Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Orlando: Delta Flights from Orlando

Published :- 2024-02-08
Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Orlando

Travel enthusiasts often wonder about the range of destinations accessible from a major hub like Orlando. A prime question is, “Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Orlando?” Offering a diverse portfolio of direct flights, Delta Air Lines connects Orlando to numerous key locations, both domestically and internationally.

For those looking to explore major cities in the United States, Delta’s schedule from Orlando International Airport (MCO) includes frequent flights to Atlanta, with up to 29 flights per day, making it one of the most accessible destinations. New York is also a significant destination, with the airline flying to both LaGuardia and JFK airports, offering a combined frequency of up to 31 flights daily. Other major cities like Boston, Washington D.C., Detroit, Miami, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Seattle are also on the list, ensuring coverage across various regions of the country.

Delta’s domestic reach extends to cities like Raleigh-Durham, Austin, Cincinnati, and Salt Lake City. Each of these destinations reflects Delta’s commitment to providing comprehensive travel options within the United States. For those venturing to the west, direct flights to cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles offer gateways to the vibrant lifestyle and entertainment options these regions are known for.

On the international front, Delta offers direct flights from Orlando to Amsterdam, bridging continents with this sole but vital European connection. This route caters to both business and leisure travelers, providing a direct link to one of Europe’s most iconic cities.

Delta Flights from Orlando

Delta’s flights from Orlando currently span 17 destinations, from bustling American cities to an international European hub (Amsterdam). The table below provides a list of all the direct Delta flights from Orlando, along with duration, frequency, and distance.

Delta’s Direct Flights from Orlando
Atlanta (ATL)1h 41m25-29406SMTWTFSDomestic
New York (LGA)2h 40m13-17956SMTWTFSDomestic
Boston (BOS)3h 3m12-161128SMTWTFSDomestic
Washington (DCA)2h 15m14-15765SMTWTFSDomestic
New York (JFK)2h 42m11-14950SMTWTFSDomestic
Detroit (DTW)2h 45m10-15964SMTWTFSDomestic
Miami (MIA)1h 11m11194SMTWTFSDomestic
Minneapolis (MSP)3h 37m8-121318SMTWTFSDomestic
Los Angeles (LAX)5h 42m8-102224SMTWTFSDomestic
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)1h 47m5-9538SMTWTFSDomestic
Austin (AUS)2h 51m6-9996SMTWTFSDomestic
Cincinnati (CVG)2h 19m6-8762SMTWTFSDomestic
Salt Lake City (SLC)5h 1m61938SMTWTFSDomestic
Seattle (SEA)6h 29m4-62564SMTWTFSDomestic
Westchester County (HPN)2h 45m4978SMTWTFSDomestic
Las Vegas (LAS)5h 16m3-42046SMTWTFSDomestic
Amsterdam (AMS)9h 3m14556SMTWTFSInternational

Overview of Delta’s Flights from Orlando

The table below provides an overview of Delta’s direct flights from Orlando in terms of maximum and minimum duration, distance, and frequency.

Flight Duration9h 3m to Amsterdam (AMS)1h 11m to Miami (MIA)
Flight Distance4556 miles to Amsterdam (AMS)194 miles to Miami (MIA)
Flight Frequency25-29 flights/day to Atlanta (ATL)1 flight/day to Amsterdam (AMS)

Delta Orlando Destinations Map

Delta Orlando Destinations Map

A screenshot of Delta’s Orlando Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: Delta.com

Navigating through travel options and pinpointing the perfect destination can often be a daunting task, especially when you’re flying out of a major hub like Orlando. The Delta Orlando Destinations Map provides an efficient and interactive way to streamline this process, making travel planning from Orlando a breeze.

Accessing the Map: To dive into this handy feature, start by visiting the official Delta Air Lines website. Once there, navigate to the Route Map section, which is intuitively designed and easy to use.

Using the Map: The user-friendly interface of the Delta Orlando Destinations Map immediately stands out. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  • Select Orlando as your departure point on the route map page.
  • Enter your desired destination and travel dates, tailoring the search to fit your specific needs.
  • The page will then display all available routes, detailing crucial information such as flight durations, numbers, and precise timings for both direct and connecting flights.

Sorting and Filtering Options: Enhance your search experience with the map’s Sort & Filter tool. This feature allows you to fine-tune your search based on criteria like flight duration, the number of stops, and departure times, ensuring that your travel plan aligns with your personal preferences and schedule.

Booking Flights: Once you’ve chosen your flight, the Book A Flight option seamlessly transitions you to the booking interface. This integration of planning and booking tools streamlines the entire process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Interactive Features: The interactive nature of the destinations/route map page is not only practical but also encourages exploration. Both Mac and Windows users can easily zoom in to examine destinations more closely, aiding in better geographical understanding and inspiring travel ideas.

Travel Inspiration: Beyond being a mere display of Delta’s network from Orlando, the map serves as a gateway to new travel adventures. The Delta website further enriches this experience with sections like Explore Top Destinations, offering insights into travel requirements, pricing, and the attractions of various locations.

In summary, the Delta Orlando Destinations Map is a nifty tool for anyone flying from Orlando with Delta Air Lines. It simplifies the complex task of travel planning, transforming it into a streamlined and enjoyable journey, from the initial stages of choosing a destination to the final step of booking your flight.

Delta Air Lines at Orlando International Airport 

The table below offers a detailed overview of the facilities and services available at Orlando International Airport (MCO), served by Delta Air Lines. Situated just a short drive from Orlando, the airport is structured with three terminals (A-side, B-side, and C), designed for easy navigation and access.

Delta Air Lines and Orlando International Airport
Airport NameOrlando International Airport 
Location 6 miles from downtown Orlando
Airport Address1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd., Orlando, FL 32827, U.S.A.
Airport Code MCO
Airport WebsiteOrlandoAirports.net
Airport Phone Number407-825-2001
Number of Terminals3 (A-side, B-side, and C)Terminals A and B are on 2 sides of the main building. Terminal C is in a separate building. 
Delta Air Lines Terminal at MCOMain Terminal: B-side 

Inter-Terminal Transport

Automated Passenger Transit (APT)

The Automated Passenger Transit system is designed to shuttle passengers between the main terminal and departure areas in the secure section. It includes two routes originating from the main terminal’s eastern side, serving Gates 1 and 3. Conversely, on the terminal’s western side, two additional routes provide links to Gates 2 and 4.

A newly added route, situated outside the secure zone, connects parking area 3 and the fresh Terminal C.

Airport Shuttle Service 

Travelers can move between Terminals A, B, and C using the 24/7 complimentary airport shuttle service. This service operates from space B29 on Level 1 outside of Terminal B and at Arrivals on Level 6 outside of Terminal C.

Pedestrian Access Security Process

Airport Pedestrian access is limited in the main terminal. The APT is necessary for reaching all departure gates, as there are no direct walking routes connecting them. Walking is feasible within the same gate or to an adjacent one on the same side.

Each security checkpoint allows access to two gates. For instance, passengers can transfer from Gate 3 to Gate 1 by disembarking the APT at Gate 3 and boarding another APT to Gate 1. This does not apply to international arrivals due to mandatory customs and immigration procedures.

While there are no motorized carts at MCO, passengers requiring mobility aid can seek assistance from their airline. Here are the walking distances within each concourse:

Gate Shortest Distance Longest Distance

  • Gate 1 515 ft/157 meters 812 ft/247 meters
  • Gate 2 479 ft/146 meters 903 ft/275 meters
  • Gate 3 467 ft/142 meters 944 ft/288 meters
  • Gate 4 200 ft/61 meters 600 ft/183 meters

After passing through the security checkpoint in Terminal C, passengers can navigate on foot to all the departure gates within that terminal.
Tip. You can use the MCO App to navigate within terminals, among other things.


Security and Customs 

  • MCO houses three main security checkpoints: The west side for gates 1-59, the East side for gates 70-129, and a checkpoint in Terminal C on the second level.
  • Updates on security wait times are readily available on the airport’s website, prominently displayed on the top right for desktop users, and easily accessible after a brief scroll on mobile devices.

TSA PreCheck 

  • Both east and west security checkpoints at MCO are equipped with TSA PreCheck lanes, operational daily from approximately 4 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • TSA PreCheck advantages include quicker screening without the need to remove belts, shoes, or light jackets, and allowing laptops and 3-1-1 liquids to remain in bags.
  • The TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center is positioned on the second floor of Terminal B near baggage claim 23, open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Global Entry 

  • The airport is outfitted with Global Entry kiosks to streamline entry for international travelers into the U.S.
  • The Global Entry Enrollment Center is located in Terminal B on the third level, near the food court area, and MCO supports Global Entry Enrollment on Arrival.

Mobile Passport 

  • MCO accommodates expedited entry into the U.S. for users of the Mobile Passport Control app.
  • The CBP Declaration Form can be submitted through the App, and users can then show their quick receipt and passport to a CBP agent for faster processing.


  • All three security checkpoints at MCO offer CLEAR lanes.
  • CLEAR services, including enrollment options, are available daily from early morning at 4 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Priority Pass 

Members of Priority Pass are welcomed at The Club at MCO Lounge, where they can enjoy amenities such as shower facilities, refreshments including alcoholic beverages, television, and newspapers. It’s worth checking if your credit card provides Priority Pass access, potentially saving you the cost of a daily access fee.

Delta Sky Club

Located in Terminal B, near gate 71 (Concourse 4)

Open Daily from 4:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Dining Options

MCO boasts a diverse array of over 100 dining establishments, including restaurants, bars, cafes, and quick-service food stations. These culinary spots are conveniently scattered across the airport, offering a wide variety in both the main terminal food courts and the individual concourses.

For a detailed list of dining options, you can visit the airport’s official website.

Wi-Fi and Charging Facilities

MCO provides complimentary Wi-Fi across all its public spaces. 

To access it, simply choose “MCO Internet” from the available Wi-Fi networks.
Charging Points: You can find these in every concourse as well as throughout the main terminal area.

Lost and Found Services MCO

Where to reach out in case you lose an item at MCO depends on the location of the loss:

  • If the item was lost on an airplane or within an airline lounge, get in touch with the respective airline for help.
  • If the item was left in a rental car, the car rental agency should be contacted.

For items lost in other public areas of the airport, fill out the lost and found form.

Additional Airport Information

Information Booths

Two booths for inquiries are situated in the central section of the main terminal. Passengers can also reach out to the information center at 407-825-2352.

Aid for Travelers

There’s no dedicated center for travelers at MCO.

Areas for Children

There are no specific play zones for kids at MCO. Nevertheless, the food court features an aquarium, and shops like Disney and Universal Studios offer some diversion. Occasional live activities in the main terminal include juggling and face painting.

Facilities for Infants

Nursing areas are accessible at:

  • Opposite the Baggage Carousels on Level 2 at the B-side of the Main Terminal, near carousels 28 and 24
  • Between Gates 112 and 111 in Concourse 2
  • Central section of Concourse 3
  • Various locations in Concourse 4
  • Multiple spots in Terminal C across different levels

Pet Comfort Zones

Service dogs and pets in carriers are permitted. Relief areas for pets are found on both A and B sides of the main terminal and in secure zones of Concourses 1, 2, and C.

Duty-Free Options

Available in Concourses 1 and 4.

Smoking Provisions

Indoor smoking is not allowed. Designated outdoor smoking areas are equipped with ashtrays.

Distinct Features

Live entertainment in the main terminal includes music and magic shows. The airport also showcases an extensive art program in various terminal areas and concourses.

Spaces for Prayer and Meditation

The interfaith chapel is located just past the west security checkpoint in the main terminal, accessible to passengers with valid boarding passes. Terminal 3 features a serenity room near Gates C230 to C238.

Banking and Currency Services

ATMs are positioned on both the A and B sides of the main terminal, in Terminal C, and across all concourses. Currency exchange is available on the A and B sides of the main terminal and in Terminal C.

Baggage Storage Solutions

Short-term and extended luggage storage services are offered at the B-side of the Main Terminal on Level 1. This facility can be contacted at 888-873-4730.

Key Contact Numbers for MCO

  • General Queries: 407-825-2352
  • Paging Services: 407-825-2000
  • Lost and Found Department: 407-825-2111
  • Parking Assistance: 407-825-3562

Transportation Options

Train Connectivity

  • SunRail: Travelers can utilize SunRail at the Sand Lake Road station, with connecting Lynx buses running to the A-side of the main terminal’s level 1, between stops A38 and A41.
  • Amtrak Access: To reach the Amtrak station, board Lynx bus 11 to the intersection of Orange Avenue and Columbia Street. From this stop, the Amtrak station is a short walk of about 0.5 miles.

Bus Services

  • Lynx Public Buses: The Lynx public buses start from the ground transportation area on level 1 of the A-side, specifically from lanes A38 to A41. Routes include destinations like downtown Orlando and SeaWorld, with a standard fare of $2 per stop.
  • Greyhound Connection: Reach the Greyhound Station by taking Lynx bus 11 to North Garland Avenue, then bus 25 to 500 John Young Pkwy. The station is conveniently located just across the road.

Shuttle Options

For shared and private shuttle services, head to spaces A19-A21 on the A-side, B27-B29 on the B-side, and C200-C204 at Terminal C, all located on level 1. For pricing details, contact Mears Transportation Group at 407-423-5566. Hotels often provide free shuttle services, picking up and dropping off at lanes B41 to B48 on the B-side.


Metered taxis are stationed on level 1 at both the A and B sides of the main terminal and also at level 6 in Terminal C.

Rideshare Options

Wingz, Lyft, and Uber operate from the airport. The drop-off points at Terminals A and B are at the level 3 departures area, with pick-ups at level 2 arrivals. In Terminal C, drop-offs are at the level 2 departures, and pick-ups are at level 6 arrivals.

Driving Directions to MCO

From the North 

  • First Option: Head on I-4 going west towards downtown Orlando and connect to the East-West Expressway (State Road 408). From there, proceed east to Semoran Boulevard (State Road 436), taking it south to the airport.
  • Second Option: Travel on I-4 west to the Beeline Expressway (State Road 528) near SeaWorld/International Drive. Follow this expressway east and exit at 11B to arrive at the airport.

Coming from the West or South

  • First Option: Use I-4 east to link up with the Beeline Expressway (State Road 528) near SeaWorld/International Drive, and continue on this route eastward, exiting at 11B towards the airport.
  • Second Option: On I-4 east, take exit 24E onto the Greeneway (State Road 417) near Lake Buena Vista. Follow it north to Boggy Creek Road and proceed to the South Entrance Road, which leads directly to the airport.

From the East

Follow I-95 to the Beeline Expressway (State Road 528) near Cape Canaveral, taking it west and exiting at 11B to access the airport.

Via the Florida Turnpike

Take the exit for the Beeline Expressway (State Road 528) from the Turnpike. Travel east on the expressway and take exit 11B to reach the airport.

Parking Information

Parking Garages A and B

  • Offer both short-term and long-term covered parking near the main terminal’s north and south ends.
  • Maximum vehicle height: 7 feet.
  • Electric vehicle charging: Available at A garage (row A, level 2) and B garage (row P, level 2).
  • Rates: First 20 mins free; 21-30 mins $2; $1 for every additional 15 mins (max $19 per day); $19 for 24 hours.

Terminal Top Parking

  • Covered parking for short or long duration above the main terminal.
  • Maximum vehicle height: 7 feet.
  • Fees: First 20 mins free; 21-30 mins $2; $1 for every additional 15 mins (max $19 per day); $19 for 24 hours (45-day max stay).

Parking Garage C

  • Covered parking for short or long stays, connected to Terminal C and accessible from Terminals A and B via a 4-minute ride on the automated people mover.
  • Maximum clearance: 8 feet 2 inches.
  • Pricing: First 20 mins free; 21-30 mins $2; $1 for every 15 mins thereafter (up to $19 max per day); $19 per 24 hours (45-day max stay).

North and South Park Place Economy Lots

  • Uncovered parking is available on the airport’s north and south sides, with shuttle service to Terminals A, B, and C.
  • Rates: First 10 mins free; $5 for up to 3 hours; $10 for 24 hours (90-day max stay).

Valet Parking

  • Accessible from departure curbsides of all terminals, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Cost: $25 per 24 hours (45-day max stay).

Hotel Guest Parking – Self

  • Covered parking for Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport guests.
  • Self-Park: $14 per night; Valet park: $18 per night.

Hyatt Valet Parking

  • Short and long-term covered parking at the hotel.
  • Fees: First 20 mins $4; $1 for every 20 mins thereafter (up to 3 hours max); $25 for 24 hours; car detailing $30-$45 (60-day max stay).

Pick-up or Drop-off Parking

Two cell phone waiting lots for vehicles picking up passengers: north lot at 8730 Jeff Fuqua Blvd. North and south lot at 10546 Jeff Fuqua Blvd. South. Unattended parking is not allowed.

Off-site and Hotel Parking

  • Affordable options are often found off airport grounds, such as third-party lots and hotel parking.
  • Daily rates start at $4.99, with comparison options available on sites like airportparkingreservations.com.

Parking for Passengers with Disabilities

  • Accessible spots in all lots, close to elevators or shuttle services.
  • Free parking for vehicles with mobility equipment, Florida Toll Exemption Permit, or disabled veteran plates.

Car Rental Companies

Rental car agencies are conveniently located on airport grounds, with their offices situated on the ground transportation level 1 on both the A and B sides of the terminal.

On-Airport Car Rental Companies

  • Thrifty: 800-367-2277
  • SIXT: 889-941-7498
  • Payless: 407-856-5539
  • National: 800-227-7368
  • Hertz: 800-654-3131
  • Enterprise: 800-325-8007
  • Dollar: 800-800-4000
  • Budget: 800-527-0700
  • Avis: 800-831-2847
  • Alamo: 800-327-9633

Frequently Asked Questions on Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Orlando

When planning a trip with Delta Air Lines from Orlando, travelers often have numerous questions about the direct flight options available. Understanding the range of destinations that can be directly reached from Orlando International Airport (MCO) is crucial for efficient and convenient travel planning. To help you navigate your journey with Delta, we have compiled a list of FAQs on “Where does Delta fly direct from Orlando?”. It provides clear and helpful information, ensuring you have all the necessary information for a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Where does Delta fly nonstop from Orlando?

Delta currently flies without stops from Orlando to 16 domestic destinations and 1 international destination.

From what terminal does Delta fly from Orlando?

Delta flights depart from Terminal B at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

How long is the flight from Orlando to Atlanta with Delta? 

The flight duration from Orlando to Atlanta (ATL) is approximately 1 hour and 41 minutes.

How many flights per day does Delta operate from Orlando to New York (LGA)? 

Delta operates 13-17 flights per day from Orlando to New York (LGA).

What is the distance of Delta’s direct flight from Orlando to Boston? 

The direct flight distance from Orlando to Boston (BOS) is about 1128 miles.

Does Delta fly daily from Orlando to Washington D.C. (DCA)? 

Yes, Delta offers daily flights from Orlando to Washington D.C. (DCA) every day of the week.

What is the flight duration from Orlando to Los Angeles with Delta? 

The flight from Orlando to Los Angeles (LAX) typically takes about 5 hours and 42 minutes.

Which Delta flight from Orlando has the highest frequency per day? 

The Orlando to Atlanta (ATL) route has the highest frequency, with 25-29 flights per day.

Which is the shortest direct flight offered by Delta from Orlando? 

The shortest direct flight is to Miami (MIA), taking approximately 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Does Delta Air Lines fly internationally from Orlando? 

Yes, Delta offers direct international flights from Orlando to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

How long is the flight from Orlando to Seattle with Delta? 

The direct flight from Orlando to Seattle (SEA) takes about 6 hours and 29 minutes.

Which days does Delta fly from Orlando to Minneapolis? 

Delta operates flights from Orlando to Minneapolis (MSP) every day of the week.

What is the distance of the direct flight from Orlando to Amsterdam? 

The direct flight from Orlando to Amsterdam (AMS) covers a distance of approximately 4556 miles.

How many flights does Delta operate from Orlando to Las Vegas each day? 

Delta operates 3-4 flights per day from Orlando to Las Vegas (LAS).

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