Where Does JetBlue Fly from Charlotte?

Published :- 2024-04-04
Where Does JetBlue Fly from Charlotte

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) serves as a significant hub for travelers in the Carolinas, offering a wide range of flight options across various airlines. JetBlue Airways stands out for providing convenient and efficient travel experience. When considering the question ‘Where Does JetBlue Fly from Charlotte (CLT),’ JetBlue operates direct flights exclusively to Boston (BOS). 

Boston serves as a major hub for JetBlue, enabling passengers from Charlotte to connect to more than 75 destinations worldwide. This network currently includes 51 domestic destinations and 24 international destinations, making JetBlue’s service from Charlotte to Boston not just a direct flight but a bridge to a vast array of travel possibilities.

JetBlue Flights from Charlotte (CLT)

JetBlue’s flights to Boston (BOS) are a gateway for Charlotte passengers, not just to Boston but beyond. As shown in the table below, the duration of JetBlue’s direct flight to Boston is approximately 2 hours and 14 minutes, with the airline offering between 12 to 14 flights daily. Covering a distance of 730 miles, these flights are available seven days a week, ensuring flexible travel options for passengers. 

JetBlue’s Direct Flights from Charlotte
Boston (BOS)2h 14m12-14730S M T W T F SDomestic

JetBlue Charlotte Destinations Map 

JetBlue Charlotte Destinations Map/Route Map. Source. JetBlue.com/Route-Map 

The JetBlue Destinations Map serves as a pivotal resource for travelers looking to explore flight options from Charlotte. Accessing this map is straightforward: simply go to JetBlue’s homepage, click on the “Travel Info” tab, and choose “Route Map.” This action leads to an interactive map where you can set Charlotte (CLT) as the starting point, after which all the direct and connecting flights will be revealed on the map. 

This digital map offers a clear and interactive way to view all possible destinations from Charlotte, providing users with detailed information like flight frequencies, schedules, and prices with just a hover over the locations. This feature is especially useful for planning, allowing travelers to align their journey with their preferences, whether they’re looking for the fastest route, the best deals, or luxury services like JetBlue’s Mint.

Moreover, the JetBlue Destinations Map is not only for browsing; it also facilitates the booking process. After choosing a destination from Charlotte on the map, you can refine your search with options like non-stop flights and preferred service class, leading directly to the booking interface. The 

The JetBlue Charlotte Destinations Map is more than just a navigational tool; it’s an integrated part of JetBlue’s online services, streamlining the transition from travel planning to booking.

JetBlue at Charlotte Airport 

The table below provides comprehensive information for travelers using Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), detailing everything from JetBlue’s direct flight services to Boston to extensive airport amenities and logistics. 

It covers key aspects such as terminal locations, transportation options, parking facilities, and additional airport services like security checkpoints, lost and found, dining, Wi-Fi, and special amenities for families, pets, and passengers with disabilities. 

Name of the Airport Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Airport Location Roughly 8 miles from uptown Charlotte
Airport Address5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy., Charlotte, NC 28208, USA
Airport Telephone Number704-359-4013
JetBlue Phone Number at CLT+1-800-538-2583
Terminals at CLT1 Central Terminal with 5 Concourses (A, B, C, D, and E)
JetBlue’s Departure Terminal Central Terminal, Concourse A

Inter-Terminal Transport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport offers seamless connectivity, with all concourses being accessible directly from the main terminal and interconnected. Walking is the sole mode of transportation between concourses, as the airport does not feature trains or automated people movers.

Even the most distant gates can be reached on foot within 15 minutes. Additionally, for travelers facing mobility challenges, wheelchair support is available upon request through the respective airline.

Security & Customs

Security Checkpoints 

CLT has five strategically placed security checkpoints, ensuring convenient entry to each concourse.

  • – Checkpoint A operates from 3:30 a.m. to 8:15 p.m.
  • – Checkpoint B from 4 a.m. to 10:45 p.m.
  • – Checkpoint C from 3:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • – Checkpoint D from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • – Checkpoint E from 4:15 a.m. to 9:15 p.m.

TSA PreCheck 

CLT offers two TSA PreCheck lanes: one at Checkpoint B and another at Checkpoint D, streamlining security processes for verified travelers. Those with TSA PreCheck approval, and post-application, gain access to these faster lanes.

An enrollment center for TSA PreCheck is available in the atrium post-security, where candidates can complete their interviews. Once approved, travelers receive a Known Traveler Number, allowing TSA PreCheck access nationwide.

Global Entry Services

CLT provides Global Entry, speeding up the re-entry process for vetted, low-risk international travelers.

Applicants with conditional approval must interview at CLT’s Global Entry Enrollment Center, situated in the baggage claim section, operational Monday to Friday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Additionally, CLT facilitates Enrollment on Arrival, located at the Federal Inspection Area in Concourse D.

Priority Pass Access

Priority Pass holders can enjoy one hour of complimentary access to Minute Suites, with subsequent hours available at a discounted rate of $28 each. Additionally, access is granted to The Club CLT and Gameway.

Cafes and Restaurants

With over 60 dining establishments, including restaurants, bars, and cafes, CLT caters to a variety of tastes, primarily within the secure zones, complemented by a selection of cafes in the baggage and ticketing areas.To find dining options specific to your departure concourse, the airport’s website offers a comprehensive guide.

Wi-Fi and Charging


CLT provides complimentary Wi-Fi throughout its public spaces, accessible by connecting to the “CLT Free WiFi” network and opening a web browser.

Charging Stations 

For device charging, stations are strategically placed in all concourses and select gate areas, notably between gates A21 to A29 and across Concourse B, equipped with seating and charging facilities.

Lost & Found

If you misplace an item at CLT, the office you need to reach out to varies based on the item’s last known location:

  • For items left on an airplane or in the boarding area, get in touch with the airline.
  • If you lost something in the food court or a restaurant, send an email to CLTlostandfound@hmshost.com.
  • For items forgotten in a retail store, call 704-359-1890 (Paradies Shops).

For belongings lost at security checkpoints or anywhere else within the airport, contact the CLT Airport Lost and Found at 704-359-8765, or drop by the office in baggage claim area B, which is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Additional Information

Information Desks

Located at the center of both the ticketing and baggage claim areas, with customer service volunteers identifiable by their bright yellow shirts throughout the airport.

Community Assistance

Travelers Aid. Absent at CLT, but Community Link is available at 601 E. 5th St., Suite 220, Charlotte, NC 28202.

Family Amenities

  • Children’s Entertainment. No specific play areas, but attractions like musical performances and art displays can entertain children.
  • Baby Facilities. Three nursing rooms are available in the atrium’s upper level, Concourse A connector, and near the D/E connector.

Pet Relief Areas

Located both inside (near checkpoint A, Concourse A connector, Concourse D, and E near gate E36) and outside security (terminal’s east and west ends).

Duty-Free Shopping

Located in Concourse D, catering to international travelers.

Smoking Areas

Smoking is prohibited inside but designated areas are outside the terminal at the west end of departures and near doors A and D on arrivals level.

Unique Airport Features

CLT Canine Crew. Service dogs in “Pet Me” vests offer companionship around the airport.

Prayer Facilities

An airport chapel is available on the main terminal’s mezzanine level.


Distributed within and outside security zones, including near Hissho Sushi, gates A1, B7, C9, D6, D/E connector, Concourse E rotunda, departures level, arrivals visitor info desk, and business valet parking deck.

Baggage Storage 

No luggage storage facilities are available at CLT.

Important Contact Numbers

  • General inquiries: 704-359-4000
  • Parking: 704-359-4038
  • Lost and found: 704-359-8765

Transport Options 


CATS’ Sprinter bus provides a link between the airport and Uptown Charlotte, running every 20 minutes during the day and 30 minutes in the evenings and weekends, costing $2.20 per journey.

Shuttle/Limousine: These services need to be booked in advance and are recommended by the airport.


Curbside taxis at the arrivals level are assisted by an attendant from 6:45 a.m. to 12:15 a.m., offering a flat fare of $25 to downtown for some, while others charge by the meter.

Rideshare Services

Ride-sharing options like Uber and Lyft are available at the arrivals level near zone D.

Driving Directions to CLT

From Uptown Charlotte

Begin on US-74 W and continue for about 4.5 miles, then take the left two lanes to turn onto N. Josh Birmingham Parkway, leading directly to the airport.

From the South

Travel on I-77 N, then take the right lanes for exit 1A-B towards I-485 Pineville/Huntersville. Follow the left fork to stay on exit Goode Freeway, signposted for I-485 Inner N./Huntersville. Merge onto I-485 and exit at junction 9 to join US-29 N/US-74 E/Wilkinson Blvd, then take a right to N. Josh Birmingham Parkway.

From the West

Navigate I-85 N towards Charlotte, exit at 32 for Little Rock Road, merge onto it, and proceed to N. Josh Birmingham Parkway.

Parking Information 

Official Parking Options at CLT 

CLT provides six parking facilities on-site, accommodating both short-term and long-term needs.

Short-term Parking 

Directly opposite the terminal, the hourly parking deck offers convenient access with pedestrian walkways to level 2, sharing its location with the rental car center. Parking is available on levels 4 through 7, free for the first 15 minutes, then $6 per hour, capping at $24 daily.

For daily parking, CLT features east, west, and north lots, slightly farther from the terminal. A courtesy shuttle bus connects these lots with the terminal, each charging a daily rate of $12.

Long-term Parking 

At CLT’s northern edge, two long-term lots provide cost-effective parking solutions. Accessible via complimentary shuttle service, these lots—Long-term 1 and Long-term 2—charge $10 per day.

Curbside Valet Service 

For expedient parking, the airport offers curbside valet at the departures level’s far east, operational from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., at $35 daily.

Pick-up/Drop-off Parking 

Drop-offs or pick-ups, use the departure or arrival levels, noting that idling is prohibited. For longer waits, the hourly deck allows 15 minutes of free parking. For pick-up, two cell phone waiting lots provide free, short-term parking until contact is made.

Off-site and Hotel Parking 

While CLT’s daily parking rates are competitive, cheaper options or hotel-stay combinations are available off-site. Through airportparkingreservations.com, rates start at $5 daily, with complimentary shuttle service to the airport.

Parking for Passengers with Disabilities 

Accessible parking is available in all lots, with shuttle buses equipped for passengers with mobility needs. For assistance, contact 704-359-4038.

Parking Contact Information

For general parking queries or disabled passenger assistance, call 704-359-4038

Car Rentals at CLT

The car rental center at CLT is located on Level 2 of the hourly parking deck, outside the main terminal. Rental services are provided by various companies, as shown below:

– Enterprise: 800-261-7331

– Avis: 800-633-3469

– Hertz: 800-654-3131

– SIXT: 888-749-8227

– Alamo: 877-222-9075

– National: 877-222-9058

– Dollar: 800-800-4000

– Budget: 800-218-7992

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does JetBlue Fly from Charlotte

For travelers curious about air travel options with a popular carrier, the FAQs below about Where Does JetBlue Fly from Charlotte offer useful information. It provides passengers through the specifics of JetBlue’s flight destinations, with insights into the airline’s service scope, schedules, and connectivity from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). Go through it to plan your journey quickly and easily with JetBlue.

Where does JetBlue fly to from Charlotte?

JetBlue flies directly from Charlotte (CLT) exclusively to Boston (BOS).

From where does JetBlue fly in Charlotte?

JetBlue flights operate from Concourse A of the Central Terminal.

How many flights does JetBlue offer daily from Charlotte to Boston? 

JetBlue offers 12 to 14 flights daily from Charlotte to Boston.

What is the duration of the direct flight from Charlotte to Boston with JetBlue? 

The direct flight from Charlotte to Boston takes approximately 2 hours and 14 minutes.

Can I connect to other destinations from Boston when flying with JetBlue from Charlotte? 

Yes, from Boston, passengers can connect to over 75 destinations worldwide, including 51 domestic and 24 international destinations.

How do I access the JetBlue Charlotte Destinations Map? 

To access the map, visit JetBlue’s homepage, click on “Travel Info,” and select “Route Map.”

Can I book a flight directly from the JetBlue Charlotte Destinations Map? 

Yes, the Destinations Map allows you to choose your destination from Charlotte and directly proceed to the booking process.

What are the operating hours for the security checkpoints at Charlotte Douglas International Airport? 

Checkpoint hours vary, ranging from as early as 3:30 a.m. to as late as 10:45 p.m., depending on the location.

Is there a TSA PreCheck available at Charlotte Douglas International Airport? 

Yes, there are two TSA PreCheck lanes available at the airport, located at Checkpoints B and D.

Where is the Global Entry Enrollment Center located at Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

The Global Entry Enrollment Center is in the baggage claim area of the main terminal.

What facilities are available at Charlotte Douglas International Airport for passengers with mobility issues? 

Wheelchair assistance is available upon request through the airline you’re flying with.

How can I find out about lost and found services at Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

Contact the CLT Airport Lost and Found at 704-359-8765 or visit the office in baggage claim zone B.

What are the contact details for general inquiries at Charlotte Douglas International Airport? 

For general inquiries, the contact number is 704-359-4000.

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