Where Does Ryanair Fly from London? Ryanair Flights from London

Published :- 2024-05-14
Where Does Ryanair Fly from London

Ryanair uses London Stansted Airport (STN) as a major hub, providing a vast flight network to over 150 locations in Europe and beyond. Where does Ryanair fly from London? The airline serves a broad range of travel demands by directly connecting passengers from London to major cities as well as well-liked holiday destinations.

Ryanair offers domestic flights to places like Newquay, which guarantee connectivity within the United Kingdom. The airline operates in most of Europe’s major international locations. Travelers looking for a vacation will love the sunny regions of Alicante, Malaga, and the stunning islands of Ibiza and Tenerife in southern Europe. Cities in Central and Eastern Europe, such as Budapest, Prague, and Krakow, are particularly well-served and offer access to a plethora of dynamic city life and rich cultural heritage.

Capital cities along the Northern European routes are Stockholm and Copenhagen, each of which has its own charms and cultural experiences. Ryanair offers flights to towns like Dublin and Lisbon, which provide a combination of historical landmarks and contemporary attractions, for travelers wishing to visit the western portion of the continent.

In addition to demonstrating the airline’s dedication to offering affordable travel options, Ryanair’s vast network from London Stansted makes it possible to organize convenient trips throughout Europe, from picturesque beach getaways to vibrant urban centers.

Ryanair’s Direct Flights from London

Ryanair’s direct flights from London Stansted include nonstop flights to more than 150 destinations, out of which 1 destination is domestic (Newquay, NQY) and 151 destinations are international. The table below provides useful information, such as the flight duration, frequency, and distance of Ryanair’s direct flights from London.

List of Ryanair Flights from London
Dublin (DUB)1h 20m8294SMTWTFSInternational
Alicante (ALC)2h 35m4-5945SMTWTFSInternational
Rome (CIA)2h 25m4-5911SMTWTFSInternational
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)2h 30m3-5865SMTWTFSInternational
Barcelona (BCN)2h 10m3-5740SMTWTFSInternational
Budapest (BUD)2h 25m4905SMTWTFSInternational
Malaga (AGP)2h 55m3-41082SMTWTFSInternational
Milan (BGY)1h 55m3-4610SMTWTFSInternational
Tenerife (TFS)4h 30m3-51872SMTWTFSInternational
Faro (FAO)2h 50m3-41108SMTWTFSInternational
Berlin (BER)1h 45m3-4566SMTWTFSInternational
Lisbon (LIS)2h 45m2-41016SMTWTFSInternational
Bucharest (OTP)3h 05m3-41291SMTWTFSInternational
Vienna (VIE)2h 10m3-4773SMTWTFSInternational
Copenhagen (CPH)1h 45m3571SMTWTFSInternational
Eindhoven (EIN)1h 05m3224SMTWTFSInternational
Billund (BLL)1h 30m2-3452SMTWTFSInternational
Madrid (MAD)2h 30m2-3813SMTWTFSInternational
Cork (ORK)1h 25m2-3374SMTWTFSInternational
Krakow (KRK)2h 20m2-3861SMTWTFSInternational
Modlin (WMI)2h 15m2-3868SMTWTFSInternational
Venice (VCE)2h 00m2-3709SMTWTFSInternational
Lanzarote (ACE)4h 15m2-41747SMTWTFSInternational
Prague (PRG)1h 50m2-3624SMTWTFSInternational
Pisa (PSA)2h 05m2-4740SMTWTFSInternational
Sofia (SOF)3h 00m2-31256SMTWTFSInternational
Cologne (CGN)1h 15m2-3307SMTWTFSInternational
Milan (MXP)2h 00m2-3582SMTWTFSInternational
Porto (OPO)2h 25m2-3851SMTWTFSInternational
Shannon (SNN)1h 30m2-3393SMTWTFSInternational
Malta (MLA)3h 15m2-31317SMTWTFSInternational
Ibiza (IBZ)2h 35m1-3905SMTWTFSInternational
Marseille (MRS)2h 00m2-3631SMTWTFSInternational
Gdansk (GDN)2h 05m2777SMTWTFSInternational
Hamburg (HAM)1h 25m1-2427SMTWTFSInternational
Wroclaw (WRO)2h 00m1-2720SMTWTFSInternational
Bologna (BLQ)2h 05m1-2721SMTWTFSInternational
Naples (NAP)2h 35m1-31015SMTWTFSInternational
Poznan (POZ)2h 00m1-2706SMTWTFSInternational
Nantes (NTE)1h 30m1-2338SMTWTFSInternational
Gothenburg (GOT)1h 50m1-2626SMTWTFSInternational
Las Palmas (LPA)4h 30m0-21851SMTWTFSInternational
Nuremberg (NUE)1h 35m1-2504SMTWTFSInternational
Reus (REU)2h 15m1-3747SMTWTFSInternational
Riga (RIX)2h 35m1-21015SMTWTFSInternational
Turin (TRN)1h 55m1-3575SMTWTFSInternational
Stockholm (ARN)2h 25m1-2873SMTWTFSInternational
Bremen (BRE)1h 20m1-2370SMTWTFSInternational
Dubrovnik (DBV)2h 49m0-31064SMTWTFSInternational
Dortmund (DTM)1h 20m1-2318SMTWTFSInternational
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB)1h 25m0-2409SMTWTFSInternational
Puerto del Rosario (FUE)4h 15m1-21784SMTWTFSInternational
Girona (GRO)2h 05m0-2703SMTWTFSInternational
Hahn (HHN)1h 20m1-2335SMTWTFSInternational
Katowice (KTW)2h 10m1-2824SMTWTFSInternational
Knock (NOC)1h 30m1-2404SMTWTFSInternational
Palermo (PMO)2h 50m1-21138SMTWTFSInternational
Toulouse (TLS)1h 50m1-2575SMTWTFSInternational
Valencia (VLC)2h 25m1-2861SMTWTFSInternational
Corvera (RMU)2h 40m1-2981SMTWTFSInternational
Athens (ATH)3h 35m1-21504SMTWTFSInternational
Biarritz (BIQ)1h 55m1-2590SMTWTFSInternational
Memmingen (FMM)1h 40m1-2522SMTWTFSInternational
Paphos (PFO)4h 25m0-31993SMTWTFSInternational
Rhodes (RHO)4h 05m1-21738SMTWTFSInternational
Santiago De Compostela (SCQ)2h 10m1-2744SMTWTFSInternational
Zagreb (ZAG)2h 15m1-2838SMTWTFSInternational
Bergerac (EGC)1h 45m1-2488SMTWTFSInternational
Thessaloniki (SKG)3h 15m1-21339SMTWTFSInternational
Sevilla (SVQ)2h 45m0-21048SMTWTFSInternational
Ancona (AOI)2h 15m1837SMTWTFSInternational
Bordeaux (BOD)1h 40m1492SMTWTFSInternational
Bari (BRI)2h 40m11082SMTWTFSInternational
Bratislava (BTS)2h 10m1798SMTWTFSInternational
Carcassonne (CCF)2h 00m1609SMTWTFSInternational
Genoa (GOA)2h 05m1653SMTWTFSInternational
Lourdes (LDE)1h 55m1604SMTWTFSInternational
Limoges (LIG)1h 40m1420SMTWTFSInternational
Luxembourg (LUX)1h 10m1305SMTWTFSInternational
Nice (NCE)2h 10m1656SMTWTFSInternational
Perugia (PEG)2h 20m1837SMTWTFSInternational
Pescara (PSR)2h 20m1927SMTWTFSInternational
Helsinki (HEL)2h 50m11113SMTWTFSInternational
Verona (VRN)1h 55m1663SMTWTFSInternational
Zadar (ZAD)2h 20m0-2883SMTWTFSInternational
Aarhus (AAR)1h 40m0-1521SMTWTFSInternational
Brindisi (BDS)2h 50m0-11148SMTWTFSInternational
Brno (BRQ)2h 05m0-1749SMTWTFSInternational
La Rochelle (LRH)1h 35m0-1401SMTWTFSInternational
Rzeszow (RZE)2h 25m0-1956SMTWTFSInternational
Szczecin (SZZ)1h 50m0-1627SMTWTFSInternational
Tallinn (TLL)2h 45m0-11088SMTWTFSInternational
Vilnius (VNO)2h 40m0-11052SMTWTFSInternational
Cagliari (CAG)2h 45m0-1975SMTWTFSInternational
Funchal (FNC)3h 55m0-11585SMTWTFSInternational
Kerry County (KIR)1h 30m0-1417SMTWTFSInternational
Kaunas (KUN)2h 35m0-11004SMTWTFSInternational
Lodz (LCJ)2h 10m0-1821SMTWTFSInternational
Leipzig/Halle (LEJ)1h 40m0-1517SMTWTFSInternational
Menorca (MAH)2h 30m0-1856SMTWTFSInternational
Palanga (PLQ)2h 20m0-1894SMTWTFSInternational
Santander (SDR)2h 00m0-1617SMTWTFSInternational
Kosice (KSC)2h 30m0-1955SMTWTFSInternational
Catania (CTA)3h 05m0-21236SMTWTFSInternational
Zaragoza (ZAZ)2h 15m0-1712SMTWTFSInternational
Thira (JTR)3h 55m0-21640SMTWTFSInternational
Agadir (AGA)3h 50m0-11577SMTWTFSInternational
Bydgoszcz (BZG)2h 00m0-1753SMTWTFSInternational
Benlloch (CDT)2h 25m0-1826SMTWTFSInternational
Kerkyra (CFU)3h 20m0-11272SMTWTFSInternational
Chania (CHQ)3h 45m0-11639SMTWTFSInternational
Poitiers (PIS)1h 30m0-1368SMTWTFSInternational
Cluj-Napoca (CLJ)2h 45m0-11113SMTWTFSInternational
Salzburg (SZG)1h 50m0-1637SMTWTFSInternational
Trieste (TRS)2h 05m0-1735SMTWTFSInternational
Aalborg (AAL)1h 45m0-1530SMTWTFSInternational
Alghero (AHO)2h 30m0-1871SMTWTFSInternational
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse (BSL)1h 40m0-1442SMTWTFSInternational
Kos (KGS)4h 00m0-11680SMTWTFSInternational
Almeria (LEI)2h 50m0-11052SMTWTFSInternational
Newquay (NQY)1h 10m0-1248SMTWTFSDomestic
Ostrava (OSR)2h 10m0-1797SMTWTFSInternational
Asturias (OVD)2h 00m0-1647SMTWTFSInternational
Plovdiv (PDV)3h 10m0-11342SMTWTFSInternational
Pula (PUY)2h 10m0-1794SMTWTFSInternational
Lamezia-Terme (SUF)3h 00m0-11187SMTWTFSInternational
Tours (TUF)1h 25m0-1310SMTWTFSInternational
Jerez De La Frontera (XRY)2h 55m0-11096SMTWTFSInternational
Vigo (VGO)2h 15m0-1789SMTWTFSInternational
Brive-La-Gaillarde (BVE)1h 45m0-1471SMTWTFSInternational
Kefallinia (EFL)3h 30m0-21371SMTWTFSInternational
Osijek (OSI)2h 20m0-1958SMTWTFSInternational
Fes (FEZ)3h 15m0-11274SMTWTFSInternational
Nimes (FNI)1h 58m0-1597SMTWTFSInternational
Klagenfurt (KLU)2h 05m0-1734SMTWTFSInternational
Perpignan (PGF)2h 05m0-1647SMTWTFSInternational
Szymany (SZY)2h 15m0-1875SMTWTFSInternational
Orebro (ORB)2h 10m0-1770SMTWTFSInternational
Stockholm (VST)2h 15m0-1831SMTWTFSInternational
Trapani (TPS)3h 00m0-11139SMTWTFSInternational
Poprad (TAT)2h 30m0-1902SMTWTFSInternational
Beziers (BZR)2h 00m1612SMTWTFSInternational
Grenoble (GNB)1h 50m0-1509SMTWTFSInternational
Rijeka (RJK)2h 15m1803SMTWTFSInternational
Ponta Delgada (Azores) (PDL)4h 25m0-11596SMTWTFSInternational
Rimini (RMI)2h 15m1791SMTWTFSInternational
Olbia (OLB)2h 30m0-1881SMTWTFSInternational
Zakynthos (ZTH)3h 30m0-11404SMTWTFSInternational
Kalamata (KLX)3h 35m11481SMTWTFSInternational
Preveza (PVK)3h 25m11338SMTWTFSInternational
Rodez (RDZ)1h 50m1529SMTWTFSInternational
Rovaniemi (RVN)3h 20m0-11347SMTWTFSInternational

Overview of Ryanair’s Direct Flights from London

The table below provides a summary of the longest and shortest flights by duration and distance, along with the maximum and minimum daily flight frequencies among the direct destinations from London with Ryanair.

DetailsDestinationDuration or MilesFlights/Day
Maximum duration for direct flightsTenerife (TFS)Las Palmas (LPA)4h 30m3-50-2
Minimum duration for direct flightsEindhoven (EIN)1h 05m3
Maximum flight distancePaphos (PFO)1993 miles0-3
Minimum flight distanceEindhoven (EIN)224 miles3
Maximum flights per dayDublin (DUB)294 miles8
Fewest flights per day Numerous destinationsVaries0-1

Ryanair London Destinations Map 

Ryanair London Destinations Map 

Ryanair London Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: Ryanair.com 

Ryanair’s interactive destinations map helps you to discover new travel possibilities from London. It allows you to visually explore all the existing routes as well as book flights via the map’s interface, as explained below.

Accessing the Destinations Map

  1. Visit the Homepage: Start by going to Ryanair’s official website.
  2. Navigate to the Map: From the homepage, click on the “Plan” tab at the top. Under the “Explore” submenu, you will find the “Route map” link. Click this link to open the interactive route map page.

Using the Destinations Map

  1. Select the Departure City: On the Route map page, there’s a field marked “From”. Type “London” in this field. The map will refresh to show all destinations that Ryanair services from London.
  2. Select Your Destination: Directly click on your preferred destination on the map or use the “To” field to specify your end travel point. The map will display flight availability, including the days Ryanair flies to this location from London, and current fares.
  3. Book: Once you select your destination and date, hit the “Book flights” button. You will be prompted to choose your travel class and complete your booking.

Ryanair’s London Destinations Map also helps simplify flight booking by helping you find flights based on your specific needs. 

Ryanair at London Airport (STN)

The table below provides a comprehensive overview of the various amenities and services offered at London Stansted Airport (STN). Whether you are a frequent traveler or embark on a casual trip, this table outlines essential facilities such as parking options, FastTrack security, ground transportation, dining choices, Wi-Fi access, and lost and found services. 

Additionally, it includes details on car rental agencies available at the airport, ensuring you have all the necessary information for a smooth and comfortable travel experience at London Stansted.

Airport NameLondon Stansted Airport
Airport Location Near Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, 42 miles northeast of Central London
Airport AddressBassingbourn Road, Stansted CM24 1QW, United Kingdom
Website URLStanstedAirport.com
Ryanair’s Phone Number at STN0113-86-84151
Airport Code STN
Terminals at STN1 Main Terminal
Ryanair Departures Terminal at STNMain Terminal
Wi-Fi STN offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the airport.

Inter-Terminal Transport

London Stansted Airport (STN) features a complimentary electric transit system that transports passengers between the main terminal and the satellite buildings housing departure and arrival gates. This system is located beyond the security checkpoint, so only ticketed passengers can use it. Additionally, it is equipped to accommodate wheelchair users.

FastTrack Security

London Stansted Airport offers a Security FastTrack service, enabling you to bypass the usual queues for security checks efficiently. This expedited service is available for a fee starting from £8 per person and can be pre-booked up to an hour before departure.

Key Features 

  • Quick Access: Utilize the express lane at security checkpoints to reach the departure lounge faster.
  • Operational Hours: Available from 04:00 AM to 08:00 PM, with limited availability to ensure expedited processing.
  • Booking Flexibility: While the service is non-refundable, it offers significant time savings, particularly beneficial for business travelers and those on short trips.

Passport Control 

  • Efficient Entry: On your return, for a starting fee of £6 per person, gain access to a dedicated lane at passport control to expedite your entry into the UK.
  • Availability: This service operates around the clock and is subject to availability at the time of booking.

Additional Information

Who Can Use: The service is open to all, except passengers arriving from Ireland, the UK, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands. Up to 9 passes can be purchased per booking.

  • Why Use FastTrack: Ideal for those traveling without checked luggage, this service minimizes wait times at both security and passport controls.

Booking Terms: FastTrack passes are non-amendable and non-refundable. You can book up to 12 months in advance, depending on availability.

Ground Transportation

Airport Taxis

London Stansted Airport collaborates with minicabit to provide travelers with an efficient way to book taxis from Stansted Airport swiftly.

Minicabit operates as a real-time taxi fare comparison platform, delivering quotes from licensed taxi operators around London Stansted Airport. Simply input your travel details online to discover the most competitive rates and book online with the option of free cancellation.

Whether you need a taxi for your departure or upon your arrival, minicabit allows you to compare prices from various taxis at STN and secure your booking in a few clicks.

Taxis to STN 

You can book online very easily. Fill out the form to choose your pickup and drop-off points, specify the date and time for your taxi, and include the number of passengers and luggage details. After searching, you’ll receive quotes from several taxi services at London Stansted Airport, complete with customer reviews and travel time estimates.

With minicab, you can complete your taxi booking online and make payments using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal, or choose to pay the driver directly in cash.

Street Cars Taxis

Located directly within the airport, Street Cars Taxis offers a booking desk in the international arrivals area. A courtesy phone in the domestic baggage claim links directly to this desk for bookings. To reserve a Street Cars Taxi in advance, dial 01279 211 111.


Traveling by train to London Stansted Airport is straightforward. Our efficient rail connections quickly link central London with the airport. Whether you choose the Stansted Express from Liverpool Street or other regular train services, your journey will be quick and hassle-free.

Stansted Express. The Stansted Express is the quickest route between London Stansted Airport and central London’s Liverpool Street. Trains leave every 15 minutes, every day of the week.

Note that Oyster cards and contactless payment methods are not accepted on the Stansted Express. Ensure you have a valid train ticket for your journey to avoid a penalty fare.

Points to Remember

  • The trip from Liverpool Street to STN takes 48 minutes.
  • The first train from Liverpool Street to the airport departs at 03:40 on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays, at 04:40 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and at 04:10 on Sundays. 
  • The first train from London Stansted Airport to Liverpool Street leaves at 05:30.
  • The final train from Liverpool Street to London Stansted Airport departs at 23:25, and the last train from STN to London leaves at 00:30.
  • For a complete schedule, visit this page.
  • Direct trains to the airport. Rail links connect London Stansted Airport to major destinations across the UK. The train station is conveniently located directly beneath the airport, equipped with lifts, escalators, and ramps for easy luggage transport. It’s a quick two-minute walk to the terminal from the station. Purchase your tickets online, at ticket machines, or at the rail information desk at the Station to save money by pre-booking.

Rail Season Ticket Car Parking

Stansted Airport provides a car parking season ticket for rail season ticket holders, available in the Short Stay Car Parks. These car parks offer step-free access to the Rail Station and are perfectly positioned for easy transitions between car and train travel. Season tickets are available for 3, 6, or 12 months. To apply, download the application form 

Bus and Coach Facilities 

Easily accessible, the bus and coach station at Stansted Airport is just a quick two-minute walk from the terminal.

Facilities provided include:

  • Public restrooms
  • Newsagent
  • Coffee shop on-site
  • Public telephones
  • Waiting area

Refer to the available maps for detailed routes of bus and coach services to and from London Stansted Airport. 

Dining and Drinks 

Here are the names of some of the major restaurants at London Stansted Airport:

  • Bottega Prosecco Bar & Caffè
  • Burger King
  • Burnells Bar
  • Caffè Nero
  • The Camden Bar & Kitchen
  • Comptoir Libanais
  • Costa Coffee
  • Discover Gourmet
  • Harris + Hoole
  • itsu
  • JD Wetherspoon – The Windmill
  • Joe & The Juice

For more information, refer to the airport’s website.

Lost and Found

  • Items Forgotten on Aircraft: If you forget any personal items on an aircraft, contact your airline directly for support.
  • Terminal Lost and Found: The service for handling lost and found items within London Stansted Airport’s passenger terminal is operated by Excess Baggage. The Excess Baggage Airport Services desk is located in the International Arrivals area, on the landside concourse. Its operating hours are from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

To Report Lost Items: Visit www.lostproperty.org to register any items you have lost.

Additional Information

London Stansted Airport offers a comprehensive range of facilities designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of its passengers. These amenities cater to diverse needs, from shopping and dining to spiritual contemplation and efficient meetings.

  • Shopping Services: Passengers can enjoy convenient airport shopping with the option to reserve and collect items as they fly or upon their return to Stansted.
  • Faith and Worship Areas: Designated spaces are available for quiet contemplation and prayer, providing a peaceful retreat within the busy airport environment.
  • Meeting Rooms: Facilities are available for hosting meetings or conferences right at the airport, ideal for business travelers.
  • Information Desk: Assistance and information are readily available at the airport’s information desk, where staff are on hand to help with any queries.
  • Smoking Areas: Designated smoking areas are detailed, allowing smokers to find suitable locations within the terminal.
  • Overnight Stays: While the airport operates 24/7, overnight stays in the terminal are generally discouraged unless necessary.
  • Accessible Facilities: The airport is equipped with multiple accessible toilets, requiring a National Key Scheme (NKS) RADAR key. Additionally, there are Changing Places toilets available in both Arrivals and the Departure Lounge.
  • Gender-neutral Restrooms: A gender-neutral restroom is available in the departure lounge, providing inclusivity for all travelers.

Drinking Water Facilities: Free drinking water fountains and refill stations are located across the terminal, making it easy for passengers to stay hydrated.

Driving Directions

Located about 30 miles northeast of London (close to Bishop’s Stortford), STN is conveniently accessible through the M11 motorway, which skirts its eastern boundary, and the M25 London Orbital, which encircles London.

The airport is directly adjacent to the M11. Other nearby locations include Broxbourne and Harlow to the southwest, Bocking to the east, and the city of Cambridge to the north, about 48 km (30 miles) away, a journey of roughly 40 minutes by car.

From the North

Access the airport via the M11, exiting at Junction 8 onto Thremhall Avenue, which leads straight to the airport.

From the South

From London, take the M11 north from Junction 27 on the M25. Exit at Junction 8, take Thremhall Avenue east and follow the signs to the airport.

From the East

Approach from Colchester using the A12 and the A120. Continue north on Parsonage Road; the airport is located just before Smith’s Green.

From the West

Use the A120 coming from Stevenage. At the M11 entry roundabout, take the second exit onto Thremhall Avenue towards the airport.

Note. The M25 and the M11 can experience heavy traffic during the morning (07:00 to 09:00) and evening (17:00 to 19:00) rush hours. You should allow extra time when heading to London Stansted Airport during these peak periods.

Parking Information

Stansted Airport offers a variety of parking options to suit all needs, ensuring a convenient and secure start to your journey. You can save significantly by booking your parking space in advance, with discounts of up to 77% available when booked early. There is also the flexibility of free cancellation up to one hour before arrival, allowing for changes in travel plans without any cost.

Key Features 

  • Diverse Parking Options: Whether you need a short stay for quick trips, mid stay for weekly parking, or a long stay and JetParks for more extended periods, each option provides ease of access to the terminal either by a short walk or a quick shuttle bus ride.
  • Meet & Greet Services: For the ultimate convenience, opt for Meet & Greet parking where a driver will park your car for you, letting you head straight to check-in.
  • Valet Service: The valet service offers the simplicity of driving up to the terminal forecourt, handing over your car, and proceeding directly to your flight check-in.
  • Security and Safety: With the Park Mark® award, you can be assured that your vehicle is in safe hands and secure in well-monitored parking facilities.
  • Flexible Booking Changes: Easily amend or cancel your booking online up to an hour before your parking time, with a full refund and no mandatory vouchers or credit notes.

Practical Information

  • Advance Booking Discounts: By pre-booking your parking at Stansted, not only do you save money, but you also enjoy a stress-free start to your trip.
  • Accessibility: Full accessibility options are available for those with additional needs, ensuring a smooth experience for all travelers.

Car Rental Companies at STN

Here are the names and phone numbers of the car rental companies at London Stansted Airport:

  • Enterprise Car Hire +44 1279 211729
  • SIXT Car Hire +44 20 7018 8246
  • Avis Car Hire +44 344 544 6027
  • Alamo Rent A Car +44 1279 211729
  • National Car Rental +44 1279 211729
  • Europcar Londres +44 371 384 3419
  • Budget Car Hire +44 344 544 9059
  • Drivalia Car Hire +44 1279 215341
  • Green Motion Car & Van Rental +44 1279 210961
  • Stansted Car and Van Rental +44 808 164 6528
  • Easirent Car and Van Rental +44 1279 215341

Hertz Car Hire +44 843 309 3071

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Ryanair Fly from London

Refer to the FAQs below to get clear about where Ryanair flies from London. 

From where does Ryanair fly in London?

Ryanair flies out of the main terminal at London Stansted Airport (STN).

Where does Ryanair fly to from London?

Ryanair flies to more than 150 destinations from London Stansted.

Where does Ryanair fly nonstop from London?

Ryanair flies nonstop from London to 1 domestic destination in the UK (Newquay, NQY) and 151 international destinations across Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Malta, Finland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Morocco.

Where in Europe does Ryanair fly from London?

Ryanair flies to several European cities, vacation spots, and business destinations from London. For more information, refer to the answer above.

Where in South Europe does Ryanair fly from London?

Ryanair flies to southern European cities like Alicante, Malaga, Ibiza, and Tenerife from London.

What is Ryanair’s primary hub in London?

Ryanair’s primary hub in London is London Stansted Airport (STN) from where it flies to more than 150 destinations.

Does Ryanair fly domestically within the UK from London?

Yes, Ryanair flies domestically from London to Newquay.

Where in North Europe does Ryanair fly from London?

Ryanair flies from London to northern European cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Where in central and eastern Europe does Ryanair fly from London?

Ryanair flies to central and eastern European cities like Budapest, Prague, and Krakow from London. 

What services are available at London Stansted Airport for Ryanair passengers?

Services include FastTrack security, a variety of dining options, and car rental services.

How do I book a Ryanair flight from London using Ryanair’s Destinations Map?

Go to the route map on Ryanair’s website, select your departure city as London, choose your destination, and follow the prompts to book your flight directly from London.

When is London Stansted Airport’s FastTrack security service available?

London Stansted Airport’s FastTrack security service is available from 04:00 AM to 08:00 PM.

Which choices are there for ground transportation at London Stansted Airport?

At London Stansted Airport, ground transport options include buses, coaches, taxis, and the Stansted Express train.

Do any trains run directly from central London to Stansted Airport?

Yes, the Stansted Express runs directly from Liverpool Street to Stansted Airport every 15 minutes.

Where in the Mediterranean does Ryanair fly to from London?

Ryanair flies directly from London to the several destinations in the Mediterranean, such as Alicante (ALC), Rome (CIA), Palma de Mallorca (PMI), Barcelona (BCN), Malaga (AGP), Tenerife (TFS), Faro (FAO), Ibiza (IBZ), Lanzarote (ACE), Madrid (MAD), Venice (VCE), Pisa (PSA), Naples (NAP), Malta (MLA), Marseille (MRS), Valencia (VLC), Palermo (PMO), Nice (NCE), Corvera (RMU), Biarritz (BIQ), Cagliari (CAG), Alghero (AHO), Catania (CTA), Menorca (MAH), Ancona (AOI), Bari (BRI), Perugia (PEG), Pescara (PSR), Genoa (GOA), Verona (VRN), Zadar (ZAD), Brindisi (BDS), Rimini (RMI), Olbia (OLB), Zakynthos (ZTH), Kerkyra (CFU), Chania (CHQ), Thira (JTR), Kalamata (KLX), Preveza (PVK), Lamezia-Terme (SUF), and Trapani (TPS).

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