Where Does Singapore Airlines Fly from SFO?

Published :- 2024-07-11
Where Does Singapore Airlines Fly from SFO

Singapore Airlines offers a direct flight from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Singapore Changi Airport (SIN). This non-stop flight, which takes approximately 17 hours and 15 minutes, operates four times daily, covering a distance of 8,486 miles. The service is available every day of the week, providing travelers with flexible options for their journey.

Although Singapore Airlines flies only to one destination—Singapore—from San Francisco, the airline offers connections to over 75 destinations across Asia, Australia, Europe, and beyond from its hub in Singapore. This extensive network allows passengers to reach major cities such as Tokyo, Sydney, London, and many others with convenient layovers at Changi Airport, one of the world’s most efficient and well-connected airports.

The airline’s strategic connections through Singapore enable passengers to explore numerous destinations worldwide, ensuring a wide range of travel possibilities beyond the initial flight from San Francisco.

Singapore Airlines Flights from SFO

Where does Singapore Airlines fly direct from SFO? 

Singapore Airlines flights from San Francisco (SFO) include direct flights to only one destination—Singapore (SIN). The table below provides the duration, daily frequency, and distance of Singapore Airlines’ direct flights from SFO.

Singapore Airlines Direct Flights from SFO
Singapore (SIN)17h 15m48486S M T W T F S International 

Singapore Airlines at SFO’s International Airport

The table below provides an overview of the essential services and facilities available to travelers at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). It includes details such as location, contact information, transportation options, terminal amenities, and available services like Wi-Fi, dining, and lost and found. 

Whether you need assistance navigating the airport, finding a place to eat, or figuring out transportation options, this information will ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience.

NameSan Francisco International Airport
LocationRoughly 13 miles from San Francisco 
AddressHighway 101, San Francisco, CA 94128, USA
Website Flysfo.com
SFO Airport Telephone Number800-435-9736
Singapore Airlines Telephone Number at SFOGeneral 833-727-0118Baggage 650-984-6752
IATA Code of the Airport SFO
Number of Terminals at the AirportFour (Terminals 1, 2, 3, and International Terminal with boarding gates A and G)
Singapore Airlines Departures Terminal International Terminal G

Transport within Terminals


The San Francisco International Airport AirTrain connects you between terminals as well as from/to the long-term parking and car rental center.

The Blue Line operates counter-clockwise and stops at all terminals, the BART Station, terminal garages, the car rental center, long-term parking, and the Grand Hyatt. The red line operates clockwise and stops at all terminals, terminal garages, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the BART Station.

The AirTrains operate 24 hours a day, departing at frequencies as high as every 4 minutes. 


All of SFO’s terminals are connected in a loop — Terminals 1 – 2 – 3 – G (International) – A (International) – Terminal 1. You may not be able to walk between a few terminals due to ongoing construction activities.

You can walk outside the secure area if you’re connecting to Terminal 1 from the International Terminal. If you’re connecting between Gates C11 to C2 and D18 to D1, you can walk within the secure area without having to re-clear security. 

The International Terminal is connected to Terminal 3 from outside the secure area. To connect from Terminal 3 to the International Terminal’s departure gate G, you can walk through the airside connector bridge without having to re-clear security.

The walkways connect Terminals 2 and 3; one before and one after security. 

To connect to the International Terminal’s A gates, you will need to re-clear security when entering the gates.

Security and Customs

Each terminal at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has two security checkpoints, except Terminal 1, which has one. The opening hours for these checkpoints are as follows:

CheckpointOpening HoursServing Gates
Security checkpoint A04:30 to 01:00Gates A15 to A1
Security checkpoint B04:00 to 00:30Gates B27 to B6
Security checkpoint C04:00 to 01:00Gates D18 to D1 and C11 to C2
Security checkpoint D04:00 to 00:30Gates D18 to D1 and C11 to C2
Security checkpoint F104:00 to 00:30Gates G14 to G1, E13 to E1, and F22 to F1
Security checkpoint F305:00 to 17:00Gates G14 to G1, E13 to E1, and F22 to F1
Security checkpoint G04:30 to 01:00Gates G14 to G1, E13 to E1, and F22 to F1

TSA PreCheck

SFO offers dedicated TSA PreCheck lanes at all security checkpoints for expedited screening. There’s also a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center located in the International Terminal near the G gates security checkpoint. Passengers can apply online and schedule their interview when passing through SFO. The office hours are Monday through Friday, from 07:30 to 11:30 and 12:00 to 16:00.

Global Entry

SFO participates in the Global Entry program for expedited clearance of passengers arriving on international flights. Applications can be submitted online, and an interview must be scheduled at the enrollment center located on the arrivals level of the International Terminal. The office hours are from 07:00 to 15:00.

Mobile Passport

SFO supports Mobile Passport Control, which allows passengers to submit their details via the Mobile Passport app (available on iOS and Android) upon arrival at the airport. Passengers can then use the Mobile Passport express lane and present their instant receipt and passport to a CBP agent.


CLEAR is available at all SFO terminals, providing expedited security clearance for approved members.

Ground Transport

Train Services include:

  • BART, which connects to/from areas within the Bay Area, incl. Oakland and downtown San Francisco. You can access the BART station from the International Terminal (G side, ticketing level). 
  • Caltrain, which serves San Jose and San Francisco. 

Bus Services include:

  • SamTrans, which transports you from/to San Francisco and San Mateo County to San Francisco International Airport (SFO). You can board the buses outside the International Terminals G and A and Terminals 2 and 3.
  • Charter Buses, which are available for booking. For more information, refer to the airport’s website.

Shuttle Services

Both private and shared shuttle services are offered from every terminal at SFO. You can pre-book the services or book them in the arrivals hall after landing. For details, refer to this page


You’ll find metered taxis on the arrivals level outside each terminal. The taxi fare will typically cost you about $45, depending on the traffic and your destination. 

Ride Service Operators

Approved operators include Uber, Lyft, and Wingz. Passengers can be dropped off and picked up on both levels of the international terminal. At domestic terminals, passengers can be picked up from the domestic garage (Level 5), and on the curbside on the departures level for private services.

Dining, Drinks, etc. (Terminal D, after-security)

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) boasts over 70 restaurants, bars, and grab-and-go options. The International Terminal Main Hall features a good selection of dining spots outside security, making it a great place to pass the time if you arrive early for your flight.
To explore your dining options at SFO, visit the airport’s website. You can filter the results by terminal and location, both pre- and post-security.

Wi-Fi and Charging

Free Wi-Fi 

SFO offers free Wi-Fi throughout all terminals and the car rental center. To connect, select the “#SFO FREE WIFI” network, open your browser, accept the terms and conditions, and click Connect. If you encounter any issues, you can contact Wi-Fi support at 855-415-9434.

Charging Stations

Available throughout the terminals and in the Terminal 2 food court, these stations feature dedicated power bars.

Desks equipped with charging stations are available in every terminal, allowing passengers to use and charge their laptops while waiting comfortably for their flights.

Lost & Found

For lost items, you’ll need to follow up with the concerned department as explained below:

  • Public Areas: If you lose an item at the AirTrain, airport garages, or airport terminals, get in touch with the local Police Department’s Lost and Found at 650-821-7014, sfolostandfound@flysfo.com, or at the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 1.
  • Security Checkpoints: If you lose an item at a security checkpoint, you’ll need to get in touch with Covenant Aviation Security at 650-457-2670 or send an email to lostandfound@covenantsecurity.com.
  • Aircraft: For items lost on an aircraft, contact the airline directly. 

Car Rental Center or Transfer Bus from/to Long-Term Parking: Get in touch with the SFO Shuttle Bus Company at 415-915-9760.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Singapore Airlines Fly from SFO

The FAQs below revolve around the question “Where Does Singapore Airlines Fly from SFO?” Go through them if you’re flying out of one of the world’s busiest airports and make your journey more smooth and convenient. 

From where does Singapore Airlines fly in San Francisco (SFO)?

Singapore Airlines operates from International Terminal G at San Francisco (SFO).

Where does Singapore Airlines fly nonstop from SFO?

Singapore Airlines operates nonstop flights from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Singapore Changi Airport (SIN).

How long is the flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Singapore with Singapore Airlines?

The flight duration from San Francisco (SFO) to Singapore is approximately 17 hours and 15 minutes.

How many flights per day does Singapore Airlines offer from SFO to Singapore?

Singapore Airlines offers four flights daily from SFO to Singapore.

Are there any connecting flights available from Singapore?

Yes, Singapore Airlines connects travelers to over 75 destinations across Asia, Australia, Europe, and beyond from Singapore.

Can I fly to Tokyo or Sydney with Singapore Airlines from SFO?

While there are no direct flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Tokyo or Sydney, passengers can connect to these destinations via Singapore.

What is the distance covered by the flight from SFO to Singapore?

The flight covers a distance of 8,486 miles.

On which days does Singapore Airlines operate flights from SFO to Singapore?

Singapore Airlines operates flights every day of the week from SFO to Singapore.

Where can I find more information about Singapore Airlines services at SFO?

You can find more information on the San Francisco International Airport website or by contacting Singapore Airlines at 833-727-0118.

Does Singapore Airlines offer services for baggage issues at SFO?

Yes, for baggage issues, you can contact Singapore Airlines at SFO at 650-984-6752.

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