Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly from Seattle?

Published :- 2024-01-30
Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly from Seattle

Exploring the vast network of destinations to which Alaska Airlines flies from Seattle reveals a tapestry of both domestic and international locations, catering to a variety of travelers’ needs. ‘Where does Alaska Airlines fly from Seattle?’ is a question met with several answers, encompassing bustling cities, tranquil getaways, and key business hubs. 

On the domestic front, Alaska Airlines connects Seattle with major cities across the United States. Frequent flights to Portland (PDX), Las Vegas (LAS), Phoenix (PHX), and Los Angeles (LAX) make it convenient for travelers to reach these popular destinations. The airline’s domestic reach extends from the sunny beaches of San Diego (SAN) and the vibrant culture of New Orleans (MSY) to the bustling streets of New York (JFK and EWR) and the historic charm of Boston (BOS). Each destination is served with multiple flights per day, ensuring flexibility and convenience for passengers. 

Internationally, Alaska Airlines from Seattle offers flights to nearby Canadian cities such as Vancouver (YVR), Calgary (YYC), and Edmonton (YEG), making it a popular choice for both leisure and business travel. The airline’s international routes also include warmer destinations like Belize City (BZE) and Nassau (NAS), providing gateways to the exotic landscapes and cultures of the Caribbean.

Alaska Airlines Flights from Seattle

Alaska Airlines flights from Seattle cover direct flights to 101 cities, out of which 91 cities are in the U.S. and 10 cities are international. The table below lists all the 101 cities served by Alaska Airlines direct flights from Seattle, along with the duration, frequency, and distance of each flight. 

Alaska Airlines Direct Flights from Seattle (SEA)
Portland (PDX)0h 57m17-21130S M T W T F SDomestic
Las Vegas (LAS)2h 30m17-20871S M T W T F SDomestic
Phoenix (PHX)2h 51m16-191113S M T W T F SDomestic
Los Angeles (LAX)2h 45m14-19960S M T W T F SDomestic
Anchorage (ANC)3h 46m14-181452S M T W T F SDomestic
San Francisco (SFO)2h 17m14-18683S M T W T F SDomestic
Spokane (GEG)1h 8m13-17224S M T W T F SDomestic
Denver (DEN)2h 44m13-161028S M T W T F SDomestic
Boise (BOI)1h 27m10-15400S M T W T F SDomestic
Vancouver (YVR)1h 8m11-13127S M T W T F SInternational
San Diego (SAN)2h 46m11-131057S M T W T F SDomestic
Santa Ana (SNA)2h 47m10-11984S M T W T F SDomestic
Sacramento (SMF)1h 54m9-11609S M T W T F SDomestic
San Jose (SJC)2h 14m9-12701S M T W T F SDomestic
Dallas (DFW)3h 52m10-111667S M T W T F SDomestic
Salt Lake City (SLC)2h 2m8-10691S M T W T F SDomestic
Chicago (ORD)4h 2m5-91725S M T W T F SDomestic
Atlanta (ATL)4h 49m7-82190S M T W T F SDomestic
Honolulu (HNL)6h 24m7-82691S M T W T F SDomestic
Pasco (PSC)1h 6m5-8172S M T W T F SDomestic
Palm Springs (PSP)2h 47m6-7994S M T W T F SDomestic
Redmond (RDM)1h 12m4-7229S M T W T F SDomestic
Oakland (OAK)2h 6m4-7675S M T W T F SDomestic
Medford (MFR)1h 29m4-6353S M T W T F SDomestic
Minneapolis (MSP)3h 22m4-61402S M T W T F SDomestic
Eugene (EUG)1h 12m4-6235S M T W T F SDomestic
New York (JFK)5h 23m5-62428S M T W T F SDomestic
Orlando (MCO)5h 34m4-72564S M T W T F SDomestic
Boston (BOS)5h 21m52502S M T W T F SDomestic
Fairbanks (FAI)3h 55m51538S M T W T F SDomestic
Ontario (ONT)2h 34m4-5962S M T W T F SDomestic
Detroit (DTW)4h 19m3-51932S M T W T F SDomestic
Kahului (OGG)6h 22m4-52654S M T W T F SDomestic
Austin (AUS)4h 7m41779S M T W T F SDomestic
New York (EWR)5h 20m42408S M T W T F SDomestic
Houston (IAH)4h 18m41883S M T W T F SDomestic
Burbank (BUR)2h 31m3-4943S M T W T F SDomestic
Kailua-Kona (KOA)6h 23m3-42703S M T W T F SDomestic
Belgrade (BZN)1h 39m3544S M T W T F SDomestic
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)5h 53m32729S M T W T F SDomestic
Dulles (IAD)4h 55m32313S M T W T F SDomestic
Juneau (JNU)2h 36m3912S M T W T F SDomestic
Ketchikan (KTN)2h 10m3682S M T W T F SDomestic
Kauai Island (LIH)6h 23m32714S M T W T F SDomestic
Puerto Vallarta (PVR)4h 45m32092S M T W T F SInternational
San Jose Cabo (SJD)4h 18m31827S M T W T F SInternational
Nashville (BNA)4h 19m2-31984S M T W T F SDomestic
Tampa (TPA)5h 24m2-32531S M T W T F SDomestic
Cancun (CUN)6h 0m2-32700S M T W T F SInternational
Missoula (MSO)1h 22m2-3389S M T W T F SDomestic
Pullman (PUW)1h 4m2-3251S M T W T F SDomestic
Reno (RNO)1h 47m2-3567S M T W T F SDomestic
Tucson (TUS) 3h 1m2-31223S M T W T F SDomestic
Kalispell (FCA)1h 23m1-3380S M T W T F SDomestic
Walla Walla (ALW)1h 1m2213S M T W T F SDomestic
Bellingham (BLI)0h 51m293S M T W T F SDomestic
Washington (DCA)5h 4m22335S M T W T F SDomestic
Wenatchee (EAT)0h 52m298S M T W T F SDomestic
Kansas City (MCI)3h 29m21494S M T W T F SDomestic
Miami (MIA)5h 42m22736S M T W T F SDomestic
New Orleans (MSY)4h 33m22095S M T W T F SDomestic
Yakima (YKM)0h 50m2104S M T W T F SDomestic
Cincinnati (CVG)4h 22m1-21970S M T W T F SDomestic
Philadelphia (PHL)5h 7m1-22385S M T W T F SDomestic
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)5h 6m1-22362S M T W T F SDomestic
Calgary (YYC)1h 36m1-2453S M T W T F SInternational
Victoria (YYJ)0h 53m1-297S M T W T F SInternational
Billings (BIL)1h 51m1-2665S M T W T F SDomestic
Fresno (FAT)2h 13m1-2753S M T W T F SDomestic
Sun Valley (SUN)1h 39m1-2476S M T W T F SDomestic
Cleveland (CLE)4h 25m12027S M T W T F SDomestic
Great Falls (GTF)1h 35m1513S M T W T F SDomestic
Helena (HLN)1h 36m1492S M T W T F SDomestic
Monterey (MRY)2h 15m1755S M T W T F SDomestic
San Antonio (SAT)3h 58m11783S M T W T F SDomestic
Santa Barbara (SBA)2h 29m1914S M T W T F SDomestic
Saint Louis (STL)3h 54m11714S M T W T F SDomestic
Santa Rosa (STS)1h 55m1621S M T W T F SDomestic
El Paso (ELP)3h 19m11375S M T W T F SDomestic
Fort Myers (RSW)5h 36m12635S M T W T F SDomestic
San Luis Obispo (SBP)2h 27m1852S M T W T F SDomestic
Edmonton (YEG)1h 50m1560S M T W T F SInternational
Idaho Falls (IDA)1h 42m1568S M T W T F SDomestic
Albuquerque (ABQ)2h 57m11185S M T W T F SDomestic
Baltimore (BWI)5h 3m12342S M T W T F SDomestic
Charleston (CHS)5h 9m12424S M T W T F SDomestic
Dallas (DAL)3h 53m11677S M T W T F SDomestic
Wichita (ICT)3h 23m11435S M T W T F SDomestic
Indianapolis (IND)4h 9m11871S M T W T F SDomestic
Jackson (JAC)1h 54m1622S M T W T F SDomestic
Milwaukee (MKE)3h 50m11699S M T W T F SDomestic
Oklahoma City (OKC)3h 34m11525S M T W T F SDomestic
Omaha (OMA)3h 15m11371S M T W T F SDomestic
Kelowna (YLW)1h 14m1219S M T W T F SInternational
Columbus (CMH)4h 27m12023S M T W T F SDomestic
Redding (RDD)1h 43m1482S M T W T F SDomestic
Sitka (SIT)2h 24m1864S M T W T F SDomestic
Belize City (BZE)6h 4m12837S M T W T F SInternational
Hayden (HDN)2h 20m1894S M T W T F SDomestic
Nassau (NAS)6h 15m12900S M T W T F SInternational
Pittsburgh (PIT)4h 40m12131S M T W T F SDomestic

Overview of Alaska Airlines Direct Flights from Seattle 

The table below highlights the maximum and minimum in terms of flight duration, distance, and frequency of Alaska Airlines’ direct flights from Seattle. 

CategoryDescriptionCity/Airport Code
Flight Duration
Maximum (Direct)6h 24m Honolulu (HNL)
Minimum (Direct)0h 51m Bellingham (BLI)
Flight Distance
Maximum (Direct)2900 miles Nassau (NAS)
Minimum (Direct)93 miles Bellingham (BLI)
Flight Frequency
Maximum (Per Day)17-21 flights Portland (PDX)
Minimum (Per Day)1 flight (Several cities, including Kalispell and Wichita)Multiple Cities

Alaska Airlines at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

The table below provides a bird’s eye view of Alaska Airlines’ services and facilities at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, also known as Sea-Tac. It includes useful information such as the location of the airport, its address, and contact details. 

The table also details the specific terminal and gate locations for Alaska Airlines at Sea-Tac, as well as the available inter-terminal transportation options, including the Satellite Shuttle Service and pedestrian pathways within the security zone, and lots more.

About Alaska Airlines at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 
Airport NameSeattle-Tacoma International Airport (also known as Sea-Tac)
Airport Location About 13 miles from Seattle
Airport Address17801 International Blvd., Seattle, WA 98158, U.S.A.
Phone Number800-544-1965​
Airport Code SEA
Alaska Airlines Phone Number at SEA800-426-0333
Terminals1 main terminal comprising 6 concourses—A, B, C, D, and N (= North) and S (= South) Gates.
Alaska Airlines Terminal in SeattleConcourse CLocated on the airport’s northwest sideGates C2, C3, C9-11, C15-18, and C20

Inter-Terminal Transport

Satellite Shuttle Service (SSS) – Within Security Zone

The SSS is a driverless transit system that shuttles travelers among the different concourses and the North and South Satellite Terminals. Three distinct lines operate within the secure zone, each catering to specific transit needs:

  • Blue Route: Operates in a loop connecting Concourse A, Concourse B, and the South Satellite Terminal.
  • Green Route: Circulates between Concourse C, Concourse D, and the North Satellite Terminal.
  • Yellow Route: Directly links Concourse A with Concourse D.

Pedestrian Pathways – Within Security Zone

Within the secured sector, passengers have the option to walk among Concourses A, B, C, and D. Given the terminal’s “X” shape, navigation is straightforward. To transfer between concourses, travelers must return to the Central Terminal area.

Access to the satellite terminals requires using the Satellite Shuttle Service.

Security and Customs at Seattle

SEA’s Central Terminal is equipped with five security checkpoints — one located centrally, two near Concourses A and B (as well as the South Satellite Terminal), and another two near Concourses C and D (alongside the North Satellite Terminal).

Travelers can monitor expected security screening times using the airport’s mobile application.

Security checkpoint Schedule

Checkpoint 1 Open daily from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Checkpoint 2 Open daily from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Checkpoint 3 Operational 24/7

Checkpoint 4 Open daily from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Checkpoint 5 Open daily from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m.

TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck 

SEA offers TSA PreCheck at checkpoints 1 and 4. Additionally, the Central Terminal’s ticketing level houses a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center, where you can schedule an interview during your next visit to SEA.

Pro Tip: TSA PreCheck now provides the option to reserve a specific time slot for screening, aiming to further decrease waiting times in queues.

Global Entry Program

SEA facilitates Global Entry processing for passengers arriving on international flights. The airport features a Global Entry Enrollment Center on its mezzanine floor, situated between checkpoints 2 and 3, operational Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

SEA also supports Enrollment on Arrival, operational from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the South Satellite Federal Inspection Area.

Mobile Passport Service

SEA accepts the Mobile Passport Control service. Passengers can submit their information via the app upon arrival and show the immediate receipt to a CBP officer.


CLEAR fast-track lanes are available at all security checkpoints, operational daily from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. Additionally, CLEAR registration is available at checkpoints 2, 3, and 5.

Alaska Lounge in Concourse C

Near Gate C16A

Open daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Access for Priority Pass Members

Members of Priority Pass can utilize their membership benefits to get a $28 discount on their orders at Brewtop Social, Ninth and Pike, and Bambuza.

Restaurant Location Operating Hours

Bambuza North Satellite 5 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Brewtop Social Central Terminal 5:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.Ninth and Pike Concourse C 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Dining Options

SEA Airport boasts approximately 50 dining establishments, including restaurants, cafes, and quick-service food outlets. Most of these eateries are situated within the secure zone, with a limited number available before security. This arrangement allows you to check in, pass through security, and then enjoy a meal or snack as you unwind and await your flight.

Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

Complimentary Wi-Fi is accessible in all public zones at SEA. 

For connection, choose the “SEATAC-FREE-WIFI” network.
Charging Points: You’ll find power outlets under select seating areas near almost every gate in all concourses.

Lost and Found

The lost and found center at SEA is situated above checkpoint 3 on the mezzanine floor, operating daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Travelers can either visit the center or dial 206-787-5312 for assistance with lost items at the airport.

Items forgotten at security checkpoints are transferred to the lost and found office the following business day. In case of items left on an aircraft, passengers are advised to contact the airline directly.

Additional Information 

Play Zones for Kids 

At SEA, you can find a children’s play area situated between the Central Terminal and Concourse A, opposite the Seattle Tap Room.

Facilities for Infants 

Nursing Stations at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Seattle-Tacoma International Airport features eight nursing rooms, conveniently situated close to gates D23, D10, N2, C10, and A9, on the mezzanine level of the South Terminal, and adjacent to the Concourse D station.

Pet Relief Areas 

SEA provides three pet relief areas:

  • Adjacent to the entrance/exit of Concourse B 
  • On level 2 of the South Satellite Terminal (STS level) 
  • On level 2 of the North Satellite Terminal (STS level) 

Duty-Free Shopping 

Shoppers can enjoy duty-free purchases in the Central Terminal and South Satellite Terminal.

Designated Smoking Zones 

SEA is a smoke-free facility, but with two specified smoking zones:

  • North of door 26 on the arrivals level 
  • At the southern end of the upper drive on the departure level


SEA hosts live music performances every day of the week throughout different parts of the airport.

Currency Services 

ATMs are available across all terminal and concourse areas.

Baggage Services 

Luggage storage facilities are provided in the baggage claim section of the Central Terminal. For details, contact 206-433-5333.

Important Contact Numbers

General Inquiries 800-544-1965​

Lost and Found 206-787-5312

Parking 206-787-5308

Ground Transportation Kiosk 206-787-5906

Transportation Options

Link Light Rail Facility 

At SEA, the light rail station is conveniently located on the parking garage’s fourth floor, adjacent to the Central Terminal. This service provides a direct route to the University of Washington via downtown, with departures ranging between every 6 to 15 minutes. The fare for the train ride varies from $2.25 to $3.25, depending on the travel distance.

Bus Transport Options 

King County Metro Bus. The bus routes start from International Boulevard, in proximity to the light rail station. To access the buses, passengers can use Skybridge 6. Major bus routes include Route 180 (connecting Burien and Auburn), Route 156 (linking Southcenter with Des Moines), and the Rapid Ride A Line (Federal Way). 

Sound Transit Bus. These express bus services are located at the southern tip of the Central Terminal’s lower drive. Route 574 heads towards Lakewood, with stops in Federal Way and Tacoma, and Route 560 services Bellevue, Burien, and Renton.

Shuttle Services 

SEA supports a range of private and shared shuttle options, which passengers can book in advance or upon arrival. Some hotels in the area also offer free shuttle services, so it’s recommended to check this when booking your stay.

Taxi Availability 

At SEA, both metered and flat-rate taxis are stationed at level 3 of the parking structure, available from the northern and southern ends. Typically, the flat rate from SEA to downtown Seattle is around $40.

Rideshare Operations 

Rideshare services like Lyft, Uber, and Wingz are officially permitted at SEA. They offer drop-off at departure and arrival drives, with pick-up spots varying by the vehicle type as indicated in the app.

Seattle Travel Suggestion. For those regularly using public transport in Seattle, getting an ORCA card is a smart move. You can load it with cash or buy day passes for $8, allowing unlimited travel on buses, trains, certain ferries, and water taxis. ORCA cards are obtainable at the airport and are particularly useful for bus services that need exact change.

Driving Directions from Seattle

From the North via I-5: Travel on Interstate 5 and take the 154 B exit. Continue on the westerly route of SR-518 to reach the exit for Sea-Tac International Airport.

From the North through State Highway 99: Head southward on Highway 99. At the First Avenue Bridge, keep right, then switch to SR-509 south. Exit onto SR-518, labeled for Burien and Sea-Tac Airport, make a left turn onto SR-518, and head towards the Sea-Tac International Airport exit.

From the South via I-5: Depart from Interstate 5 at exit 154, then drive westward on SR-518 to find the Sea-Tac International Airport exit.
From the East: Take Interstate-405, which eventually merges into SR-518. Stay on this course to find your way to the Sea-Tac International Airport exit.

Parking Information

On-Site Parking at SEA

SEA’s parking capacity exceeds 12,000 spaces. Differing from other airports where long-distance parking often requires additional transport to the terminal, SEA’s parking is conveniently located in a large, adjacent garage right next to the Central Terminal.

Short-Term Parking 

Located on the fourth floor, “Terminal Direct” parking provides the most direct access to the terminal through six bridge connectors. The parking charges are:

Hourly Rate $10

Daily Rate $47

Weekly Rate $329

Long-Term Parking 

General parking can be found from levels 1 to 3 and 5 to 8 in the same structure. The parking charges are:

Hourly Rate: $8

Daily Rate: $37

Weekly Rate: $222

High-Vehicle Parking

Vehicles exceeding the garage’s height limit of 6 feet 10 inches must use a different parking area. Directions to “Over-Height Parking” can be found along the Airport Expressway, which is also within walking distance of the terminal. Charges are the same as for general parking.

Electric Car Charging Spots

48 charging stations for electric vehicles are available on the fourth and fifth floors at SEA.

Waiting Area for Mobile Phones

SEA provides a designated cell phone waiting area for those picking up passengers, located opposite the exit at S. 170th Street off the Airport Expressway. This area allows free waiting for up to 20 minutes until passengers are collected from baggage claim.

Off-Site and Hotel Parking Solutions

Without an economy lot and with the minimum daily rate of $37, SEA’s parking can be pricey. Off-site parking lots and hotels nearby offer more economical rates, with most providing shuttle service to the airport. To compare prices and find locations, visit airportparkingreservations.com, with daily rates beginning at $10.

Accessible Parking for Disabled Passengers

Accessible parking is available on general parking’s level 5 and terminal direct parking on level 4. For wheelchair assistance, call 206-246-1550.

Contact Number for Parking Queries

For general questions, call 206-787-5308.

For long-term parking over 30 days, call 310-646-2911.

Car Rental Services

If you need to rent a car at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), you can find several car rental companies at the Car Rental Center, which is located off-site to the northeast of the airport. 

Shuttle buses operate 24 hours a day to transport passengers between the airport and the rental center. The shuttle pick-up points are at the north end and the south end of the arrival area outside the baggage claim.

Here is a list of car rental companies operating at the airport, along with their contact numbers:

  • Thrifty: 877-283-0898
  • Sixt: 206-454-8255
  • Payless: 206-496-1174
  • National Car Rental: 833-329-8465
  • Hertz: 800-654-3131
  • Fox: 206-858-9690
  • Firefly Car Rental: 888-296-9135
  • Enterprise: 206-246-1953
  • Dollar: 206-433-5825
  • EZ Rent-a-Car: 206-444-4974
  • Budget: 206-444-7510
  • Avis: 206-433-5231
  • Alamo: 833-329-8466

Alaska Airlines Seattle Destinations Map

Alaska Airlines Seattle Destinations Map

A screenshot of the Alaska Airlines Seattle Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: AlaskaAir.com

The Alaska Airlines Seattle Destinations Map makes it simpler to book your next flight with Alaska Airlines from Seattle. The digital map provides an interactive gateway to explore the flight destinations from Seattle.

How to Access the Alaska Airlines SLC Destinations Map

  1. Start by visiting the official Alaska Airlines website.
  2. Navigate to the Where we fly menu option and choose Route map from the available options.

Using the Map 

  • Viewing Flight Routes: Kickstart your journey by selecting Seattle (SEA) as your departure point. The map will unveil a list of direct and connecting flight routes from SEA. Each destination is conveniently clickable for more information.
  • Flight Bookings: Seamlessly book your flights right from the same page. Enter your desired travel dates, set your budget limits, and choose your preferred class of service. The map will then display suitable routes from SEA, along with the corresponding fares.
  • Customized Searches: Tailor your search experience by using filters. Adjust settings for trip type, whether it’s round-trip or one-way. Explore options for utilizing mileage points or taking advantage of available discounts.
  • In-depth Flight Details: Click on a specific route to access detailed information. This includes flight duration, frequency, and valuable insights about your chosen destination.
  • Completing Reservations: The booking process is straightforward. Follow the user-friendly prompts to finalize your flight reservation and make your payment.

The Alaska Airlines SEA Destinations Map/Route Map is a dynamic tool to plan and explore your trips from Seattle. It conveniently provides all the essential information you need in an easily accessible format. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly from Seattle

Curious about Alaska Airlines’ extensive network of destinations from Seattle? This section answers a few frequently asked questions about Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly from Seattle, providing you with insights into the airline’s routes and travel possibilities from the bustling hub of Seattle.

How many destinations does Alaska Airlines serve from Seattle?

Alaska Airlines currently serves 101 destinations non-stop from Seattle. Out of these, 91 destinations are in the U.S. and 10 are international. 

Where does Alaska Airlines fly nonstop from Seattle?

Alaska Airlines flies without stops from Seattle to 101 destinations, out of which 91 destinations are domestic and 10 are international.

From where does Alaska Airlines fly in Seattle?

Alaska Airlines flies out of Concourse C at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

What are some popular domestic destinations Alaska Airlines flies to from Seattle?

Alaska Airlines flies to 91 domestic destinations from Seattle (SEA) including Portland (PDX), Las Vegas (LAS), Phoenix (PHX), Los Angeles (LAX), and San Francisco (SFO).

Where does Alaska Airlines fly internationally from Seattle?

Yes, Alaska Airlines flies internationally from Seattle to the following 10 cities: Vancouver (YVR), Calgary (YYC), Puerto Vallarta (PVR), San Jose Cabo (SJD), Cancun (CUN), Victoria (YYJ), Edmonton (YEG), Kelowna (YLW), Belize City (BZE), and Nassau (NAS).

How often does Alaska Airlines fly to Portland from Seattle?

Alaska Airlines operates 17-21 flights daily to Portland (PDX) from Seattle.

What is the shortest flight Alaska Airlines offers from Seattle?

The shortest flight is to Bellingham (BLI), with a duration of approximately 0h 51m.

Does Alaska Airlines offer flights to Canada from Seattle?

Yes, Alaska Airlines flies to several Canadian destinations such as Vancouver (YVR), Calgary (YYC), Victoria (YYJ), Edmonton (YEG), and Kelowna (YLW).

Where does Alaska Airlines fly in the Caribbean from Seattle?

In the Caribbean, Alaska Airlines offers flights to destinations like Cancun (CUN), Belize City (BZE), and Nassau (NAS).

What is the longest non-stop flight of Alaska Airlines from Seattle?

Alaska Airlines’ longest non-stop flight from Seattle is to Fort Lauderdale (FLL), with a flight duration of about 5h 53m.

Does Alaska Airlines fly direct from Seattle to Honolulu?

Yes, Alaska Airlines flies directly from Seattle to Honolulu (HNL). The approximate travel time is around 6h 24m.

Which city has the highest frequency of Alaska Airlines flights from Seattle?

Portland (PDX) has the highest frequency of flights from Seattle, with 17-21 flights/day.

Does Alaska Airlines fly from Seattle to major cities in Texas?

Yes, Alaska Airlines flies directly from Seattle to major cities in Texas like Dallas (DFW), Austin (AUS), and Houston (IAH).

Are there Alaska Airlines flights from Seattle to major East Coast cities?

Yes, Alaska Airlines flies to East Coast cities like New York (JFK and EWR), Boston (BOS), Washington (DCA), and Miami (MIA).

What is the frequency of flights to Los Angeles from Seattle with Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines operates 14-19 flights daily to Los Angeles (LAX) from Seattle.

Does Alaska Airlines offer flights from Seattle to destinations in Mexico?

Yes, Alaska Airlines currently flies to 3 destinations in Mexico—Cancun (CUN), Puerto Vallarta (PVR), and San Jose Cabo (SJD).

Can I fly from Seattle to San Francisco with Alaska Airlines?

Yes, Alaska Airlines offers 14-18 flights daily from Seattle to San Francisco (SFO).

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