Where Does WestJet Fly from London Ontario? WestJet Flights from YXU

Published :- 2024-04-30
Where Does WestJet Fly from London Ontario

When planning a trip from London Ontario, finding direct flight options can simplify travel. London Ontario’s airport, primarily served by WestJet, offers limited but crucial direct services to broader destinations. Travelers wondering ‘Where Does WestJet Fly from London, Ontario?’ will find that WestJet provides a direct route to Calgary. Although this might seem restrictive, Calgary serves as a major hub for WestJet, offering significant onward travel opportunities.

Calgary Airport is strategically important in WestJet’s network, linking passengers from London to 86 further destinations worldwide. This includes 38 domestic locations across Canada and 48 international routes. WestJet flies directly from Calgary to major American cities such as New York, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Additionally, the hub facilitates travel to sought-after vacation spots like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, exotic cities such as London, Paris, and Tokyo, and tropical paradises including Nassau and Punta Cana. This extensive network makes the single direct flight from London, Ontario, far more valuable for both leisure and business travelers, providing a gateway to a vast array of global destinations.

WestJet Flights from London Ontario

Where does WestJet fly from London Ontario?

WestJet’s flights from London Ontario cover only one destination in Canada—Calgary (YYC). This section provides the flight duration, frequency, and distance of WestJet’s direct flights from London Ontario (YXU).

WestJet’s Direct Flights from London Ontario (YXU)
Calgary (YYC)4h 7m0-11637S M T W T F SDomestic

WestJet London Ontario Destinations Map 

WestJet London Ontario Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: WestJet.com 

Discovering your next travel destination with WestJet is made simple with the WestJet Destinations Map. This user-friendly tool on the WestJet website offers a visual guide to all direct flight options from London Ontario, enhancing the experience of planning your vacations or business trips.

Accessing the WestJet London Ontario Destinations Map

  1. Visit the WestJet Website: Start by launching your browser and navigating to WestJet.com.
  2. Find the Route Map: Use the search bar or browse through the main menu on the homepage to locate the ‘Route Map’ section.
  3. Open the Map: Click on the ‘Route Map’ link, which will direct you to the interactive map.

Using the Destinations Map to Discover and Plan

  • Set Your Departure Point: Select London Ontario as your starting point to see all direct flights available.
  • Explore Potential Destinations: The map will show all the places you can directly fly to from London. Move your cursor over any city on the map for additional details like flight frequencies and routes.
  • Narrow Down Options: Use filters to adjust for budget limits or specific travel dates to better tailor the map’s display to your needs.

Booking Your Flight. Once you’ve pinpointed your desired destination on the WestJet London Ontario Destinations Map, booking is straightforward. Select your flight from the map’s interface, which links directly to WestJet’s booking system, allowing you to finalize your flight arrangements quickly and without hassle.

The WestJet London Ontario Destinations Map is an invaluable resource for travelers looking to visualize and plan their journeys from London, Ontario. With comprehensive features that allow you to explore, plan, and book directly, this tool is your first step toward a memorable journey. Whether for leisure or business, the map simplifies the travel planning process and brings a variety of global destinations within easy reach.

WestJet at London International Airport (YXU)

The table in this section offers travelers an overview of the services and facilities available at London International Airport (YXU). It provides useful information including the airport’s location, contact details, and a broad range of amenities designed to cater to the needs of all visitors, from dining and shopping to Wi-Fi and charging stations. 

Additionally, it includes details on parking, ground transportation options, and special services like pet relief areas and a dedicated Lost and Found. 

Airport NameLondon International Airport 
Airport Location About 5.5 miles from downtown 
Airport Address10 Seabrook Way, London OntarioN5V 3B6, Canada
Website URLFlyYXU.ca
YXU Phone Number519-452-4015
WestJet’s Phone Number at YXU1-888-937-8538
Airport Code YXU
Terminals at YXU2 (T1 and T4)

Amenities at YXU

London International Airport offers a variety of amenities designed to enhance the experience of all visitors, not just travelers. Here’s a snapshot of what you can find:

YXU Market

Situated in the recently updated pre-departure area, YXU Market is open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. It offers breakfast items like Marley coffee, toasted bagels, breakfast sandwiches, yogurts, and pastries. The lunch menu features signature subs and salads, and there’s a licensed bar serving local craft beers, spirits, and wines. The market’s welcoming atmosphere extends to a relaxing atrium, perfect for unwinding before moving to the terminal lounge.

On The Fly

This eatery is located within the terminal lounge and operates in sync with flight schedules. It provides breakfast options including Starbucks coffee and a range of lunch and dinner items like homemade sandwiches, quesadillas, and chicken fingers with fries. For beverages, there’s a full-service bar offering local craft beers, wines, and spirits. While food items can be taken onboard, alcoholic drinks must be consumed in the departure lounge.


The duty-free shop is open seasonally for international flights. It stocks a variety of domestic and international spirits, available for purchase by departing passengers.

These amenities ensure that whether you’re flying out or just visiting, your experience at London International Airport is comfortable and enjoyable.

Free Wi-Fi and Charging


To connect to the free Wi-Fi, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Choose “FLY LONDON WIFI” from the network options available on your device.

2. Accept the terms and conditions once they pop up on your screen. If you don’t see any prompt, manually type www.flylondon.ca into your web browser.

3. After these steps, you should be connected and can enjoy up to two hours of free internet browsing.

Charging Stations 

Power outlets are available across the terminal for charging your devices, accessible in both the public areas of the terminal and within the secured zones of our departure lounge. 

You can find designated charging stations at several locations, including the information booth immediately visible upon entering the north terminal entrance, pre-security. 

Additionally, seats equipped with power plugs can be found in the boarding lounge, and tables at the On the Fly food service area also include ports for charging. For more options, search for the distinctive metal trees on the upper level of the boarding lounge, post-security, which serve as additional charging stations.

Lost and Found Items

London International Airport provides a dedicated service for handling lost items. Found items within the airport’s premises, such as the terminal, curbside, and parking areas, are securely stored for up to 90 days. During this period, individuals who have misplaced their belongings can contact the airport to check if their items have been recovered.

It’s important to note that the airport’s Lost and Found does not manage items lost on aircraft, in taxis, or in rental vehicles. For belongings lost on an airplane, passengers should reach out directly to the airline. Similarly, items left in taxis or rental cars should be reported to the respective company.


The Lost and Found office is conveniently located in the Customer Service Office, situated to the right of the security screening area in the departures section. Just look for the sign that reads “Customer Service.”

How to Contact 

The Lost and Found department operates daily from 5:00 AM to 8:30 PM. They can be reached by phone at 519-452-4000 or via email at customerservice@flylondon.ca. 

For postal queries, the mailing address is:

Attn: Lost and Found London International Airport 10 Seabrook Way London, ON N5V 3B6

Pet Relief Areas

Pet relief areas at YXU are located both inside and outside the terminal buildings. 

  • The outdoor pet relief spots are situated at the extreme ends of each terminal. 
  • Inside the terminals, the pet relief zones, referred to as “Barking Lots,” are conveniently located near gates 210 in Terminal 2 and 410 in Terminal 4.

Ground Transportation

London Transit 

London Transit offers detailed insights into current detours and service interruptions, ensuring passengers are well-informed before their journey. The site also provides comprehensive details on routes and schedules, helping both new and long-time London residents navigate the city effectively. Real-time bus tracking is available, allowing for better trip planning. In anticipation of the fare increase on January 1, 2024, passengers with auto-renewal plans should expect the new rates to be applied. Visit the London Transit Commission for more updates and information.

Inter-Community Bus 

Sarnia’s Inter-Community Bus service, managed by third-party providers including Voyago and Huron Shores Area Transit, connects Sarnia with various communities such as Strathroy-Caradoc and London. These services are essential for residents traveling between these cities and are supported by the Ontario Community Transportation Grant. For reservations and more details on ticket purchases, check out the City of Sarnia – Inter-Community Bus.

Taxi and Limousine Service Checker provides a stylish and reliable transportation option for business trips, airport transfers, or leisure outings with friends in London, Ontario. The service prides itself on safety, privacy, and transparent pricing. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Checker has implemented rigorous safety protocols, including mandatory masks for passengers and thorough vehicle sanitization. For more information or to book a ride, visit Checker.


Parking at YXU is fairly convenient. Both short-term and long-term parking options are available in the main lot situated right in front of the terminal. Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with no specific sections designated.

Please be aware that the parking facilities have transitioned to a cashless system and are fully automated. There are three payment methods available to our travelers:

  • Upon Entry or Departure from the Parking Lot. Simply tap your credit card at a kiosk upon entering the parking lot. Do the same with the same credit card when exiting to receive your receipt.
  • Using the HONK App. You can pay for parking using the HONK app, which is downloadable from all major app stores.
  • Within the Airport. Collect a ticket from a kiosk upon entering the lot and carry it with you. To exit, pay at one of the pay stations located in the Arrivals section of the terminal using a credit or debit card.

Parking Rates

– Hourly Rate: $2.00

– Daily Maximum (up to 24 hours): $20.00

– Weekly Maximum (up to 168 hours): $100.00

– Monthly Maximum (up to 672 hours): $200.00

Cell Phone Lot

Several options are available for meeting arriving passengers at the airport. You can wait in the cell phone lot and remain in your vehicle until your passenger contacts you via call or text. Following this, you can head to the arrivals area to pick them up directly at the curb. 

Alternatively, you might consider parking in the main lot located across from the terminal building. Parking here costs $2.00 per hour, and you can meet your passenger directly in front of the terminal building.

Passenger Drop-off 

Passengers can be dropped off directly at the Departures door. However, you must remain in your vehicle, as stopping or parking directly in front of the terminal is not permitted for safety reasons. Keeping your curb time brief will help maintain a smooth flow for others dropping off passengers as well.

Accessible Parking

London International Airport provides a seamless accessible travel experience for all passengers. The airport is fully compliant with the Canadian Transportation Agency’s Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations. 

Passengers who require special assistance during their travels should inform their air carrier when making flight arrangements. London International Airport provides manual wheelchairs through its airlines for those needing help to navigate through the terminal. Additionally, the airport offers a curbside assistance service, which can be reserved ahead of time via a form available on the official website or by contacting customer service directly by phone or email.
For assistance or inquiries regarding accessibility services, reach out to London International Airport’s customer service via email at customerservice@flylondon.ca or by phone at 519-452-4015.

Driving Directions

London International Airport can be conveniently reached from Highway 401. Simply exit at Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, heading north for about 10 kilometers until you reach Oxford Street. Make a right turn onto Oxford Street and continue straight; the airport is situated at the termination of this road. Follow it directly to the entrance of the airport.

Car Rental Companies

The car rental companies below offer a range of services to meet the needs of travelers, whether for business or leisure, ensuring convenient and reliable vehicle options directly from the airport. You will find their counters located just in front of the domestic baggage area. 

  1. Enterprise
    • Airport Number: 519-951-9222
    • Customer Service: 1-800-736-8222
  2. Avis Budget Group
    • Airport Number: 519-451-8400
    • Customer Service: 1-800-879-2847
  3. Alamo/National Car Rental
    • Airport Number: 519-455-7413
    • Customer Service: 1-800-227-7368

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does WestJet Fly Direct from London Ontario

Are you planning a trip and curious about your direct flight options? Explore the FAQs below about “Where Does WestJet Fly Direct from London Ontario.” It provides detailed insights into the destinations you can reach non-stop from London Ontario, helping you effortlessly plan your next journey. Whether you’re aiming for a business trip or a leisurely getaway, you’ll find all the information you need to make informed travel decisions.

Where does WestJet fly to from London Ontario?

WestJet flies directly from London, Ontario, to Calgary (YYC) in Canada. 

What are the flight details for WestJet’s route from London to Calgary? 

The flight duration is approximately 4 hours and 7 minutes, with a distance of 1,637 miles. Flights operate daily.

How often does WestJet fly from London Ontario to Calgary? 

There is typically 0 to 1 flight per day from London Ontario to Calgary.

What opportunities does Calgary Airport offer as a hub? 

From Calgary, travelers can connect to 86 other destinations, including 38 domestic and 48 international locations, such as New York, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, London, Paris, Tokyo, Nassau, and Punta Cana.

How can I access the free Wi-Fi at London International Airport? 

Connect to “FLY LONDON WIFI,” accept the terms and conditions, and enjoy up to two hours of browsing.

Where is the Lost and Found located at London International Airport? 

It is located in the Customer Service Office, right of the security screening area in the departures section.

What is the contact number for the Lost and Found at London International Airport? 

You can reach them at 519-452-4000 or by email at customerservice@flylondon.ca.

Where are the pet relief areas at London Ontario International Airport? 

The pet relief areas are at the extreme ends of each terminal, with indoor areas near gates 210 in Terminal 2 and 410 in Terminal 4.

What transportation options are available from London International Airport? 

Options include London Transit, Inter-Community Bus services, and taxi and limousine services like Checker.

What are the parking facilities like at London International Airport (YXU)? 

London International Airport offers short-term and long-term parking with a cashless payment system. Rates vary, with $2.00 per hour up to a $200.00 monthly maximum.

How can I get to London International Airport by car? 

From Highway 401, take the exit for Veteran’s Memorial Parkway and head north for about 10 kilometers to Oxford Street, turn right, and follow it to the airport entrance.

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