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Logan International Airport

United Airlines operates primarily from Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). The primary hub for United Airlines’ domestic flights (except international arrivals) is Terminal B at Logan International Airport. It houses the airline’s departure gates, security checkpoints, check-in desks, and baggage claims. United Airlines caters to both domestic and international flights from Terminal B, except international arrivals which are at Terminal E.

United Airlines Terminal at Boston Logan Airport—Quick Facts

The table below provides useful information about the United Airlines Terminal at Boston Logan International Airport (Terminal B).

Airline NameUnited Airlines
United Airlines BOS Terminal Phone Number(800) 864-8331
United Airlines IATA Code UA
United Airlines Boston Logan Terminal 
United Airlines Departure Terminal at Logan AirportTerminal B
United Airlines Arrival Terminal at Logan AirportTerminal B for domestic arrivalsTerminal E for international arrivals
United Airlines Departure Gates at BOS Terminal B

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)—Quick Facts The table below provides at-a-glance information about Boston Logan International Airport. 
Name of the Airport Boston Logan International Airport
Location of the Airport Roughly 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) from downtown Boston
Address of the Airport 1 Harborside Drive, Boston, MA 02128, USA
Airport CodeBOS
Website URLMassport.com
Airport Phone Number+1-800-235-6426
Terminals at BOS4 Terminals
(Terminals A, B, C, D, and E)


  • BOS Airport has 4 passenger terminals—A, B, C, D, and E.
  • All the passenger terminals are connected by walkways—some outside and some within the secure area.
  • The United Airlines terminal at BOS is Terminal B (east side), which has a U-shaped layout. The parking area is inside the U-shape and the departure gates are around the outside. 
  • United Airlines check-in counters and departure gates are located on Level 2 of Terminal B. However, international arrivals are at Terminal E.
  • Ground transportation at BOS Airport includes trains, buses, shuttles, the MBTA commuter boats, taxis, and ride services like Lyft and Uber.

Layout of United Airlines Terminal at Logan Airport 

Layout of United Airlines Terminal at Logan Airport 

Logan Airport United Airlines Terminal Map (Terminal B). Image Credit:  Massport.com

BOS Airport has 4 terminals—A, B, C, D, and E, located at the north, south, and east parts of the airport. 

All 4 terminals have vehicular access, with parking garages located opposite the terminals. They are connected by walkways, some outside and some within the secure area. 

  • The United Airlines terminal at Logan Airport is Terminal B, located on the east side.
  • Terminal B is for domestic flights and Terminal E is for international arrivals. 
  • Terminal B has a U-shaped layout, with the parking area inside the U-shape and the departure gates around the outside.
  • There are 39 gates in Terminal B (B1-12, B14-31, B31A, B32-35, B35A, and B36-40). 
  • Terminal B has 2 security checkpoints—on the north and south sides.
  • Check-in and departure gates are at Level 2 of Terminal B.
  • Baggage Claim and ground transportation are on Level 1 of Terminal B.
  • The United Club is located on the northeast side of the airport. 
  • Both sides of Terminal B have shops and restaurants, such as Starbucks (3), Legal Sea Foods (2), and Dunkin’ (3).

Services and Amenities—United Airlines Terminal at Boston Logan Airport 

  • Cafes and Restaurants. There are more than 67 food stations, cafes, and restaurants, mostly located inside the secure area of each terminal. For details, check out the airport’s website.
  • Wi-Fi. BOS offers complimentary Wi-Fi in all the public areas of the airport. To connect, choose “BOSWifi” from the connections and follow the prompts. 
  • Charging Stations: Many seating areas of each terminal have free charging stations. 
  • Lost & Found. You should contact the appropriate department, depending on where you lost your item. For items lost:
    • At a security checkpoint, get in touch with the TSA at 617-561-2047 or report it online using this form.
    • In the customs hall, call CBP at 617-568-1810.
    • In the aircraft or boarding area, contact the airline directly.
    • In other public areas of the airport, call 617-568-7514, submit an online claim, or visit the Lost & Found Office located between Terminal E and C (arrivals level).

Additional Information on United Airlines Terminal at BOS

  • Information Services booths are located near the baggage claim areas of all terminals. 
  • Children’s Play Area in Terminal B’s retail corridor along the way to Gates B30-36.
  • Baby Facilities (Mamava Suites/Nursing Rooms) in Terminal B are located inside the secure area close to Gates B37, B18, and B7. 
  • Pet Relief Areas in Terminal B are located near Gate B29.
  • Duty-Free Shops in Terminal B are located after the secure area in the south concourse.
  • Smoking Areas are located outside of the terminal buildings. The designated smoking areas for Terminal B are located on Levels 1 and 2. 
  • The Prayer Room is located in the walkway between Terminal B and Terminal C. 
  • ATMs in Terminal B are located pre-security, i.e., before the secure area.
  • Luggage storage facilities are not available at BOS.
  • Important Phone Numbers
    • Lost and Found 617-568-7514
    • General Inquiries 800-235-6426
    • Parking 617-946-4440

Transportation Options at BOS

The transportation options at Boston Logan International Airport include:

  • Trains

The Blue Line subway is an efficient route to reach Downtown Boston or head northeast to Wonderland. You can switch to the Orange Line at State Street Stn. for access to Back Bay, Fenway Park, and Boston University, or to the Green Line for Cleveland Circle, Boston College, and Lechmere. Operating daily from 6 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., the subway is complemented by Massport shuttle buses, which frequently run between terminals and the airport station.

  • Buses
    • The SL1 Silver Line bus connects Chelsea and Dudley Square, with stops at BOS. Buses pick up passengers outside each terminal, offering free rides from BOS to South Station (though not on the return trip). At South Station, you can connect to Amtrak, the Commuter Rail, and the Red Line, which serves MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard University.
    • The Logan Express operates direct buses from parking facilities in Woburn, Peabody, Framingham, and Braintree to BOS. Parking costs $7 per day, with travel times ranging from 30-45 minutes. Buses stop at all terminals.
    • Several private bus companies also offer services from BOS to various destinations across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the Northeast.
  • Shuttles

You can pre-book private and shared-ride shuttles, and the airport recommends several reliable providers.

  • MBTA Commuter Boats

On weekdays, MBTA ferries travel to BOS from Hull, i.e., Pemberton Point’s commuter boat terminal. Passengers can then take Route 66 from the airport dock to their terminal.

  • Taxis

You’ll find taxis outside the arrivals level at each terminal. The fares to Boston’s downtown area typically range from $25 to $45, not including tolls and gratuity.

  • Ride Services

Lyft and Uber are authorized at BOS. Drop-offs are at the departure levels of all terminals. For Terminal A, Terminal C, and Terminal E, pickups are at the Central Parking Area, while pickups and drop-offs for Terminal B are on Level 2 of the Terminal B parking garage.

Parking Facilities at BOS

Terminal Parking

BOS provides three terminal parking garages, each offering covered walkways for easy access to the terminals. The central parking lot is strategically located in the airport’s core, with connector bridges to all terminals. Additionally, Terminals B and E feature parking garages adjacent to the terminals.

Parking rates for these garages are as follows:

First hour$8
1-2 hours$21
2-3 hours$26
3-4 hours$30
4-7 hours$34
7-24 hours$38
1 full day and 0-6 hours$57
1 full day and 6-24 hours$76
Each additional day$38
Additional day 0-6 hours$19
NoteIf you lose your ticket, you’ll be charged the parking fee plus $5.Any vehicle entering the Terminal B garage will undergo a security inspection, incl. a trunk check.

Economy Parking

Located a bit farther from the terminals, the economy parking lot offers a more affordable option. A complimentary shuttle service runs every 15 to 20 minutes, transporting passengers between the terminals and the parking lot.

First hour$8
1-2 hours$20
2-3 hours$22
3-4 hours$25
4-24 hours$29
1 full day/0-6 hours$44
1 full day/6-24 hours$58
Every additional day$29
Additional day 0-6 hours$15
NoteIf you lose your ticket, you’ll be charged the parking fee plus $5.Priority parking is available for clean-air vehicles, and electric vehicle charging spaces are located within each garage.

Pick-up or Drop-off Parking

For those picking up passengers, BOS offers a cell phone waiting lot about 5 minutes from the terminals at the intersection of Hotel Drive and Service Road. This lot is free for up to 30 minutes, but vehicles must remain attended. When passengers are ready for pickup, vehicles can proceed to the arrivals level for curbside collection. Short-term parking is also available in all terminal lots for a fee.

Off-site and Hotel Parking

Several off-site parking lots provide more economical alternatives compared to airport rates, with prices starting at $15 per day. Nearby hotels also offer packages that include both accommodation and parking, bookable through sites like airportparkingreservations.com.

Parking for Passengers with Disabilities

All terminal parking garages and the economy lot offer designated parking spaces for disabled passengers. The shuttle services to and from the economy lot are wheelchair accessible.

Parking Contact Number

For general parking inquiries, call 617-946-4440.

United Airlines Destinations from BOS

United Airlines flies directly from Boston to the following cities:
Chicago (ORD), Los Angeles (LAX), New York (EWR), San Francisco (SFO), Denver (DEN), Houston (IAH), and Dulles (IAD).

Security and Customs at United Airlines BOS Terminal 

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) has seven security checkpoints: two in Terminal A, two in Terminal B, one in Terminal C, and two in Terminal E. These checkpoints open about one hour before the first flight of the day.

Immigration and Customs are located in Terminal E, where most international flights arrive.

Hot Tip: BOS ranks in the top five airports for the shortest wait times for security.

  • TSA PreCheck

Dedicated TSA PreCheck lanes are available at BOS, allowing eligible passengers to speed through security. The airport also has an Enrollment Center in Terminal A (arrivals level), where conditionally approved applicants can schedule their interviews. The center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Global Entry

BOS offers the Global Entry program, with kiosks in Terminal E for enrolled passengers. Those needing an interview for Global Entry can use the Enrollment Center, located on the arrivals level of Terminal E. It operates Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Mobile Passport

BOS accepts Mobile Passport Control, allowing U.S. citizens expedited entry. Passengers can complete the “new trip” section in the app upon arrival and present the electronic receipt to a CBP agent for faster processing.


CLEAR security lanes are available in Terminals A, B, and E. These lanes operate daily from 4 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Terminal A and from 4:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Terminal B. You can also enroll in the CLEAR program during these times.

Inter-Terminal Transport at BOS Airport 

  • Airport Shuttle Bus (Outside the Secure Area)

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) offers shuttle bus services connecting terminals, the rental car center, and the airport station. Six bus routes run approximately every 5 to 6 minutes:

  • Bus 11: Serves all terminals (operates daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
  • Bus 22: Connects Terminals A and B with the airport station and rental car center (operates daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
  • Bus 33: Connects Terminals C and E with the airport station and rental car center (operates daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
  • Bus 55: Links all terminals with the airport station and rental car center, operating during early morning and late evening off-peak hours.
  • Bus 66: Connects all terminals to the airport station, Logan Office Center, and Water Transportation Dock.
  • Bus 88: Serves all terminals and the economy parking garage.
  • Walking (Outside the Secure Area)

The following terminal connections can be made via walkways outside the secure area:

  • Terminal E to Terminal A
  • Terminal E to Terminal B
  • Terminal E to Terminal C
  • Terminal B to Terminal C
  • Walking (Inside the Secure Area)

Passengers connecting between Terminal C and Terminal E can walk inside the secure area. However, passengers arriving on international flights must clear Immigration and Customs, placing them outside the secure area.

Frequently Asked Questions About United Airlines Terminal at Boston Logan Airport

Which terminal is United Airlines at Logan Airport?

The United Airlines terminal at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is Terminal B. However, the terminal for international arrivals is Terminal E.

Which terminal handles United Airlines international arrivals at Logan Airport?

United Airlines international arrivals are processed at Terminal E.

Where can I find United Airlines check-in counters at Logan Airport?

United Airlines check-in counters are located on Level 2 of Terminal B.

What is the phone number for United Airlines’ terminal at Logan Airport?

You can contact United Airlines at Logan Airport by calling (800) 864-8331.

What are the departure and arrival terminals for United Airlines flights at Logan Airport?

United Airlines departs from Terminal B for all flights and arrives at Terminal B for domestic flights. However, international arrivals are at Terminal E.

Where are United Airlines’ departure gates at Logan Airport?

United Airlines departure gates are located in Terminal B.

What amenities are available at United Airlines’ Terminal B at Logan Airport?

Terminal B offers various amenities including cafes, restaurants, Wi-Fi, charging stations, a children’s play area, baby facilities, pet relief areas, duty-free shops, smoking areas, a prayer room, and ATMs.

Does United Airlines have a lounge at Logan Airport?

Yes, the United Club is located on the northeast side of Terminal B.

How can I get to Terminal B at Logan Airport?

You can access Terminal B by car, taxi, ride services like Uber and Lyft, or public transportation including trains and buses. The terminal is also connected to other terminals by shuttle buses and walkways.

Is there parking available near United Airlines’ Terminal B at Logan Airport?

Yes, there are parking garages near Terminal B, including a central parking lot with connector bridges to all terminals. Economy parking is also available with shuttle service to the terminals.

Are there TSA PreCheck lanes at Terminal B for United Airlines passengers?

Yes, TSA PreCheck lanes are available at Terminal B, allowing eligible passengers to expedite their security screening.

Where can I find more information or assistance at Logan Airport’s United Airlines terminal?

Information services booths are located on the arrivals level near the baggage claim area of all terminals. You can also call the airport’s general inquiries line at 800-235-6426 or visit Massport.com for more details.

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