Where Does Singapore Airlines Fly from New York? Direct Flights from New York

Published :- 2024-05-16
Where Does Singapore Airlines Fly from New York

Singapore Airlines is renowned for its wide network and outstanding service. The answer to the question “Where does Singapore Airlines fly from New York?” focuses on the airline’s direct service to Frankfurt and Singapore, two important international hubs, from where the airline flies to over 75 destinations worldwide.

From New York, you can directly reach Frankfurt—a major European financial and cultural center—and Singapore—the bustling cosmopolitan city-state that serves as a gateway to Asia and beyond. Although direct flights from New York are limited to these two cities, the connection through Singapore opens up a vast network of destinations

From Singapore, visitors may reach several cities in Asia, Australia, and Europe, among other continents. Because of its vast network, Singapore Airlines is the go-to option for tourists from other countries who want to easily visit many continents. As a result, even if there aren’t many direct alternatives from New York, there are many options beyond these starting points, giving travelers plenty of chances to design their own global excursions.

Singapore Airlines Flights from New York

Where does Singapore Airlines fly direct from New York? 

Singapore Airlines flights from New York include only two destinations—Frankfurt and Singapore. The table below provides useful information, such as the flight duration, frequency, and distance of Singapore Airlines flights from New York.

Singapore Airlines Direct Flights from New York
Frankfurt (FRA)7h 40m63867S M T W T F S International 
Singapore (SIN)18h 33m19585S M T W T F SInternational

Singapore Airlines at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport

The table below serves as a comprehensive resource for travelers, offering detailed information about John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). It includes essential airport details, available services, and facilities, ensuring a smooth and well-informed travel experience for all visitors.

Name of Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport
Location Roughly 15 miles from Manhattan
AddressQueens, NY 11430, United States of America 
Airport CodeJFK
Website URLjfkairport.com
Airport Phone Number+1-718-244-4444
Singapore Airlines Phone Number at JFK+1-833-727-0118
Terminals at JFK5 Terminals (Terminals 1, 4, 5, 7, 8)
Singapore Airlines Departure Terminal at JFKTerminal 4

Inter-Terminal Transport

AirTrain (Outside the Secure Area) 

Previously served by three lines, New York’s AirTrain has seen temporary changes due to construction at Terminal 1. This terminal is currently not in service, and as an alternative, a shuttle bus operates linking Terminals 1 with 8 and Terminals 1 with 4, assisting with passenger transfers.

With ongoing construction, only the Green and Red Lines are operational. The Red Line runs a loop from Jamaica Station and stops at Terminals 4, 5, 7, and 8. Likewise, the Green Line starts at Howard Beach Station and stops at similar terminals along its route.

You can ride the AirTrain for free when traveling between the airport terminals, Federal Circle, and Lefferts Boulevard stations, although fees are charged for travel beyond these stations as detailed in the Transport Options below.

Security and Customs

JFK has individual security checkpoints at each of its five terminals. You should arrive two hours early for domestic flights and three hours prior to international departures to accommodate check-in and security screening.

The airport’s main webpage provides live updates on security wait times.

TSA PreCheck 

TSA PreCheck lanes are available at each terminal in NEW YORK. This expedited service is accessible to travelers who have successfully applied online, paid the required fee, and completed a face-to-face meeting at an enrollment center.

Travelers can find a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center on the fourth level of Terminal 4, convenient for arranging enrollment while on the go.

Global Entry Program 

JFK is equipped with Global Entry kiosks for approved travelers. Eligibility involves an online application and an interview at an enrollment center or at select airports that facilitate Enrollment on Arrival.

A Global Entry enrollment center is situated near the baggage claim in Terminal 4, and the service is available on arrival in Terminals 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8.

Mobile Passport 

JFK supports expedited entry with Mobile Passport Control lines. Users must submit their information upon landing in New York and obtain a receipt, which they present to a CBP officer along with their passport.


CLEAR lanes and registration sites are present in Terminals 4 and 7 of NEW YORK, though the Terminal 7 center is currently not operational. This service requires a preliminary registration followed by a short biometric interview, including eye and fingerprint scans, facilitating a swift security process.

Cafes and Restaurants

JFK is home to more than 135 culinary venues, ranging from restaurants and bars to cafes, spread across its terminals. These establishments are conveniently situated both pre- and post-security. Terminal 7 has fewer dining choices before security screening, so early arrivers might consider exploring other terminals for additional options.

Travelers interested in pre-planning their meal times will find information about the dining services offered in each terminal on the airport’s official website.

Wi-Fi and Internet

All public zones in NEW YORK provide free Wi-Fi service. To connect, select the network “_Free NEW YORK WiFi” and choose the “Free unlimited wifi” option. Customer support is available 24/7 at 800-880-4117.

Lost & Found

The process for recovering lost items at JFK depends on where the item was last seen:

  • If you misplaced luggage that was checked with an airline and was left in a terminal, by the curb, or on an airplane, contact the airline’s baggage service. 
  • For items left at a security checkpoint, reach out to the TSA Lost and Found at 718-917-3999. For belongings lost in other parts of the airport, a report should be filed on the airport’s lost and found custodian website. 
  • Items lost outside of terminal areas fall under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority Police. They can be contacted at the NEW YORK Police Desk in Building 269, or by phone at 718-244-4225. Terminal 4 has its designated lost and found service, available at 561-408-0101.

Additional Information 

Information Resources

At JFK, there is an information counter situated in the retail area of Terminal 4, and each terminal’s arrival section houses welcome centers. These centers provide details on transport, accommodation, and more. For personal assistance, look for the customer service agents wearing red jackets throughout the terminals.

Travelers Assistance

Support desks can be found in the arrival-level welcome centers of all NEW YORK terminals, with additional desks located in Terminal 4’s retail space and Terminal 8’s departure level.

Children’s Play Areas

Terminal 5 boasts a pirate-themed play zone near gate 12 and a JetBlue aviation-themed playground at gate 26 for children aged 2 to 12. Terminal 8 features a play area near the American Airlines Admirals Club, enhancing its family-friendly reputation.

Nursing Facilities

JFK offers 13 nursing suites across its terminals:

  • Terminal 1 near the Singapore Airlines-KLM Lounge
  • Terminal 4 in the retail hall on level 3, by gates A3 and B31
  • Terminal 5 adjacent to gates 1, 12, and 27
  • Terminal 7 next to gate 10
  • Terminal 8 by gates 14 and 42, and along the corridor on the third floor

Pet Relief Areas

Pet relief areas are strategically located throughout the airport:

  • Terminal 1 on the arrivals section’s east side
  • Terminal 4 by gate 31 and the arrivals section’s east side
  • Terminal 5 at the arrivals section’s north side and near the T5 Rooftop and Wooftop Lounge at gate 28
  • Terminal 7 on the arrivals section’s west end and near gates 9 and 10
  • Terminal 8 near gate 38 and in the central island of the departures area

Duty-Free Shopping

Duty-free stores are available in Terminals 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8 at NEW YORK.

Smoking Policy

Indoor smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited at JFK, with designated outdoor smoking areas available outside the terminals.

Spiritual Facilities

Interfaith chapels are located in the departure areas of Terminal 4 and the check-in area of Terminal 1.

Financial Services

ATMs are installed across Terminals 1, 4, 5, and 7, with currency exchange services provided throughout and Travelex currency ATMs in additional terminals.

Luggage Services

Terminals 1 and 4 feature luggage storage services by Accommodations Plus International in their Arrivals Halls. Terminal 5 offers luggage wrapping on its departure level, and Terminal 8 has luggage storage available through Meegan Services in the arrivals section.

Important Contact Numbers

  • General Information: 718-244-4444
  • Parking Services: 347-238-3231

Transport Options 

AirTrain: This service connects all terminals and also stops at Howard Beach (Green Line) and Jamaica Station (Red Line), providing connections to New York City and beyond. A fee of $8 is required for entering or exiting at these stations, payable with a MetroCard. Moving between terminals remains free.

Subway (MTA): Connections to the NYC subway system are available from the endpoints of the AirTrain. From Howard Beach, you can take the A-Line, and from Jamaica Station, the E, J, or Z lines are available, all heading towards Manhattan. The journey from Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan to NEW YORK takes approximately 50 minutes, with a total fare of $10.75 (including the $2.75 subway fare and the $8 AirTrain fee).

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR): From Jamaica Station, the LIRR provides access to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and various destinations across Long Island.

MTA Bus: Cost-effective public buses operate from outside Terminal 5, connecting the airport to Brooklyn and Long Island. The B15, Q3, and Q10 bus routes are available, with fares set at $2.75, payable via MetroCard or cash.

Shuttle: JFK facilitates both private and shared shuttle services to various destinations within New York and to other airports. Reservations can be made at terminal Welcome Centers. Additionally, many airport hotels and parking facilities offer shuttle services, which can serve as an alternative to standard transit methods. Shuttles typically depart from the Federal Circle Station on the AirTrain.

Taxi: Taxicabs are readily available at the exits of each terminal, offering a flat rate of $52 to Manhattan, with an additional $4.50 surcharge during rush hour on weekdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Rideshare Apps: Services like Uber and Lyft offer convenient travel between JFK and local areas, including Manhattan. Pickups for rideshare services occur outside each terminal, with variable rates depending on the destination and demand.

Driving Directions to JFK

From Manhattan 

To travel to NEW YORK from Manhattan, proceed through the Queens Midtown Tunnel, then continue on I-495, taking exit 22A-E onto the Grand Central Parkway. Follow I-678, known as the Van Wyck Expressway, which directly leads to the airport’s access roads.

From Long Island 

Starting from Long Island, head west on the Southern State Parkway and exit at 20 to merge onto the NEW YORK Expressway. This route will take you directly to the airport’s perimeter roads.

From Upstate New York 

If you’re driving from Upstate New York, take the I-95 and exit at Junction 14 to access the Hutchinson River Parkway. Follow I-678 south, crossing the Bronx Whitestone Bridge, and continue on the Van Wyck Expressway to reach the airport.

Parking Information 

JFK operates five active parking areas, with four primarily intended for short stays near the terminals, ideal for brief visits or those who prioritize convenience despite higher costs. The Long-Term Parking Lot, situated four miles from the terminals, is accessible via AirTrain. Real-time parking capacity can be found on the airport’s official website.

Short-term Terminal Parking
Currently, the Green parking lot at Terminal 1 is closed due to construction. Available short-term parking includes the Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow lots. The Blue lot is situated next to Terminal 4, the Yellow lot is close to Terminal 5, the Orange lot is near Terminal 7, and the Red lot is by Terminal 8. Patrons are free to use any lot, irrespective of their terminal of departure.

Fees in the Orange and Red lots begin at $4 for the first half-hour, $8 for the initial hour, and $4 for each following half-hour, reaching a daily cap of $65. Reserved parking costs $36 per day.

Charges in the Blue and Yellow lots are $6 for the first half-hour, $12 for the initial hour, and $6 per additional half-hour, with a daily maximum of $70. The pre-booking rate is $42 per day.

Long-term Parking Lot 

Located on Lefferts Boulevard, approximately four miles from JFK, the Long-term Parking Lot features a dedicated AirTrain station for seamless transit to the terminals. It costs $29 for the first day and $14.50 for every additional 8-hour segment. The daily pre-booked rate is $20.

Pick-up and Drop-off Parking 

Direct parking outside the terminals is not allowed. Drivers should utilize the short-term lots or the two free cell phone lots for pickups, which are accessible via the Van Wyck Expressway and the JFK Expressway. It is mandatory for drivers to remain with their vehicles.

Kiss and Fly 

Use the Kiss & Fly at Long Term Parking Lot 9 to avoid traffic at the terminals. Passengers can take the free AirTrain from Lefferts Boulevard Station to reach their terminals.

Accessible Parking 

Each parking facility at JFK, both short-term and long-term, is equipped with designated accessible parking spaces. Rates are set at $4 for the first half-hour, $8 for the first hour, and $4 for each additional half-hour, with a daily limit of $29.

The AirTrain caters to wheelchair users, providing elevators at each station and two wheelchair spaces per train.

Alternative Parking Options 

For those seeking cheaper alternatives, off-site parking lots and hotel parking services are available starting at $10.99 per day, with free shuttle service to the airport. Airportparkingreservations.com offers a platform to compare prices and read reviews.

Car Rentals at JFK

At JFK, if you’re looking to rent a car, you can visit the rental desks situated on the arrivals level of each terminal or use the courtesy phones available there. All rental cars are housed at the Federal Circle Station, accessible via the complimentary AirTrain service.

Here are some of the car rental companies you can find at JFK:

  • Hertz: 800-654-3131
  • Avis: 800-230-4898
  • Dollar: 800-800-4000
  • Enterprise: 800-736-8222
  • Alamo: 888-233-8749
  • SIXT: 888-749-8227
  • Thrifty: 800-331-3550
  • Payless: 800-729-5377
  • National: 888-826-6890
  • Budget: 800-527-0700

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Singapore Airlines Fly from New York

It’s normal for tourists from the East Coast who are keen to see the locations serviced by one of the most renowned airlines in the world to inquire about the routes that are offered. In order to help you plan your trip, we’ve put up a resource below that addresses frequently asked questions concerning “Where Does Singapore Airlines Fly from New York?”

From where does Singapore Airlines fly in New York?

Singapore Airlines operates from Terminal 4 at New York’s JFK Airport.

Where does Singapore Airlines fly direct/nonstop from New York?

Singapore Airlines flies directly without stops to Frankfurt (Germany) and Singapore.

What is the number of direct flights Singapore Airlines offers to Singapore and Frankfurt?

SQ operates six daily flights to Frankfurt and one daily flight to Singapore.

How long does Singapore Airlines’ flight from New York to Frankfurt take?

The flight from New York to Frankfurt takes around seven hours and forty minutes.

How long does Singapore Airlines’ flight from New York to Singapore take?

SQ’s flight from New York to Singapore takes around eighteen hours and thirty-three minutes.

How can passengers go from JFK Terminal 4 to other terminals?

The JFK AirTrain connects all of the terminals for travelers. It functions outside of the restricted region and is constantly changing because of building.

When should I check in for a Singapore Airlines aircraft departing from JFK?

For check-in and security, it is advised to arrive two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international flights.

Are Singapore Airlines customers able to use TSA PreCheck lanes at JFK?

Yes, all terminals have TSA PreCheck lanes, including Terminal 4, where Singapore Airlines operates. 

Does JFK provide Singapore Airlines customers with Mobile Passport and Global Entry services?

Yes, JFK has Mobile Passport Control and Global Entry kiosks, which expedite the admission procedure for qualified visitors.

What are Singapore Airlines’ lost and found and luggage claim procedures at JFK?

If your luggage has an airline tag, get in touch with the baggage service for lost or misplaced things. Get in touch with the airport’s lost and found department or TSA Lost and Found for things that were misplaced at security checkpoints or elsewhere.

What transportation options do I have after landing at JFK on a Singapore Airlines flight?

You can access a variety of transportation options, such as the AirTrain, which connects to local subway and Long Island Rail Road stations, taxis, rental automobiles, and ridesharing applications like Uber and Lyft. 

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