Where Does WestJet Fly from Toronto?

Published :- 2024-02-28
Where Does WestJet Fly from Toronto

The question of ‘Where Does WestJet Fly from Toronto?’ reveals an impressive range of destinations catering to a variety of travel needs. Across Canada, WestJet connects Toronto with significant urban centers such as Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa, facilitating seamless travel across the country’s expansive territories. 

Internationally, the airline extends its reach to coveted locations like Cancun in Mexico, Dublin in Ireland, and Los Angeles in the United States, offering gateways to diverse cultures and landscapes. The Caribbean region is well-served with direct flights to sun-drenched locales such as Punta Cana, Montego Bay, and Nassau, presenting idyllic retreats for relaxation and adventure. 

European routes include historic cities like Dublin and Edinburgh. From the domestic comforts of destinations like Saskatoon and Regina to the exotic allure of international hotspots like Varadero and Aruba, WestJet’s extensive network connects you to a wide array of experiences, from the familiar to the far-flung.

WestJet Flights from Toronto

WestJet’s flights from Toronto currently include 44 cities, out of which 11 are domestic within Canada and 33 are international. The table below provides important details such as the flight duration, frequency, and distance of WestJet’s direct flights from Toronto.

WestJet’s Direct Flights from Toronto
Vancouver (YVR), Canada5h 9m19-222090DailyDomestic
Calgary (YYC), Canada4h 18m14-201680DailyDomestic
Ottawa (YOW), Canada1h 5m15-18227DailyDomestic
Halifax (YHZ), Canada2h 7m11-14804DailyDomestic
Edmonton (YEG), Canada4h 20m12-141680DailyDomestic
Winnipeg (YWG), Canada2h 40m10-14938DailyDomestic
Cancun (CUN), Mexico4h 14m9-111628DailyInternational
Punta Cana (PUJ), Dominican Republic4h 21m8-101864DailyInternational
Fort Lauderdale (FLL), United States3h 18m8-91223DailyInternational
Orlando (MCO), United States2h 56m6-91063DailyInternational
Montego Bay (MBJ), Jamaica4h 11m5-71752DailyInternational
St. John’s (YYT), Canada3h 3m5-61326DailyDomestic
Los Angeles (LAX), United States5h 21m5-62183DailyInternational
Tampa (TPA), United States3h 2m4-61103DailyInternational
Fort Myers (RSW), United States3h 14m4-61197DailyInternational
Las Vegas (LAS), United States4h 55m2-51949DailyInternational
Saskatoon (YXE), Canada3h 36m41379DailyDomestic
Varadero (VRA), Cuba3h 35m3-51438DailyInternational
Guanacaste (LIR), Costa Rica5h 29m2-42326DailyInternational
Puerto Vallarta (PVR), Mexico5h 30m1-52178DailyInternational
Nassau (NAS), Bahamas3h 24m2-31301DailyInternational
Regina (YQR), Canada3h 23m2-31266DailyDomestic
Kelowna (YLW), Canada4h 59m2-31915DailyDomestic
Puerto Plata (POP), Dominican Republic4h 5m1-31744DailyInternational
Aruba (AUA), Aruba5h 3m1-32241DailyInternational
Bridgetown (BGI), Barbados5h 18m1-22442DailyInternational
Dublin (DUB), Ireland6h 45m1-23287DailyInternational
Kingston (KIN), Jamaica4h 15m1-21796DailyInternational
Providenciales (PLS), Turks and Caicos Islands4h 1m1-21580DailyInternational
Sint Maarten (SXM), Sint Maarten4h 38m32027DailyInternational
Saint Lucia (UVF), Saint Lucia5h 10m1-22359DailyInternational
Nashville (BNA), United States2h 5m1645DailyInternational
Antigua (ANU), Antigua and Barbuda4h 50m22124DailyInternational
Curacao (CUR), Curacao5h 13m12279DailyInternational
Grand Cayman (GCM), Cayman Islands4h 15m21697DailyInternational
San Juan (SJU), Puerto Rico4h 38m31926DailyInternational
Belize City (BZE), Belize4h 45m11886DailyInternational
Cozumel (CZM), Mexico4h 21m11663DailyInternational
Edinburgh (EDI), Scotland6h 43m13339DailyInternational
Huatulco (HUX), Mexico5h 35m12173DailyInternational
Merida (MID), Mexico4h 20m11683DailyInternational
Roatan (RTB), Honduras4h 40m11944DailyInternational
Comox (YQQ), Canada5h 17m12162DailyDomestic
Bonaire (BON), Bonaire5h 15m12295DailyInternational

Overview of WestJet’s Direct Flights from Toronto

The section below highlights the maximum and minimum range of flight durations, distances, and frequencies WestJet offers from Toronto, from short domestic hops to longer international journeys.

Flight Duration

  • Maximum Duration: The longest direct flight is to Dublin (DUB) at 6h 45m.
  • Minimum Duration: The shortest direct flight is to Ottawa (YOW) at 1h 5m.

Flight Distance

  • Maximum Distance: The farthest direct flight is to Dublin (DUB) at 3,287 miles.
  • Minimum Distance: The shortest direct flight is to Ottawa (YOW) at 227 miles.

Flight Frequency

  • Maximum Frequency: The highest number of flights per day is to Vancouver (YVR) with 19-22 flights.
  • Minimum Frequency: Several destinations have a minimum frequency of 1 flight per day, including Belize City (BZE), Cozumel (CZM), Edinburgh (EDI), Huatulco (HUX), Merida (MID), Roatan (RTB), Comox (YQQ), Bonaire (BON), Nashville (BNA), and Curacao (CUR).

WestJet Toronto Destinations Map 

WestJet Toronto Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: WestJet.com 

Unlock the destinations from Toronto with the WestJet Destinations Map, a digital navigator designed to streamline your travel planning. This engaging tool, found on WestJet’s official website, serves as your personal guide to the direct and connecting flights WestJet offers, ensuring your travel arrangements are both seamless and exciting.

To embark on this digital journey, head to WestJet.com. Look for the Search icon at the top of the page, type in “Route Map,” and select the Route Map option from the results. This action unveils an interactive map, with Toronto as your starting point, showcasing the vast network of destinations WestJet can take you to from this bustling city.

Navigating the map is a breeze. Start by setting Toronto (YYZ) as your origin city either from the dropdown menu or directly on the map. Instantly, you’ll see a display of all the destinations from Toronto, making it easy to visualize your next trip. If you have a specific destination in mind, you can pinpoint it using the same dropdown menu or by interacting with the map.

The WestJet Destinations Map goes beyond mere visualization; it’s a tool tailored to fit your budget and preferences. Use the intuitive slider bar to define your budget, and the map will adapt, only displaying flights that match your financial plan. This feature ensures that you can find the perfect getaway without overspending.

Your travel preferences are also catered to with the ability to filter destinations. Whether you’re looking for direct flights for a quick escape or connecting flights to explore remote corners of the world, the map makes it simple to tailor your search. Regions of interest can also be specified, allowing for a more customized travel planning experience.

Once you’ve finalized your destination, booking is just a click away. The WestJet Destinations Map is seamlessly integrated with WestJet’s booking system, allowing you to transition from planning to purchasing tickets effortlessly. This convenience transforms the once daunting task of booking flights into a straightforward, enjoyable process.

WestJet at Toronto International Airport (YYZ)

The table below offers useful information for travelers using Toronto Pearson International Airport, covering essential details such as the airport’s location, contact information, facilities, and services. It includes information on how to navigate the airport, including inter-terminal transport, Wi-Fi access, amenities for nursing mothers, children’s play areas, lost and found services, pet relief areas, and public transit options. Additionally, it provides insights into taxi, limo, and rideshare services, parking information, and car rental options, ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience from arrival to departure.

Airport NameToronto Pearson International Airport
Airport Location About 14 miles northwest of downtown Toronto
Airport Address6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada
Website URLTorontoPearson.com
YYZ Phone Number+1 416-247-7678
WestJet Phone Number at YYZ1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET)
Airport Code YYZ
Terminals at YYZ2 (Terminal 1 and Terminal 3)
WestJet Departures Terminal at YYZTerminal 3

Inter-Terminal Transport

Moving between terminals is easy with the airport’s Link Train, an automated system designed for passenger transit. It provides continuous service between Terminal 1, Terminal 3, and the Viscount Value Park Lot, with stops at both Toronto Pearson Terminal 1 and Toronto Pearson Terminal 3 stations. 

The Link Train runs around the clock, ensuring that trains are available from each station at intervals ranging from 4 to 8 minutes, regardless of the time of day.

Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi throughout your time at Pearson Airport.

Steps to Connect to Free Wi-Fi

  • Choose “Toronto Pearson Public Wi-Fi” from the available network options.
  • A landing page should appear. If it doesn’t, open your web browser and navigate to any website, such as torontopearson.com.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click on “Connect” to access the internet.

Wi-Fi Assistance

For any Wi-Fi-related inquiries, consider any of the following options:

  • Call 416-Airport or 1-866-207-1690 (toll-free)
  • Send a tweet to @torontopearson
  • Send a message through Facebook
  • Consult with the Passenger Service team at any Passenger Information Booth

Nursing Facilities

The nursing pods at YYZ provide a private area for nursing mothers to breastfeed or pump, featuring amenities like a collapsible table, seating for two, a mirror, safety grab bars, and a charging station with a USB port. The interior is designed to comfortably fit a mother, her child, personal belongings, and an additional person.

To enter a pod, secure a code through the Mamava app or reach out to the customer support team.

Securing a Pod via App

  • Install the complimentary Mamava Pump and Nursing Finder application.
  • Activate the app adjacent to the desired nursing pod to automatically generate an access code.
  • Key in this code on the pod’s door keypad.

Locations of Nursing Facilities

All nursing areas are strategically located beyond the security checkpoint.

In Terminal 1

  • For Domestic Flights: Find the Mamava Nursing Pod at Gate D22.
  • For International Flights: Locate the Mamava Nursing Pod near Gates E80/E81.
  • For Transborder Flights: The Mamava Nursing Pod is situated near Gate F59.

In Terminal 3

  • For International Flights: The Mamava Nursing Pod is positioned across from Gates C30-C31.
  • For Domestic/International Flights: A Mamava Nursing Pod is available near Gate B22.
  • For Transborder Flights: Access the Mamava Nursing Pod across from Gates A12/A13.

Nursing Rooms within Terminal 1

  • Domestic Sector: A dual-purpose family restroom and nursing area is at Gate D37.
  • Transborder Sector: A combined facility near Gate F67 and a dedicated nursing space near Gates F87/F88.
  • International Sector: A shared family restroom and nursing space near Gate E78.

Nursing Room in Terminal 3

  • Domestic/International Sector: The nursing room is near Gate B1A.

Children’s Play Areas 


  • Terminal 1 at the Departure Lounge close to Gate D24
  • IFC, close to gate 527

Lost and Found

You can file a report online for items lost at the airport. 

For items lost on the aircraft, contact the airline directly.

The Lost and Found office is located on the Ground Level of Terminal 1 between doors R and S. It is open on weekdays, i.e., Monday to Friday (10am to 6pm).

Pet Relief Areas

Areas designated for service dogs and pets are accessible both inside and outside Terminals 1 and 3, including pre-security, post-security, and the Infield Concourse, for added convenience. To locate these areas, follow the clearly marked directional and tactile signs, which also include braille. The Aira app offers virtual guidance to assist in finding these spots, and they can also be pinpointed on maps via provided links.


Terminal 1

  • Domestic: Accessible post-security on Level 2, near the exit leading to the public area.
  • Transborder: Located post-security near gate F83.
  • International: Available post-security in the international departures area, close to the escalators leading to international gates.
  • Departures Public Area: Found outside on Level 3 near Aisle 15.
  • Ground Level Public Area: Positioned outside near post S.
  • Canada Customs Hall: Near the Primary Inspection Lines.

Terminal 3

  • Domestic/International Departures: Situated post-security near gate B26.
  • Transborder: Available post-security close to gate A9.
  • International Arrivals: Two locations on the Arrival Transfer level, one above gate C36 and another above gate A11.
  • Infield Concourse (IFC): Located post-security near Bus Bay 7/8.

Ground Level Public Side: Outside Door A.

Public Transit Buses

Buses from Pearson Airport connect to downtown Toronto and suburban areas. Utilize the trip planner or check for the next departures to plan your journey.

TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)

Express buses from Pearson lead to the subway system, facilitating access to downtown Toronto.

Routes from Terminals 1 and 3

  • 52 W Lawrence West: Departures at 05:07, 05:16, 05:26
  • 900 N Airport Express: Departures at 05:11, 05:35, 05:58
  • 952 W Lawrence West Express: Departures at 06:08, 06:18, 06:28

Night Bus Services

  • 300 W Bloor-Danforth: Departures at 04:53, 05:03, 05:12
  • 332 W Eglinton West: Departures at 04:56, 05:00, 02:16
  • 352 W Lawrence West: Departures at 04:56, 05:36, 06:29

GO Transit

GO buses link Pearson with numerous suburbs around Toronto.

Terminal 1 Routes

  • 94 – Pickering Go: Departures at 05:45, 06:45, 07:45
  • 94 – Square One: Departures at 05:28, 06:30, 07:45
  • 40 – Richmond Hill Ctr: Departures at 05:25, 06:20, 06:50
  • 40 – Hamilton Go: Departures at 05:35, 06:10, 06:40

MiWay (Mississauga)

Provides local bus routes for easy access from Pearson.

Departures from Terminal 1 and Viscount Station

  • 7 N Airport: Departures at 04:57, 05:34, 06:20
  • 7 S Airport: Departures at 04:56, 05:13, 06:29

Brampton Transit

Offers express bus service from Pearson to Brampton.

Departures from Terminal 1 and Viscount Station:

115 Bramalea Term: Departures at 05:30, 05:55, 06:20

Taxi and Limo Services

Ensure your journey begins safely by selecting a licensed taxi or limo. They provide consistent rates to locations within Toronto, devoid of dynamic pricing, and are equipped to process all major credit cards while meeting stringent safety standards.

Premium Rides: For a more upscale experience, airport limousines are available. These premium black vehicles generally have rates that are about 10% higher than standard taxis.

Finding Your Ride

Head to the assigned pick-up areas situated on the curbsides of the Arrivals Level. Identify the licensed vehicles by looking for the GTAA number plate affixed to the bumper and the official decal displayed on the window. To know your fare, either use the airport’s fare estimation tool or discuss the flat rate fare available within the vehicle.


You won’t find licensed taxis and limos waiting inside the terminals or parking areas.

At Terminal 1 – On the Arrivals Level

  • For taxis, make your way to Door D

At Terminal 3 – On the Arrivals Level

  • Taxis can be found at Doors D, E, and F

Rideshare Services

Utilizing ride-sharing applications like Uber, Lyft, or Facedrive allows for the arrangement of pick-ups at Pearson Airport. The specific spot where you’ll connect with your ride-sharing vehicle at Pearson varies based on the type of service you request.

Authorized ride-sharing services

– At Terminal 1, head to the Ground Level at either Door Q or P.

– In Terminal 3, go to the Arrivals Level at Door D, along the outer curb.

For premium services such as Uber Black and Lyft Lux

– Find your ride at Terminal 1 by Door A.

– At Terminal 3, your pick-up location is also at Door A.

Driving Directions

From the Downtown Area (East)

The fastest route to the airport from downtown Toronto is by taking the Gardiner Expressway. Exit at number 39 and merge onto Highway 427 going north, which leads directly to the airport.

Coming From the South and Southwest

Drive to the airport by taking Highway 403. At the major interchange near Hanlan, switch to the 401 East (Macdonald-Cartier Freeway) which runs parallel to the airport.

From the North

To reach the airport from the north, take Highway 427 south. You’ll need to make a right turn onto Highway 409 at the junction where Highway 427 meets Highway 409, guiding you to the airport’s entrance.

Parking Information 

Toronto Pearson offers a variety of parking options to cater to different needs, including long-term parking and curbside pick-up.

Accessible Parking: Parking garages are designed to be accessible, featuring designated spots for permit holders.

Online Reservation: For convenience, passengers can book their parking spots online to ensure availability upon arrival.

Parking Options 

  • Express Park: Ideal for short-term parking, located only at Terminal 1.
  • Daily Park: Offers premium economy (covered) parking at both Terminals 1 and 3.
  • Preferred Park: Provides reserved premium economy parking, bookable online.
  • Fast Track Parking: Available at Terminal 1, this option offers a quick drop-off service.
  • Valet Care: A premium service where the parking is managed for you.
  • Value Park Garage and Lot: These are economical choices for longer stays, with covered and uncovered options, connected to the terminals by train.
  • Viscount Station Reserved Lot: Economical uncovered parking can be reserved online.

Special Services: Additional amenities like cell phone waiting areas (free waiting for up to 45 minutes), professional car care in Terminal 1, and premium lounge access can be booked with parking reservations.

Car Rentals at YYZ

  • Avis
    • Location: Terminal 1 and 3
    • Phone: (905) 676-1100
      1 (800) 879-2847 (toll-free)
  • Budget
    • Location: Terminal 1 and 3
    • Phone: 1 (800) 268-8900 (toll-free)
  • Dollar
    • Location: Terminal 1 and 3
    • Phone: (905) 676-9127 (T1), (647) 547-6022 (T3)
      1 (800) 800-4000 (toll-free)
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    • Phone: 1 (800) 736-8222 (toll-free)
  • Hertz
    • Location: Terminals 1 and 3
    • Phone: (416) 674-2020
      1 (800) 263-0600 (toll-free)
  • National/Alamo
    • Location: Terminals 1 and 3
    • Phone: (905) 676-4000
      1 (844) 307-8011 (toll-free)
  • Thrifty
    • Location: Terminal 1 and 3

Phone: (905) 676-9127 (T1), (647) 547-6022 (T3)
1 (800) 847-4389 (toll-free)


Embarking on a journey from Toronto and curious about your destination options? Our FAQs below about Where Does WestJet Fly from Toronto offer a comprehensive overview, providing travellers with insights into the vast network of cities and countries accessible via WestJet from this bustling metropolis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does WestJet Fly from Toronto

Where does WestJet fly to from Toronto?

WestJet flies directly to 44 cities from Toronto, out of which 11 cities are in Canada and 33 are beyond Canada.

From where does WestJet fly in Toronto?

WestJet flies out of Terminal 3 at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

To what countries does WestJet fly directly from Toronto?

Aside from Canada, WestJet flies directly from Toronto to 21 other countries, i.e., the United States, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Scotland, Sint Maarten, and Turks and Caicos Islands.

What are the daily domestic destinations WestJet flies to from Toronto? 

WestJet operates daily domestic flights from Toronto to Vancouver (YVR), Calgary (YYC), Ottawa (YOW), Halifax (YHZ), Edmonton (YEG), Winnipeg (YWG), St. John’s (YYT), Saskatoon (YXE), Regina (YQR), Kelowna (YLW), and Comox (YQQ).

How often does WestJet fly to Vancouver from Toronto? 

WestJet offers 19-22 flights per day from Toronto to Vancouver.

What is the shortest domestic flight WestJet offers from Toronto? 

The shortest domestic flight is to Ottawa (YOW), with a duration of 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Which international destination has the highest number of daily flights from Toronto with WestJet? 

Cancun (CUN) has the highest number of daily international flights, with 9-11 flights per day.

What is the longest flight duration for WestJet’s direct flights from Toronto? 

The longest flight is to Dublin (DUB) with a duration of 6 hours and 45 minutes.

Which destination has the least frequent international flights from Toronto with WestJet? 

Several destinations have the least frequent flights with only 1 flight per day. They include Belize City (BZE), Cozumel (CZM), Edinburgh (EDI), Huatulco (HUX), Merida (MID), Roatan (RTB), Comox (YQQ), Bonaire (BON), Nashville (BNA), and Curacao (CUR).

What is the maximum flight distance for WestJet’s direct flights from Toronto? 

The maximum flight distance is to Dublin (DUB), at 3,287 miles.

Are there any direct flights to the Caribbean from Toronto with WestJet? 

Yes, WestJet operates direct flights from Toronto to several Caribbean destinations. They include 
Punta Cana (PUJ) and Puerto Plata (POP) in the Dominican Republic; Montego Bay (MBJ) in Jamaica; Varadero (VRA) in Cuba; Aruba (AUA) in Aruba; Bridgetown (BGI) in Barbados; Kingston (KIN) in Jamaica; Providenciales (PLS) in Turks and Caicos Islands; Sint Maarten (SXM) in Sint Maarten; Saint Lucia (UVF) in Saint Lucia; Antigua (ANU) in Antigua and Barbuda; Curacao (CUR) in Curacao; Grand Cayman (GCM) in Cayman Islands;, San Juan (SJU) in Puerto Rico; and Nassau (NAS) in the Bahamas.

Does WestJet offer any direct flights to Europe from Toronto? 

WestJet provides direct flights from Toronto to European cities such as Dublin (DUB) and Edinburgh (EDI).

What is the flight frequency to Los Angeles (LAX) from Toronto with WestJet? 

WestJet operates 5-6 daily flights to Los Angeles (LAX) from Toronto.

How many flights per day does WestJet operate to domestic destinations from Toronto? 

WestJet operates a range of 1 to 22 flights per day to various domestic destinations from Toronto.

Which WestJet flight from Toronto covers the shortest distance? 

The flight to Ottawa (YOW) covers the shortest distance at 227 miles.

Are there direct WestJet flights from Toronto to Latin America? 

Yes, WestJet offers direct flights from Toronto to destinations in Latin America such as Cancun (CUN), Puerto Vallarta (PVR), Cozumel (CZM), Huatulco (HUX), and Merida (MID) in Mexico;
Guanacaste (LIR) in Costa Rica; and Roatan (RTB) in Honduras.

What are the available WestJet flight options to Florida from Toronto? 

WestJet flies directly from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Orlando (MCO), Tampa (TPA), and Fort Myers (RSW) in Florida.

Which WestJet route from Toronto is the most frequent? 

The most frequent route is to Vancouver (YVR) with 19-22 flights per day.

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