Where Does KLM Fly from Europe?

Published :- 2024-02-22
Where Does KLM Fly from Europe

Exploring the question “Where Does KLM Fly from Europe?” reveals the extensive network of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines across the continent. From the bustling metropolises of the United Kingdom, such as London and Manchester, to the scenic landscapes of Norway, including Oslo and Bergen, KLM connects a diverse range of destinations. 

In the heart of Europe, cities like Paris (France) and Berlin (Germany) serve as key departure points, showcasing the airline’s access to both major economic hubs and cultural centers. Further south, the warm climates of Spain and Italy are well-represented with flights departing from cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, and Milan, catering to both business travelers and tourists seeking Mediterranean allure. 

Eastern Europe includes flight services from Warsaw (Poland) and Prague (Czech Republic), ensuring that KLM’s reach spans the breadth of Europe. This extensive network underscores KLM’s role in connecting Europe to the world, offering passengers a wide array of choices for their international travel needs.

KLM Flights from Europe

KLM’s direct flights from Europe currently include 96 cities across 24 countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium, and Austria. 

The table below provides KLM’s direct flights from Europe listed by country and city.

KLM’s Direct Flights from Europe
United KingdomSouthampton (SOU)Norwich (NWI)Newcastle (NCL)Manchester (MAN)London Heathrow (LHR)London City (LCY)Leeds / Bradford (LBA)Inverness (INV)Humberside (HUY)Glasgow (GLA)Edinburgh (EDI)Durham Tees Valley (MME)Cardiff (CWL)Bristol (BRS)Birmingham (BHX)Belfast City (BHD)Aberdeen (ABZ)
SwitzerlandZürich (ZRH)Geneva (GVA)Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL)
SwedenStockholm (ARN)Linköping (LPI)Gothenburg (GOT)
SpainValencia (VLC)Palma de Mallorca (PMI)Málaga (AGP)Madrid (MAD)Ibiza (IBZ)Bilbao (BIO)Barcelona (BCN)Alicante (ALC)
SerbiaBelgrade (BEG)
RussiaMoscow Sheremetyevo (SVO)
RomaniaBucharest (OTP)
PortugalPorto (OPO)Lisbon (LIS)
PolandWrocław (WRO)Warsaw (WAW)Poznań (POZ)Krakow (KRK)Gdańsk (GDN)
NorwayTrondheim (TRD)Stavanger (SVG)Oslo (OSL)Oslo Torp (TRF)Kristiansand (KRS)Bergen (BGO)Ålesund (AES)
NetherlandsAmsterdam (AMS)
LuxembourgLuxembourg City (LUX)
ItalyVenice (VCE)Turin (TRN)Rome (FCO)Naples (NAP)Milan Malpensa (MXP)Milan Linate (LIN)Genoa (GOA)Florence (FLR)Catania (CTA)Cagliari (CAG)Bologna (BLQ)
IrelandDublin (DUB)Cork (ORK)
HungaryBudapest (BUD)
GreeceAthens (ATH)
GermanyStuttgart (STR)Nuremberg (NUE)Munich (MUC)Hanover (HAJ)Hamburg (HAM)Frankfurt (FRA)Düsseldorf (DUS)Dresden (DRS)Bremen (BRE)Berlin (BER)
FranceToulouse (TLS)Rennes (RNS)Paris (CDG)Nice (NCE)Nantes (NTE)Montpellier (MPL)Marseille (MRS)Lyon (LYS)Bordeaux (BOD)
FinlandRovaniemi (RVN)Helsinki (HEL)
DenmarkCopenhagen (CPH)Billund (BLL)Aalborg (AAL)
Czech RepublicPrague (PRG)
CroatiaZagreb (ZAG)Split (SPU)Dubrovnik (DBV)
BelgiumBrussels (BRU)
AustriaVienna (VIE)Graz (GRZ)

Where Does KLM Fly in Europe

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines serves a broad network across Europe, connecting numerous cities to destinations worldwide. In Europe, KLM flies from several countries, offering direct flights from major cities. Listed below are KLM’s major destinations in Europe by country:

  • Austria: Flights from Vienna (VIE) and Graz (GRZ).
  • Belgium: Direct connections from Brussels (BRU).
  • Croatia: Flights from Zagreb (ZAG), Dubrovnik (DBV), and Split (SPU).
  • Czech Republic: Direct flights from Prague (PRG).
  • Denmark: Services from Copenhagen (CPH), Billund (BLL), and Aalborg (AAL).
  • Finland: Flights from Helsinki (HEL) and Rovaniemi (RVN).
  • France: KLM operates from cities like Paris (CDG), Lyon (LYS), Marseille (MRS), Toulouse (TLS), Nice (NCE), and several others.
  • Germany: Flights from Berlin (BER), Munich (MUC), Frankfurt (FRA), Düsseldorf (DUS), Hamburg (HAM), and more.
  • Greece: Direct connections from Athens (ATH).
  • Hungary: Flights available from Budapest (BUD).
  • Ireland: Direct services from Dublin (DUB) and Cork (ORK).
  • Italy: KLM flies from Rome (FCO), Milan (MXP and LIN), Venice (VCE), Naples (NAP), and other cities.
  • Luxembourg: Flights from Luxembourg City (LUX).
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam (AMS) serves as KLM’s main hub, from where it flies to more than 150 cities across the world.
  • Norway: Direct flights from Oslo (OSL), Bergen (BGO), Stavanger (SVG), and more.
  • Poland: KLM serves Warsaw (WAW), Krakow (KRK), Gdańsk (GDN), and other cities.
  • Portugal: Flights from Lisbon (LIS) and Porto (OPO).
  • Romania: Direct services from Bucharest (OTP).
  • Russia: Flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO).
  • Serbia: Direct flights from Belgrade (BEG).
  • Spain: KLM operates from Madrid (MAD), Barcelona (BCN), Valencia (VLC), Málaga (AGP), and other locations.
  • Sweden: Services from Stockholm (ARN), Gothenburg (GOT), and Linköping (LPI).
  • Switzerland: Flights from Zurich (ZRH), Geneva (GVA), and Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL).
  • United Kingdom: KLM flies from multiple cities including London (Heathrow and City), Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and others.

KLM Europe Destinations Map 

KLM Europe Destinations Map 

KLM Europe Destinations Map/Route Map 

Discovering KLM’s extensive European flight network is now more interactive and user-friendly with the KLM Europe Destinations Map. This dynamic online tool is designed to simplify your travel planning by showcasing the wide array of destinations KLM serves from various European cities. Whether you’re an avid globetrotter or plotting your inaugural overseas adventure, you can use this map to explore Europe and beyond with KLM.

To access the map, navigate to the KLM official website. “Once there, proceed to the “Find Your Destination” section found under the “Information” tab, and select “Map.” Upon accessing the Destinations Map page, enter your European departure city, such as Amsterdam (AMS), Paris (CDG), or any other city serviced by KLM in Europe, to unveil the range of available destinations. Subsequently, you can explore the numerous options for your next adventure.”

“The map provides an intuitive and engaging experience, displaying both direct and connecting flights operated by KLM. Each destination is represented by a pinpoint on the map; clicking on these points reveals vital information such as flight frequencies, timings, and available services. Moreover, this feature not only aids in exploring potential travel destinations but also in gathering crucial flight details in one consolidated view.”

What sets the KLM Europe Destinations Map apart is its integration with the booking system. This means you can transition smoothly from browsing destinations to booking your flights directly through the map interface. Simply choose your desired destination, and the system will guide you through the booking process, merging the exploration and booking phases into one cohesive experience.

The KLM Europe Destinations Map is a comprehensive tool for travelers looking to explore KLM’s vast network from European cities. It offers a straightforward, engaging way to discover destinations, access flight information, and book your journey, all from a single interactive platform.


Embarking on a journey with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Europe raises numerous questions for travelers eager to explore their vast destination options. To address this curiosity, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs about Where Does KLM Fly from Europe to provide clarity and insight into the extensive network that KLM offers, connecting European cities to the rest of the world. Go through it to simplify your travel planning process and understand the most common inquiries related to KLM’s European operations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does KLM Fly from Europe

Where does KLM fly nonstop from Europe?

KLM flies nonstop from 96 cities across 24 countries in Europe. For details, refer to the table titled KLM’s Direct Flights from Europe.

Where does KLM fly direct from the United Kingdom?

KLM currently flies directly from 17 cities in the UK. They include London Heathrow (LHR), Manchester (MAN), Edinburgh (EDI), Birmingham (BHX), London City (LCY), Glasgow (GLA), Bristol (BRS), Newcastle (NCL), Aberdeen (ABZ), Leeds / Bradford (LBA), Belfast City (BHD), Southampton (SOU), Norwich (NWI), Cardiff (CWL), Durham Tees Valley (MME), Humberside (HUY), and Inverness (INV).

Does KLM offer direct flights from Switzerland to international destinations?

Yes, KLM operates direct flights to international destinations from Zurich (ZRH), Geneva (GVA), and Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL) in Switzerland.

Can I fly directly with KLM from Sweden?

KLM offers direct flights from Stockholm (ARN), Gothenburg (GOT), and Linköping (LPI) in Sweden.

What are the Spanish cities KLM flies from directly?

KLM flies directly from Madrid (MAD), Barcelona (BCN), Valencia (VLC), Málaga (AGP), Alicante (ALC), Bilbao (BIO), Ibiza (IBZ), and Palma de Mallorca (PMI) in Spain.

Is there a direct KLM flight from Serbia to international destinations?

Yes, KLM provides direct flights from Belgrade (BEG) in Serbia.

From which cities in Russia does KLM operate direct flights?

KLM operates direct flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) in Russia.

What are KLM’s direct flight options from Portugal?

KLM flies directly from Lisbon (LIS) and Porto (OPO) in Portugal.

Which cities in Poland have direct KLM flights?

Direct KLM flights are available from Warsaw (WAW), Krakow (KRK), Gdańsk (GDN), Poznań (POZ), and Wrocław (WRO) in Poland.

How can I fly directly with KLM from Norway?

KLM offers direct flights from Oslo (OSL), Bergen (BGO), Stavanger (SVG), Trondheim (TRD), Ålesund (AES), Kristiansand (KRS), and Oslo Torp (TRF) in Norway.

Does KLM fly directly from the Netherlands to international destinations?

Yes, KLM’s main hub is Amsterdam (AMS), from where it operates more than 150 direct international flights.

What are the Italian cities KLM flies from directly?

KLM provides direct flights from Rome (FCO), Milan Malpensa (MXP), Milan Linate (LIN), Venice (VCE), Naples (NAP), Turin (TRN), Bologna (BLQ), Florence (FLR), Genoa (GOA), Catania (CTA), and Cagliari (CAG) in Italy.

Can I find direct KLM flights from other European countries like Greece, Germany, or France?

Yes, KLM operates direct flights from Athens (ATH) in Greece; Berlin (BER), Munich (MUC), Frankfurt (FRA), Düsseldorf (DUS), Hamburg (HAM), Stuttgart (STR), Nuremberg (NUE), Hanover (HAJ), Dresden (DRS), and Bremen (BRE) in Germany; and Paris (CDG), Lyon (LYS), Marseille (MRS), Toulouse (TLS), Nice (NCE), Bordeaux (BOD), Nantes (NTE), Montpellier (MPL), and Rennes (RNS) in France.

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