Where Does Breeze Airways Fly? Routes & Destinations

Published :- 2023-10-11
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Are you ready to take a flight with Breeze Airways? America’s low-cost airline is making waves in the industry with its unique routes and customer-centric approach. In this blog post, we’ll explore Where Does Breeze Airways Fly and why it’s quickly becoming a top choice for travelers.

From popular tourist destinations to hidden gems, Breeze Airways has something for everyone. So buckle up and get ready to discover new horizons with Breeze Airways.

Let’s find out the answer…

List of Breeze Airways Destinations

Where does Breeze Airways fly to/from?

Breeze Airways connects multiple cities across the United States, offering you new options for direct flights. With a focus on both popular tourist destinations and underserved routes, the airline currently serves the following destinations in the U.S:

Akron, OHOrange County, CA
Charleston, WVPhoenix, AZ
Charleston, SCPlattsburgh, NY
Columbus, OHTampa Bay, FL
Cincinnati, OHTulsa, OK
Fort Myers, FLSpringfield
Orlando, FLSyracuse, NY
New Orleans, LASarasota, FL
Norfolk, VASavannah, GA
Louisville, KYSan Bernardino, CA
Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA
Las Vegas, NVRaleigh, NC
Long Island/Islip, NYRichmond, VA
Jacksonville, FLProvo/Salt Lake City, UT
Fayetteville, ARProvidence, RI
Huntsville, ALPortland, ME
Hartford, CTWhite Plains, NY
West Palm Beach, FLPittsburgh, PA
Vero Beach, FL

What Airline is Breeze Affiliated With?

Breeze Airways (MX), also known as Breeze, is an independent airline that is not affiliated with any major airline alliance or partnership. It operates as a standalone carrier, offering its own unique routes and services to passengers.

With a focus on providing affordable and convenient flights, Breeze connects travelers to destinations that are currently underserved or overlooked by other airlines. When you fly with Breeze Airways, you can expect a fresh and distinct travel experience tailored to the destinations the airline serves.

The Connection with JetBlue

Breeze Airways was founded by JetBlue founder David Neeleman. This connection brings with it a commitment to offering a customer-focused experience, similar to what JetBlue is known for. While JetBlue primarily serves the East Coast, Breeze Airways focuses on serving underserved routes that were not previously flown by JetBlue. This expansion opens up new possibilities for passengers, allowing them to explore destinations that were previously inaccessible.

The Uniqueness of Flying with Breeze Airways

Happy Passengers in an Airline

When flying with Breeze Airways, you can experience the uniqueness that sets this airline apart. Breeze Airways offers nonstop flights to popular destinations across the United States, making your travel more convenient and efficient. Passengers can enjoy extra legroom, ensuring a comfortable journey throughout their flight. 

Additionally, Breeze Airways goes the extra mile by providing a variety of snacks and beverages to keep you refreshed during your trip. With a focus on affordability without compromising on quality, Breeze Airways strives to deliver a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience for every customer. So, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Breeze Airways is committed to providing exceptional service.

Breeze Airways’ Fleet: What Planes Does the Airline Use?

Aeroplane Flying

Breeze Airways operates a modern fleet consisting of Airbus A220-300 and Embraer (190 and 195) aircraft. Passengers can expect a comfortable and efficient flying experience with the latest technology onboard, ensuring a safe and reliable journey. 

The spacious cabin layout of the Airbus and Embraer aircraft ensures a pleasant journey for passengers. With ample legroom and seating, you can relax and enjoy your flight experience. In addition to comfort, Breeze Airways’ aircraft are fuel-efficient, reducing their environmental impact. By using advanced technology and efficient engines, the airline minimizes its carbon footprint while still providing reliable and efficient travel. Passengers can feel good about choosing a greener option when flying with Breeze Airways.

What Makes Breeze Airways Special: Top 5 Features

  • By focusing on serving underserved routes, Breeze Airways opens up more travel options for passengers, allowing them to explore unique destinations.
  • Breeze Airways offers affordable fares while maintaining high-quality service, ensuring that travelers get the best value for their money.
  • Passengers can enjoy a comfortable flying experience with extra legroom provided by Breeze Airways, making their journey more enjoyable.
  • Breeze Airways takes care of its passengers’ hunger and thirst by offering a wide range of snacks and beverages during the flight.
  • With its expanding route network, Breeze Airways continuously adds new destinations, connecting you to exciting places you may not have considered before.

How Does Breeze Airways Compare to Other Airlines?

Breeze Airways stands out among other airlines as a low-cost carrier that offers affordable and convenient travel options. With its point-to-point routes, you can enjoy direct flights without layovers. The airline also provides customizable experiences with à la carte pricing for add-ons like seat selection and baggage.

Breeze Airways Route Map: Breeze Airways covers popular tourist spots and business hubs, offering travelers plenty of options for their travel itinerary, as shown in the flight map below.

Breeze Airways Route Map

Here’s Where Breeze Airways Flies from RSW (Fort Myers, Florida)

Breeze Airways offers convenient travel options from RSW with direct flights to a range of destinations, such as:

  • Las Vegas, NV (LAS)
  • Providence, RI (PVD)
  • Hartford, CT (BDL)
  • Charleston, SC (CHS)
  • Akron, OH (CAK)
  • Columbus, OH (CMH)
  • New Orleans, LA (MSY)
  • Portland, ME (PWM)
  • Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)
  • Norfolk, VA (ORF)
  • Raleigh, NC (RDU)
  • Richmond, VA (RIC)
  • Syracuse, NY (SYR)
  • Louisville, KY (SDF)

Here’s Where Breeze Airways Flies from MCO (Orlando, Florida)

Breeze Airways offers convenient nonstop flights from Orlando, FL (MCO) to locations such as:

  • Providence, RI (PVD)
  • Akron, OH (CAK)
  • Charleston, SC (CHS)
  • Portland, ME (PWM)
  • New Orleans, LA (MSY)
  • Charleston, WV (CRW)
  • Huntsville, AL (HSV)
  • Fayetteville, AR (XNA)
  • Tulsa, OK (TUL)
  • Plattsburgh, NY (PBG)
  • Springfield (SPI)
  • Orange County, CA (SNA)
  • Provo / Salt Lake City, UT (PVU)

Here’s Where Breeze Airways Flies from SRQ

Breeze Airways offers direct flights from Sarasota, Florida (SRQ) to the locations:

  • Providence, RI (PVD)
  • Hartford, CT (BDL)

Here’s where Breeze Airways flies from PBI (West Palm Beach, Florida)

Here’s a list of destinations to which Breeze Airways flies directly from West Palm Beach, Florida (PBI):

  • Charleston, SC (CHS)
  • Akron, OH (CAK)
  • Columbus, OH (CMH)

What You Should Know About the Low-Cost Airline, Breeze

Founded by JetBlue’s founder, David Neeleman, Breeze Airways is a low-cost carrier offering affordable flight tickets. The airline fills the gaps in underserved routes by providing a seamless travel experience. Breeze Airways connects various cities across the United States through point-to-point flights.

You can expect comfortable seating and a range of amenities on board. Breeze Airways is trying to make air travel more accessible by prioritizing affordability and convenience.

If you are unable to get affordable airfares with Breeze Airways, worry not! Because you can fly to and from your destination with other leading airlines operating near you. Want to know where does Jetblue fly, to get a reservation?


As one of the newest airlines on the scene, Breeze is already making waves with its unique flight destinations. Whether you’re dreaming of a beach getaway or a city adventure, Breeze has you covered. But before you book your ticket, check out some of the most frequently asked questions about Breeze Airways’ flight destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breeze Airways Flight Destinations 

Where does Breeze Airways fly from Islip?

Breeze Airways flies from Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP), earlier known as Islip Airport, which is a public airport in Ronkonkoma, New York, U.S. It offers direct/nonstop flight service to the following 4 destinations:
1- Charleston, SC (CHS)
2- New Orleans, LA (MSY)
3- Norfolk, VA (ORF)
4- Raleigh, NC (RDU) 

If you’re flying from Islip, you can enjoy the convenience of flying directly to these cities without the hassle of connecting flights.

To which countries can I fly from Islip? 

You can only fly within the United States from Islip (see above).

Where does Breeze Airways fly from Norfolk?

Breeze Airways (MX) offers direct, nonstop flights from Norfolk, Virginia to underserved routes such as:
1- Tampa Bay, FL (TPA)
2- Las Vegas, NV (LAS)
3- New Orleans, LA (MSY)
4- Charleston, SC (CHS)
5- Jacksonville, FL (JAX)
6- Providence, RI (PVD)
7- Hartford, CT (BDL)
8- Fort Myers, FL (RSW)
9- Long Island / Islip, NY (ISP)
10- Portland, ME (PWM)
11- Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

Where does Breeze Airways fly from Providence RI?

Breeze Airways (MX) offers direct flights from Providence, Rhode Island (T.F. Green International Airport) to the following destinations
1- Orlando, FL (MCO)
2- Fort Myers, FL (RSW)
3- Charleston, SC (CHS)
4- Sarasota, FL (SRQ)
5- Tampa Bay, FL
6- Vero Beach, FL (VRB)
7- Raleigh, NC (RDU)
8- Norfolk, VA (ORF)
9- Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)
10- New Orleans, LA (MSY)
11- Jacksonville, FL (JAX)
12- Savannah, GA (SAV)

Where does Breeze Airways fly from XNA? 

Breeze Airways (MX) currently offers direct flights from Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) in Fayetteville, Arkansas to the following 3 cities:
1- Orlando, FL (MCO)
2- Tampa Bay, FL (TPA)
3- New Orleans, LA (MSY)

Where does Breeze Airways fly to from Tampa?

Breeze Airways (MX) flies directly from Tampa, Florida, to the following cities
1- Charleston, SC (CHS)
2- Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 
3- Richmond, VA (RIC) 
4- Providence, RI (PVD) 
5- Norfolk, VA (ORF) 
6- Hartford, CT (BDL) 
7- Portland, ME (PWM) 
8- Raleigh, NC (RDU) 
9- Akron, OH (CAK) 
10- Syracuse, NY (SYR) 
11- Louisville, KY (SDF)
12- Pittsburgh, PA (PIT) 
13- Columbus, OH (CMH) 
14-Fayetteville, AR (XNA) 
15- Huntsville, AL (HSV) 
16- Charleston, WV (CRW) 
17- Springfield (SPI)

Where does Breeze Airways fly to in Florida? 

Breeze Airways flies to the following cities in Florida
1- Fort Myers
2- Jacksonville
3- Orlando
4- Sarasota
5- Tampa Bay
6- Vero Beach
7- West Palm Beach

Where does Breeze Airways fly from Jacksonville?

Breeze Airways offers affordable nonstop flights from Jacksonville, Florida to
1- Las Vegas, NV (LAS)
2- Hartford, CT (BDL)
3- New Orleans, LA (MSY)
4- Norfolk, VA (ORF)
5- Providence, RI (PVD)

Where does Breeze Airways fly from Pittsburgh? 

Breeze Airways operates direct flights from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to:
1- Tampa Bay, FL (TPA)
2- Charleston, SC (CHS)
3- New Orleans, LA (MSY)
4- Fort Myers, FL (RSW)
5- Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
6- Providence, RI (PVD)
7- Hartford, CT (BDL)
8- Portland, ME (PWM)
9- Raleigh, NC (RDU)

Where does Breeze Airlines fly from Vero Beach (VRB)?

Breeze Airways flies nonstop to the following cities from Vero Beach, Florida:
1- White Plains, NY (HPN)
2- Hartford, CT (BDL)
3- Providence, RI (PVD)

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