Where Does JetBlue Fly from Chicago? JetBlue Flights from Chicago

Published :- 2024-04-03
Where Does JetBlue Fly from Chicago

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport serves as a pivotal hub for JetBlue, offering streamlined connectivity to key destinations. A curious traveler might wonder, “Where does JetBlue fly from Chicago?” The answer reveals JetBlue’s strategic network, emphasizing direct flights to 2 major hubs. Boston (BOS) and New York (JFK). These cities are not just endpoints but gateways to a broader network. From Boston, passengers can fly directly to 75 destinations, while New York (JFK) paves the way directly to nearly 90 global locations.

JetBlue’s flights from Chicago (ORD) represent a network designed for traveler convenience, connecting to significant cultural, financial, and commercial centers. Both Boston (BOS) and New York (JFK) serve as central nodes in JetBlue’s network, providing extensive connectivity. The airline’s operations at these hubs ensure travelers from Chicago can reach a wide array of destinations across the world. 

JetBlue Flights from Chicago (ORD)

JetBlue’s flights from Chicago include direct flights to Boston (BOS) and New York (JFK). The table below lists useful travel information, such as the duration, frequency, and distance of JetBlue’s direct flights from Chicago (ORD).

JetBlue’s Direct Flights from Chicago
Boston (BOS)2h 22m12-18869S M T W T F SDomestic
New York (JFK)2h 22m7-9742S M T W T F SDomestic

JetBlue Chicago Destinations Map

JetBlue Chicago Destinations Map/Route Map. Source. JetBlue.com/Route-Map 

Exploring JetBlue’s network from Chicago is a breeze with the JetBlue Destinations Map. This online tool offers a user-friendly interface on JetBlue’s website, enabling passengers to visualize their travel options and plan trips with ease.

To access the map, visit JetBlue’s homepage and click on the “Travel Info” tab in the top menu. Then, select “Route Map” to navigate to the interactive map feature. Once there, enter ‘Chicago’ as your departure city to display all direct and connecting flights operated by JetBlue from this location, unveiling a network of destinations.

The Chicago Destinations Map is intuitive, providing instant insights into JetBlue’s flight offerings. By hovering over any destination on the map, travelers can view essential information such as flight frequency, schedules, and pricing. This functionality helps users customize their travel plans according to their budget, schedule, or preferences for specific services like JetBlue’s Mint.

For those ready to book, the map simplifies the process. Starting from Chicago on the map, select your preferred endpoint, and then refine your search based on criteria like direct flights or service class. The JetBlue Destinations Map isn’t just for exploration; it’s a comprehensive tool that facilitates direct booking, making the journey from planning to purchase seamless on JetBlue’s platform.

JetBlue at Chicago O’Hare International Airport 

The table below provides valuable information for travelers flying out of Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and considering JetBlue for their journey. It offers an overview of the airport’s location, facilities, and specific details about JetBlue’s operations, including its departure terminal and transportation services available at ORD. 

Name of the Airport Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
Airport Location Approximately 20 miles (32km) from Chicago
Airport Telephone Number(800) 832-6352
JetBlue ORD Phone Number1-866-538-5438
Terminals at ORDFour (Terminals 1-3, and 5)
JetBlue’s Departure Terminal Terminal 2

Security & Customs

ORD airport houses varied security checkpoint setups across terminals. 3 in Terminal 1, 1 in Terminal 2, 5 in Terminal 3, and 2 in Terminal 5 (the international terminal), with one operating around the clock.

Checkpoints Operating Times

Terminal Checkpoint Hours of Operation

1 CP1 4am – 8.30pm

1 CP2 4.15am – 8.30pm

1 CP3 4am – 6pm

2 CP5 4am – 8.30pm

3 CP6 3.45am – 8pm

3 CP7 3.30am – 9pm

3 CP7A 3.15am – 10pm

3 CP8 5am – 7pm

3 CP9 5am – 8pm

5 CP10 Open 24/7

5 CP11 12.30pm – 8.30pm

TSA PreCheck 

The TSA PreCheck services are available at specific checkpoints across all terminals, with special lanes for expedited screening.

Terminal Checkpoint PreCheck Hours

1 CP2 4am – 8.30pm

2 CP5 4.15am – 7pm

3 CP7A 4.15am – 7.30pm

3 CP8 5am – 7pm

5 – Consult locally

A TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center is in Terminal 1’s baggage claim, open weekdays with specific morning and afternoon sessions.

Global Entry 

Global Entry desks in ORD speed up the U.S. entry process. The Global Entry interview center in Terminal 5 operates on weekdays during designated hours.

Mobile Passport 

The Mobile Passport app streamlines the customs process, allowing digital submission of passport information and customs declaration.


CLEAR employs biometric technology to expedite the security process at ORD. Available during set hours, it enhances the security experience for travelers.

Terminal CLEAR Hours

1 4.30am – 8pm

2 4.30am – 8pm

5 4.30am – 8pm

Cafes and Restaurants

The airport has 130-plus cafes, restaurants, and eateries. For details and location, refer to the airport’s website.

Free Wi-Fi 

ORF offers complimentary wi-fi both outside and inside the secure areas. 

To connect, select “Boingo Hotspot” or “_Free_ORD _Wi-Fi”, launch your device’s browser, and select the “Watch Ad to Connect” option.

Lost & Found

Depending on where your belongings were misplaced at ORD, different points of contact are available for lost and found assistance.

  • If your item was left in the security screening areas, reach out via the TSA’s lost and found page or contact 773-377-1210. 
  • For items lost in the terminal areas, the Chicago Police Department at ORD can be contacted at 773-686-2385.
  • If you misplace something within the Airport Transit System, call 773-462-0400. 
  • For lost items in food service areas, the number to dial is 773-377-7804. 
  • If you think you’ve left something in the parking lots, contact 773-686-7532.
  • For items lost in Terminal 5, particularly in the customs area, you can call 773-686-3157. Remember, if the lost item is related to your flight directly, such as in the ticketing area, at the gate, or on the airplane itself, you should directly contact your airline for assistance.

Transport Options 

Transportation services at ORD are easily accessible on both levels (upper and lower), with clear signage guiding passengers.

Rail Services

CTA Blue Line. Located in Terminal 2’s lower level parking area, this train connects ORD with downtown Chicago, operating non-stop throughout the day and night, taking approx. 45 minutes to reach the Chicago Loop.

Metra Commuter Rail. Serving the suburbs and downtown, the Metra stops at the O’Hare Transfer Station on the airport’s northeast side. Access is through shuttle bus services from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 or the Multi-Modal Facility.

Amtrak Connection. From the Multi-Modal Facility Bus (Bay 9), passengers can board the Pace Bus 330 to reach the Amtrak station at La Grange Road.

Bus Services 

Local and Regional Buses. Operating from the main parking garage’s level 1 at the “Bus/Shuttle Center,” Pace bus route 250 links the airport with downtown, while various regional buses cater to farther destinations.

Shuttle Services. For direct transfers, companies like Go Airport Express provide services from the baggage claim area or the designated Bus/Shuttle Center.

Taxi Services 

Taxis are stationed outside the lower-level baggage claim of each terminal, offering rides to downtown Chicago, typically costing $30-$40.

Limousine Services 

Scheduled and immediate limousine service can be arranged, with pick-up points on the lower center road outside of the baggage claim areas.


Rideshare pickup/drop-off is designated at Terminal 2 (between doors 2A and D) and Terminal 5 (outside of door 5B), with premium services like Uber Black available from the lower level.

Driving Directions 

From Chicago Downtown

To reach O’Hare Airport from downtown Chicago, use I-90 W for a direct route.

From MDW Airport 

From MDW Airport, head south on I-55 in Forest View, then use exit 277A to transition onto I-294 North, directing you towards Wisconsin. Proceed to exit 40 for I-190 West towards River/O’Hare Road, keeping right to merge onto I-190 West. Follow the airport signs to reach O’Hare.

Parking Information 

ORD offers diverse parking options, from close-in spots close to the terminals to more distant areas like the Multi-Modal Facility.

Short-Term Parking 

The main garage (Lot A) on level 1 caters to short-term needs near Terminals 1-3, with Lot D serving Terminal 5. Rates for these are $3 (0-1 hour), $6 (1-2 hours), $10 (2-3 hours), $14 (3-4 hours), $36 (4-8 hours), and $77 (8-24 hours).

Lot A is covered (6’6″ clearance), while Lot D is open without height limits.

Daily Parking 

Garages A (levels 2-6), B, and C offer daily parking, a cost-effective choice beyond 4 hours. Rates are $3 (0-1 hour), $6 (1-2 hours), $10 (2-3 hours), $14 (3-4 hours), $24 (4-8 hours), and $42 (9-24 hours). 

Lots B and C are close to terminals with clearances of 9’0″ and 8’5″, respectively.

Long-Term Parking 

For extended stays, the E, F, and G Economy Lots are pocket-friendly. Lot F (8’2″ clearance) connects via free ATS, with rates $3 (0-1 hour), $6 (1-2 hours), $10 (2-3 hours), $14 (3-4 hours), and $22 (9-24 hours). 

Shuttles from the terminal upper levels lead to Lots G and H, priced at $3 for 0-1 hour and $15 for up to 24 hours.

Valet Services 

Lot A offers valet parking, charging $26 (up to 8 hours) and $64 (full day).

Reserved Parking 

Available in Lot A on level 4, reserved parking costs an additional $10 per day atop regular fees, ensuring a guaranteed spot.

Quick Stop Options 

Curbside areas at each terminal facilitate brief stops, with the Cell Phone Lot providing free short-term waiting.

Kiss ‘n’ Fly 

Situated at the Multi-Modal Facility’s northeast, this area provides easy drop-off/pick-up with free ATS linkage.

Alternative Parking 

Off-airport locations often have the best rates, with shuttle service to terminals. Websites like airportparkingreservations.com help find deals starting at $14 daily.

Accessible Parking 

Over 200 spots are designated for travelers with disabilities, located near elevators and shuttle services, which are wheelchair accessible.

Parking Assistance 

For more details on parking at ORD, contact 773-686-7530.

Car Rentals at ORD

The following car rental companies are available at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD).

– Avis. 773-825-4600

– SIXT. 888-749-8227

– National. 800-367-6767

– Fox. 323-593-7485

– Alamo. 844-354-6962

– Dollar. 800-800-4000

– Payless. 800-729-5377

– Enterprise. 855-266-9289

– Budget. 800-218-7992

– Hertz. 800-654-3131

– Routes Car Rental. 800-467-6883

– ACD Rent A Car. 877-822-3872

– Thrifty. 800-847-4389

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does JetBlue Fly from Chicago

For travelers looking to explore the flight options offered by JetBlue from Chicago, there are common inquiries that often arise. To address these queries, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of FAQs below about “Where Does JetBlue Fly from Chicago”. They offer insights into flight schedules, destinations, and services provided by JetBlue from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Where does JetBlue fly to from Chicago?

JetBlue flies directly from Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to Boston (BOS) and New York (JFK).

From where does JetBlue fly in Chicago?

JetBlue operates from Terminal 2 at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

How many flights per day does JetBlue operate from Chicago to Boston and New York? 

JetBlue operates 12-18 flights per day to Boston (BOS) and 7-9 flights per day to New York (JFK) from Chicago.

What is the average flight duration from Chicago to JetBlue’s direct destinations?

The average flight duration from Chicago to both Boston and New York is approximately 2 hours and 22 minutes.

How many destinations can JetBlue passengers reach directly from Boston and JFK? 

From Boston, JetBlue passengers can reach 75 destinations directly, while from New York, nearly 90 destinations are directly accessible.

How can travelers book a flight with JetBlue from Chicago? 

Travelers can book a JetBlue flight from Chicago through JetBlue’s official website, mobile app, customer service centers, or travel agencies.

How can passengers use the JetBlue Destinations Map to plan their journey from Chicago?

Passengers can use the JetBlue Destinations Map by visiting JetBlue’s website, navigating to the “Travel Info” section, selecting “Route Map,” and entering ‘Chicago’ as the departure city to view all direct and connecting flights.

What inter-terminal transport options are available at ORD for JetBlue passengers? 

JetBlue passengers at ORD can use the Airport Transit System (ATS) for inter-terminal transportation.

Is there a shuttle service for JetBlue passengers to transfer between terminals at ORD? 

Yes, there is an internal shuttle service, Airport Internal Shuttle (AIS), though it’s important to check its current operational status as it may vary.

On which days of the week does JetBlue operate flights from Chicago to Boston and New York?

JetBlue operates flights from Chicago to Boston and New York every day of the week.

Are JetBlue’s flights from Chicago to Boston and New York considered domestic routes? 

Yes, JetBlue’s flights from Chicago to both Boston and New York are considered domestic routes.

How early should passengers arrive at ORD for JetBlue flights? 

Passengers should arrive at ORD at least 2 hours before their domestic flight departure time.

How many miles is it from Chicago to Boston and New York on JetBlue’s direct flights? 

It’s approximately 869 miles from Chicago to Boston and 742 miles from Chicago to New York on JetBlue’s direct flights.

How do I navigate to JetBlue’s departure terminal at ORD? 

You can navigate to JetBlue’s departure terminal at ORD by following the airport signs, using the airport’s map, or through the JetBlue mobile app for guidance.

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