Where Does JetBlue Fly from Cleveland?

Published :- 2024-04-05
Where Does JetBlue Fly from Cleveland

JetBlue offers travelers from Cleveland an exclusive gateway to explore destinations. So ‘Where Does JetBlue Fly from Cleveland?’ JetBlue’s flights from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) include 2-4 direct flights daily to Boston (BOS), taking roughly 1 hour and 46 minutes. 

Boston serves not just as a destination but as a major hub for JetBlue, from which travelers can access 75 destinations, including 51 domestic and 24 international locales. This connectivity opens a world of travel possibilities, making Boston a springboard for global adventures. 

JetBlue Flights from Cleveland (CLE)

JetBlue’s flights from Cleveland include direct flights to just one destination—Boston (BOS). The table below provides some useful information, such as the flight duration, frequency, and distance of JetBlue’s direct flights from Cleveland.

JetBlue’s Direct Flights from Cleveland
Boston (BOS)1h 46m2-4564S M T W T F SDomestic

JetBlue Cleveland Destinations Map 

JetBlue Cleveland Destinations Map/Route Map. Source. JetBlue.com/Route-Map 

JetBlue Cleveland Destinations Map: Your Gateway to Air Travel. 

The JetBlue Cleveland Destinations Map is an invaluable tool for passengers flying from Cleveland, offering a comprehensive view of all the flight routes available. To access this interactive map, simply visit JetBlue’s website, navigate to the “Travel Info” tab, and select “Route Map.” By setting Cleveland as your starting point, you’ll unveil a world of both direct and connecting flight possibilities right at your fingertips.

This interactive map is designed to make travel planning intuitive and informative. It displays all potential destinations from Cleveland, complete with essential details such as flight frequencies, schedules, and pricing. Just hover over any destination on the map to gather this information, helping you to make informed decisions based on speed, cost, or even premium services like JetBlue’s Mint.

Beyond exploration, the JetBlue Destinations Map integrates seamlessly into the booking process. Once you’ve pinpointed your desired destination from Cleveland, the map allows you to tailor your search further, filtering for non-stop options or specific service classes. This leads directly to JetBlue’s booking interface, marrying convenience with functionality.

The JetBlue Cleveland Destinations Map isn’t just a tool for viewing flights; it’s a portal to ease the transition from planning to actual booking, embodying JetBlue’s commitment to a seamless travel experience.

JetBlue at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 

The table below provides useful information for travelers flying out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), including contact details, terminal locations, transportation options, parking services, and amenities like dining, Wi-Fi, and special facilities. It serves as a guide to help passengers navigate the airport, plan their journey, and access essential services efficiently.

Name of the Airport Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Airport Location Roughly 13 miles from downtown Cleveland
Airport Address5300 Riverside Dr., Cleveland, OH 44135, USA
Airport Telephone Number216-265-6000
JetBlue Phone Number at CLE1.800.538.2583
Terminals at CLE1 Main Terminal with 3 Concourses (A, B, C)
JetBlue’s Departure Terminal Main Terminal, Concourse C

Inter-Terminal Transport


Once you pass through security, you will enter a restricted zone that provides unrestricted access to all 3 concourses. This integrated airside space enables you to effortlessly transfer between flights (except when luggage retrieval is necessary) or explore the various retail and dining options located in different concourses.

Security & Customs

CLE has 3 security checkpoints located in the central, south, and north of the Main Terminal.

  • Central Checkpoint: Open 4 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • South Checkpoint: Open 3:30 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.
  • North Checkpoint: Operates based on flight traffic demand

TSA PreCheck 

The Central checkpoint offers TSA PreCheck from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. CLE does not have an enrollment center; the nearest enrollment center is at IdentoGO, 1163 E. 40th St., Ste 103, Cleveland, OH.


The airport has CLEAR lanes for eligible passengers, located at:

  • Central Checkpoint: 4 a.m. to 8 p.m., with PreCheck enrollment option.
  • South Checkpoint: 4 a.m. to 8 p.m., for general passenger enrollment.

Global Entry 

  • 2 kiosks in CLE’s federal inspection area for international arrivals.
  • The nearest enrollment center is at 6747 Engle Rd., Middleburg Heights, OH.

Mobile Passport 

CLE does not offer Mobile Passport Control services for expedited entry into the U.S.

Priority Pass Access

If you’re a Priority Pass member, you can access The Club CLE Lounge from 3 hours before departure, subject to capacity space availability.

Cafes and Restaurants

CLE boasts more than 25 eateries, including restaurants, cafes, and food stalls, predominantly situated within the secure zone.

Check the airport’s website to explore your dining options and decide in advance where you wish to dine.
For those preferring to stay seated, the airport offers a service through its GateWaiter website, where you can order food directly to your gate.

Wi-Fi and Charging


CLE offers complimentary, unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the airport.

Charging Stations

  • Concourse A: Adjacent to gates A1 and A6
  • Concourse B: Close to gates B2 and B7
  • Concourse C: Near gates C3 and C17
  • Connection-equipped workstations are found at the entrances of Concourses A and B.

Lost & Found

CLE Airport Lost and Found Services

For items misplaced in the airport’s public areas, like security zones or parking areas, reach out to the lost and found department at 216-265-0777, operational from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Items lost on board an aircraft should be reported directly to the airline.

Additional Information 

Assistance for Travelers

While Travelers Aid doesn’t operate at CLE, passengers can find help at the information desk on the ticketing level or at the welcome center in the baggage claim area.

Children’s Play Areas

CLE lacks dedicated play areas for children, however, the Kids Works toy store in the main terminal is a fun spot for young travelers.

Baby Facilities

A nursing room is available in Concourse B, opposite gate B1.

Pet Relief Areas

CLE features two pet relief areas:

  • Inside the secure zone, centrally located between the north and central security checkpoints.
  • Outside, between the terminal entrance and the parking structure.

Duty-Free Shopping

While CLE lacks dedicated duty-free outlets, various stores offer duty-free merchandise.

Smoking Areas

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited throughout CLE, with designated smoking areas situated outside the terminals.

Cultural Exhibits

CLE collaborates with local artists and educational bodies to display a variety of temporary and permanent exhibitions, enhancing the travel experience in the main terminal and concourses.


An interfaith chapel within the secure zone near the central security checkpoint is accessible daily from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Financial Services

ATMs are are located at:

  • Concourse A, near gate A1
  • Concourse B, near the Retail Core and at gate B5
  • Concourse C, near gates C5 and C14
  • Main Terminal, close to the south security checkpoint, information desk, welcome center, rental car facility, and the passenger bridge to the parking garage

Medical Facilities

No medical facilities are available at CLE.

Baggage Storage

CLE does not offer luggage storage services.

Key Contact Numbers at CLE

  • Customer Service: 216-265-6000
  • Parking Information: 216-267-5030

Transport Options 

Access to transportation from CLE is available just outside the terminal or from the adjacent ground transportation center.

Rail Links

  • RTA Red Line: Connects CLE to downtown Cleveland at Tower City Station, offering transfers to the blue and green lines. Find the station on the terminal’s lower level.
  • Amtrak: Utilize the RTA red line from CLE to reach the Amtrak station via Tower City, transferring to the blue or green lines.


Find metered taxis at the terminal’s south end, with fares to downtown starting at $36.

Private Shuttles and Limos

Scheduled shuttle and limousine services operate from the terminal’s north end. The airport’s official site lists approved providers.


Lyft and Uber are permitted at CLE, with designated areas for pick-ups and drop-offs at both the upper and lower levels.

Driving Directions to CLE

From Downtown Cleveland

Head west on I-90, aiming for the I-71/I-77 junction. From the left lane, take exit 170B onto I-71 South toward Columbus. Follow I-71 South, veering left to join the Berea Freeway. Observe the airport/Berea/I-480 W/Toledo signs and exit for OH-237 South towards the airport.

From Akron

Travel northward on I-77 towards Cleveland. Use the right-hand lanes to merge onto I-480 West via exit 156 towards Toledo. Keep to the left on I-480 West and exit at signpost 10 for OH-237 East/Berea. Follow OH-237 South and head towards the airport exit.

Parking Information

Parking at CLE Airport 

CLE caters to a range of parking needs with multiple options to fit various budgets.

Short-Term Parking 

The CLE Smart Parking Garage, located directly opposite the terminal, is accessible via surface-level and raised pathways. It utilizes a real-time guidance system displaying space availability through digital signs and LED lighting. Being the nearest to the terminal, its fees are as follows:

  • Up to 1 hour: $6
  • 1 to 2 hours: $12
  • 2 to 3 hours: $18
  • Daily maximum: $22

Long-Term Parking 

The terminal’s north houses the Red and Blue Surface Lots, reachable by footpath, with a daily parking rate of $20.

The Orange Surface Lot, found behind the Smart Parking Garage and linked by a raised walkway, offers daily uncovered parking at $17.

At the junction of Rocky River Drive and Brookpark Road, the Brown Surface Lot provides long-term open-air parking. A shuttle bus to the terminal operates every 15 minutes, charging $14 per day.

Valet Service 

Valet parking, available at the upper roadway’s door 1, is priced at $30 daily, with a selection of extra concierge services.

Pick-up and Drop-off Parking 

The cell phone lot, located to the terminal’s east on Jackson Road, allows free short-term parking for those picking up passengers.

Alternative Parking Options 

Nearby hotels often provide independent off-site parking, typically offering the lowest parking rates.

Daily parking at CLE begins at about $8, with reservations accessible via airportparkingreservations.com.

Disability Access Parking 

All parking facilities at the airport include designated spaces for disabled passengers, with the Brown Lot shuttles equipped with ramps and lifts.

Parking Assistance 

For any parking-related inquiries, call 216-267-5030.

Car Rentals at CLE

Located off the airport grounds at 19601 Maplewood Ave., Cleveland, OH 44135, the car rental facility is accessible via shuttle services from the ground transportation center, with a journey time of approximately 5 to 7 minutes. Rental options include:

– Hertz: 216-267-8900

– Thrifty: 877.283.0898

– Fox: 323-593-7485

– Dollar: 866-434-2226

– National: 216-912-3917

– Avis: 216-265-3700

– Enterprise: 216-898-2200

– Budget: 216-433-4434

– Alamo: 888-826-6893

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does JetBlue Fly from Cleveland

Exploring travel options with JetBlue from Cleveland raises various queries. The FAQs below about Where Does JetBlue Fly from Cleveland provide insights into the direct flights offered. Do check them out before planning your journey from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Where does JetBlue fly to from Cleveland?

JetBlue operates direct flights from Cleveland (CLE) only to Boston (BOS).

From where does JetBlue fly in Cleveland?

JetBlue flights depart from the Main Terminal, Concourse C at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE).

What destinations can JetBlue passengers fly to directly from Cleveland? 

JetBlue offers direct flights from Cleveland to Boston (BOS).

How can I find out where JetBlue flies from Cleveland? 

Visit JetBlue’s website, navigate to the “Travel Info” tab, and select “Route Map” to access the JetBlue Cleveland Destinations Map.

How often does JetBlue fly from Cleveland to Boston? 

JetBlue operates 2 to 4 flights per day from Cleveland to Boston.

What is the duration of a direct flight from Cleveland to Boston with JetBlue? 

The flight duration from Cleveland to Boston with JetBlue is approximately 1 hour and 46 minutes.

How can I use the JetBlue Cleveland Destinations Map to book a flight? 

On the map, select your destination from Cleveland, then refine your search with filters like non-stop flights or preferred service class to proceed to the booking interface.

Is there a direct way to check flight schedules and prices for JetBlue flights from Cleveland? 

Yes, use the JetBlue Cleveland Destinations Map to view flight schedules, prices, and other details by hovering over the destinations.

What is the distance between Cleveland and Boston covered by JetBlue flights? 

JetBlue flights from Cleveland to Boston cover a distance of approximately 564 miles.

Are there any premium services like JetBlue’s Mint available on flights from Cleveland? 

The Destinations Map will show if premium services like JetBlue’s Mint are available for your selected flight from Cleveland.

What amenities can I expect at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport when flying with JetBlue? 

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport offers a variety of amenities, including TSA PreCheck, CLEAR lanes, Global Entry, Priority Pass Lounge access, dining options, Wi-Fi, charging stations, and more for JetBlue passengers.

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