.

Parking for Disabled Passengers 

JFK offers specially designated parking spaces in both short- and long-term parking lots for passengers with disabilities. The charges for the first 30 minutes are $4, $8 for the first 60 minutes, and $4 for every 30 minutes thereafter, subject to a per-day maximum charge of $29. The AirTrains at JFK are wheelchair accessible with designated areas, and all stations have elevators.

Hotel and Off-site Parking

The hotel and off-site parking lots are located further away and cheaper. Parking rates start from $10.99 per day, and free shuttles operate frequently from and to the airport. You can compare prices, check for locations, and read customer reviews on websites such as Airportparkingreservations.com.

Delta Destinations from JFK

Delta flies directly from JFK to more than 99 destinations, including Accra, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Orlando, and Seattle. For details, refer to Where Does Delta Fly Direct from JFK?

Security and Customs at the Delta Terminal, JFK 

All terminals at JFK have their own security checkpoints. JFK recommends that all passengers check in for domestic flights 2 hours prior to departure and 3 hours prior to departure for international flights. 

TSP PreCheck

Every terminal at JFK has a dedicated line for passengers who qualify for TSA PreCheck. Terminal 4 also has an Enrollment Center on level 4. 

Global Entry 

Global Entry kiosks are available in all terminals for fast-tracking the clearance of approved passengers. Terminal 4’s Enrollment Center is located in the arrivals area.

Mobile Passport 

The airport has special Mobile Passport Control lines for expedited clearance by Customs and Border Clearance. Eligible passengers must submit their details after arriving. An instant receipt will be issued, which they must present with their passports to a CBP agent. 


JFK Airport’s T4 and T7 have CLEAR lanes and Enrollment Centers for quicker security clearance. To be eligible, you must enroll for fingertip and eye scanning before passing through security.

Inter-Terminal Transport at JFK Airport 

The best way to move between terminals is by using JFK’s AirTrain.

AirTrain (Pre-security)

Presently, only the Red and Green Lines are operational due to ongoing construction work. 

  • The Red Line operates between Jamaica Station and T4, T5, T7, and T8. 
  • The Green operates with stops between Howard Beach Station and T4, T5, T7, and T8.

If you’re moving between terminals, Federal Circle, and Lefferts Blvd Stations, traveling on the AirTrain is free. If you’re traveling beyond, you’ll be charged for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Delta Air Lines JFK Terminal 

If you’re flying with Delta Air Lines from John F. Kennedy International Airport, you might have several queries about your journey. To help you navigate Terminal 4 with ease, check out the FAQs below about Delta Air Lines JFK Terminal.

What terminal is Delta at JFK International?

Delta operates its flights from Terminal 4 at JFK for both arrivals and departures.

What terminal is Delta domestic at JFK?

Delta’s domestic flights also operate out of Terminal 4 at JFK.

What terminal is Delta international at JFK?

Delta’s international flights also operate out of Terminal 4 at JFK.

What terminal is Delta at JFK international arrivals?

Delta’s international arrivals are also at Terminal 4 of JFK. 

How can I contact Delta Air Lines at JFK Terminal 4? 

You can reach Delta Air Lines at Terminal 4 by calling their customer service number at (800) 221-1212.

What amenities are available at Delta’s Terminal 4 at JFK? 

Terminal 4 at JFK offers numerous amenities, such as dining options, shops, lounges, complimentary Wi-Fi, pet relief areas, and more.

How do I get to Terminal 4 at JFK? 

You can get to Terminal 4 via including bus, the AirTrain, taxis, and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

What are the parking facilities near Delta’s Terminal 4 at JFK? 

Yes, there are several parking lots near Terminal 4, including short-term and long-term options. The Blue Lot is closest to Terminal 4, and long-term parking is accessible via the AirTrain.

What are the concourses and gates at Terminal 4? 

Terminal 4 has two concourses, A and B, with a total of 43 gates. Concourse A has 16 gates, while Concourse B has 27 gates.

Does Delta’s Terminal at JFK have Wi-Fi? 

Yes, Delta’s terminal at JFK (T4) offers free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal. To connect, select the “_Free JFK WiFi” network and choose “Free unlimited wifi.”

What are the check-in recommendations for Delta flights at JFK? 

The airport recommends that you check in 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights.

Where can I find the Delta Sky Club Lounge at JFK? 

The Delta Sky Club Lounge is located on the upper level of Concourse B in Terminal 4.

What transportation options are there between terminals at JFK?

The AirTrain provides free transport between terminals, including Terminal 4. The Red and Green Lines are currently operational to facilitate easy movement within JFK International Airport.

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