Where Does Qatar Airways Fly from the U.S.—Direct Routes from the U.S.

Published :- 2024-01-15
Where Does Qatar Airways Fly from the U.S

A major player in the aviation industry, Qatar Airways offers several direct flights from the United States to Doha, Qatar’s bustling capital. With a fleet boasting state-of-the-art aircraft and known for its premium service, Qatar Airways connects the U.S. to the Middle East and beyond. Answering the question “Where Does Qatar Airways Fly from the U.S.?” reveals a network that spans 11 major American cities, directly linking them with Doha.

Once in Doha, passengers have access to Qatar Airways’ extensive network of international destinations. The airline offers connecting flights to various parts of the world, including major cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. This makes Qatar Airways a preferred choice for travelers looking to explore global destinations such as London, Paris, Bangkok, Cape Town, and Sydney. The airline’s strategic hub at Hamad International Airport (DOH) in Doha serves as a convenient point for international transfers, making long-haul travel more seamless.

Where does Qatar Airways fly from the U.S.?

Qatar Airways flies nonstop from 11 major cities in the U.S. The table below lists these cities, along with the flight number, aircraft type, cabin class, frequency, distance, and flight duration. 

FromTo Flight No.AircraftClassFrequencyMilesDuration
Atlanta (ATL)Terminal 1 Doha (DOH)QR 756777-300ER BusinessEconomyDaily7488 13h 45m
Boston (BOS) Terminal EDoha (DOH)QR 744A350-900 (Qsuite)Business EconomyDaily654112h 10m
Chicago (ORD) Terminal 5Doha (DOH)QR 726777-300ERBusiness EconomyDaily715913h 35m
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Terminal DDoha (DOH)QR 730/732A350-1000/777-200LRBusiness EconomyDaily/Daily796314h 55m
Houston (IAH) Terminal DDoha (DOH)QR 714A350-1000Business EconomyDaily808014h 45m
Los Angeles (LAX) Terminal BDoha (DOH)QR 740/742A350-1000Business EconomyDaily/3x weekly 833915h 55m
Miami (MIA) North Terminal Concourse DDoha (DOH)QR 778A350-1000Business EconomyDaily771014h 15m
New York (JFK) Terminal 8Doha (DOH)QR 702/704/706777-300ERBusiness EconomyDaily/Daily/Daily672912h 50m
San Francisco (SFO) Terminal 1Doha (DOH)QR 738A350-1000Business EconomyDaily811915h 25m
Seattle (SEA)South Satellite Doha (DOH)QR 720777-300ERBusiness EconomyDaily743914h 30m
Washington, D.C. (IAD) Doha (DOH)QR 708/710A350-1000 Business EconomyDaily/4x weekly 695212h 55m

Major Highlights

Below are a few important highlights relating to the flight duration, distance, and frequency of direct flights from various U.S. cities to Doha (DOH).

Duration of Flight

  • Maximum Duration. The flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Doha (DOH) has the longest duration at 15 hours and 55 minutes.
  • Minimum Duration. The shortest flight duration is from Boston (BOS) to Doha (DOH), taking 12 hours and 10 minutes.

Flight Distance

  • Maximum Distance. The longest direct flight in terms of distance is from Los Angeles (LAX) to Doha (DOH), covering 8,339 miles.
  • Minimum Distance. The shortest distance covered is on the Boston (BOS) to Doha (DOH) route, which spans 6,541 miles.

Flight Frequency (Depending on the Season)

  • Maximum Frequency. The New York (JFK) to Doha (DOH) route has the highest frequency with three daily flights (QR 702, QR 704, QR 706).
  • Minimum Frequency. The Los Angeles (LAX) to Doha (DOH) route has a lower frequency with 3x weekly flights under QR 742, in addition to the daily QR 740 flights.

Qatar Airways U.S. Destinations Map

Qatar Airways U.S. Destinations Map

A screenshot of the Qatar Airways U.S. Destinations Map. Courtesy: QatarAirways.com

Exploring the Qatar Airways U.S. Destinations Map: Navigating the world of international travel can be daunting, but Qatar Airways simplifies this journey with its user-friendly U.S. Destinations Map. This tool is not just a map; it’s a gateway to exploring a network of global destinations starting from various cities in the United States. For travelers curious about Qatar Airways’ reach from the U.S., this map is a very useful resource.

To access the U.S. Destinations Map, start by visiting the Qatar Airways official website. Once there, look for the Our destinations link under the Explore option in the main navigation menu. Here, you’ll discover the links to Qatar Airways U.S. Route Map under Americas, which visually represents all the direct routes available from the U.S. to Doha and beyond. The interactive nature of this map allows users to click on any U.S. city served by Qatar Airways to view available flights and destinations.

Using the U.S. Destinations Map is straightforward and intuitive. If you’re planning a trip, simply select your departure city from the U.S. on the map. Instantly, you’ll see all the direct routes available to Doha and the onward connections to other global destinations. This visual representation not only shows the vast network of Qatar Airways but also helps in planning complex itineraries.

For those looking to book tickets, the map offers a seamless transition from exploration to reservation. Once you’ve chosen your route, a few more clicks will lead you to the booking interface where you can customize your travel dates, class of service, and other preferences. The map effectively doubles as a planning tool, allowing travelers to visualize their journey from start to finish.

The Qatar Airways U.S. Destinations Map is more than a booking aid. Exploring the map often reveals surprising destinations and previously unconsidered travel opportunities. It invites you to discover the reach of Qatar Airways, from major hubs in the U.S. to exotic locations across the globe. Moreover, it simplifies the process of planning and booking international travel, making it an indispensable resource for modern adventurers and savvy travelers alike.

Young Fleet 

Qatar Airways has a notably young fleet of aircraft, averaging about five years. This youthful fleet underscores the airline’s commitment to modernity and passenger comfort.

Hub-and-Spoke Model 

The airline operates on a hub-and-spoke system, funneling flights from various “spoke” cities through its central hub at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar’s dynamic capital. This efficient model connects passengers from around the world.

Types of Aircraft for U.S. Flights 

Qatar Airways services U.S. destinations with four types of aircraft:

  1. Airbus A350-1000
  2. Airbus A350-900
  3. Boeing 777-300ER
  4. Boeing 777-200LR

Qatar Airways First Class Options 

First class on Qatar Airways is an exclusive offering on its Airbus A380 fleet, which comprises ten aircraft. These planes are typically reserved for flagship routes like London-Heathrow and Paris and are not scheduled for U.S. routes.

Qatar Airways Business Class Options 

The airline utilizes four different aircraft types for its U.S. services, each equipped with unique amenities. The standout feature in Qatar Airways’ business class is the Qsuite, especially on the Airbus A350-1000. This aircraft is known for its fuel efficiency and advanced design, featuring an expansive cabin, enlarged windows, and ample overhead storage. The A350-1000’s cabin design, incorporating carbon composites and other materials, ensures a quieter environment for enhanced in-flight comfort.

The A350-1000’s business class Qsuites are laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration, offering spacious and private suites. Couples might enjoy the E and F seats for their double-bed setup, while solo travelers might prefer the added privacy of the odd-numbered A and K seats.

Qatar Airways serves several U.S. cities with the A350-1000, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

The A350-900 variant in Qatar Airways’ fleet also includes Qsuites in select models, providing a similar level of luxury and comfort as found in the A350-1000.

Premium Economy Options 

Currently, Qatar Airways does not provide a premium economy class on flights to or from the United States.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Options 

Qatar Airways presents a variety of economy class options.

A350-900 Economy Class: Among the available options, the Airbus A350-900 (non-Qsuite) stands out in Qatar Airways’ economy class lineup. The reason lies in its seat width and legroom. Each seat, at 18 inches wide, is the most spacious within Qatar’s fleet, although not the widest in the industry. The cabin consists of 247 seats, mostly arranged in a 3-3-3 configuration, each offering 31 to 32 inches of legroom.

Notable for their additional legroom, seats 17D, 17E, 17F, and Row 30 are considered prime choices, albeit with Row 30 being closer to the lavatories and galleys.

Passengers might want to steer clear of seats in rows 16, 43, and 44 due to their restricted legroom and proximity to high-traffic areas.

A350-900 (With Qsuites) Economy Class: The A350-900 with Qsuites in economy class is another option. Here, 247 seats are arranged in a similar 3-3-3 layout but with a slightly narrower width of approximately 17.5 inches. Row 30, with its exit row, providing extra legroom, is a desirable choice. However, passengers might want to avoid rows 28, 29, 43, and 44 due to their proximity to the lavatories and limited recline.

777-200LR Economy Class: The Boeing 777-200LR offers an economy class with a hybrid 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 configuration, accommodating 230 passengers. The seats, ranging from 16.9 to 17.4 inches in width, offer a consistent pitch of 31 to 32 inches. Optimal seating choices for extra legroom include seats 17D/E/F, 19D, and those in rows 27 and 29. It’s advisable to avoid seats close to the lavatories for a more comfortable experience.

777-300ER Economy Class: In the 777-300ER’s economy class, passengers find a 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 seating arrangement. Each of the 312 seats offers 31 to 32 inches of pitch and is 17 inches wide. Rows 16 and 35, along with Row 23 (excluding seats A and K), provide excellent legroom. However, rows 34 and 45 should be avoided due to their limited recline and proximity to lavatories and galleys.

A350-1000 Economy Class: The A350-1000 features an economy class with 281 seats in a 3-3-3 layout. Seat widths range from 16.9 to 17.4 inches, paired with a pitch of 31 to 32 inches. For solo travelers, seats 31A and 31K are ideal, offering no obstruction in front. For couples, seats in rows 30 and 16 provide extra legroom and a semi-private area. Rows 29, 47, and 48, near the lavatories and with restricted recline, are less favorable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Qatar Airways Fly from the U.S

If you’re planning your next international journey with Qatar Airways and wondering about their direct flight options from the United States, you’re in the right place. This section on “Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Qatar Airways Fly from the U.S.” is designed to provide you with detailed insights and up-to-date information. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or booking your first overseas trip, this resource is tailored to answer all your queries about Qatar Airways’ direct flight network from various U.S. cities. From flight durations and frequencies to the types of aircraft used, we’ve covered everything to ensure your travel planning is as smooth and informed as possible.

Where does Qatar Airways fly from the U.S.A?

Qatar Airways flies directly to Doha from the following 11 cities in the United States:
Washington, D.C. (IAD), Seattle (SEA), San Francisco (SFO), New York (JFK), Miami (MIA), Los Angeles (LAX), Houston (IAH), Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Chicago (ORD), Boston (BOS), and Atlanta (ATL).

What destinations does Qatar Airways serve from Atlanta (ATL)?

Qatar Airways operates daily flights from Atlanta (Terminal 1) to Doha (DOH) using the flight number QR 756. The aircraft used is a Boeing 777-300ER, offering both Business and Economy classes. The flight covers a distance of 7488 miles and has a duration of approximately 13 hours and 45 minutes.

Are there direct Qatar Airways flights from Boston (BOS) to Doha?

Yes, Qatar Airways provides daily direct flights from Boston (Terminal E) to Doha (DOH), designated as QR 744. These flights use the A350-900 (Qsuite) aircraft, featuring Business and Economy classes. The journey spans 6541 miles and takes around 12 hours and 10 minutes.

How often does Qatar Airways fly from Chicago (ORD) to Doha?

From Chicago (Terminal 5), Qatar Airways flies daily to Doha (DOH) under the flight number QR 726. The service uses a 777-300ER aircraft with Business and Economy class availability. The flight distance is 7159 miles, with a duration of about 13 hours and 35 minutes.

What are the flight options from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to Doha with Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways operates daily flights from Dallas-Fort Worth (Terminal D) to Doha (DOH) using two different flight numbers, QR 730 and QR 732. The flights utilize A350-1000 and 777-200LR aircraft respectively, both offering Business and Economy classes. The flight distance is 7963 miles, taking approximately 14 hours and 55 minutes.

Does Qatar Airways offer flights from Houston (IAH) to Doha?

Yes, daily flights are available from Houston (Terminal D) to Doha (DOH) via Qatar Airways. Flight QR 714, using an A350-1000, covers a distance of 8080 miles in around 14 hours and 45 minutes. Both Business and Economy classes are offered.

Can I fly from Los Angeles (LAX) to Doha with Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways connects Los Angeles (Terminal B) and Doha (DOH) with flights QR 740 and QR 742. QR 740 operates daily, while QR 742 runs three times weekly. Both use A350-1000 aircraft and provide Business and Economy classes. The journey is approximately 8339 miles long and takes around 15 hours and 55 minutes.

What are the Qatar Airways flight details from Miami (MIA) to Doha?

From Miami’s North Terminal Concourse D, Qatar Airways offers daily service to Doha (DOH) with flight QR 778. The route is served by an A350-1000, offering Business and Economy classes, covering 7710 miles in about 14 hours and 15 minutes.

How frequently does Qatar Airways fly from New York (JFK) to Doha?

Qatar Airways operates daily flights from New York (Terminal 8) to Doha (DOH) under flight numbers QR 702, QR 704, and QR 706. These flights use the 777-300ER aircraft with Business and Economy classes, covering a distance of 6729 miles in roughly 12 hours and 50 minutes.

Is there a direct flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Doha with Qatar Airways?

Yes, Qatar Airways provides daily direct flights from San Francisco (Terminal 1) to Doha (DOH) with flight QR 738. The service is operated using an A350-1000, featuring Business and Economy classes. The flight spans 8119 miles, with a duration of approximately 15 hours and 25 minutes.

What services does Qatar Airways offer from Seattle (SEA) to Doha?

Daily flights are available from Seattle’s South Satellite terminal to Doha (DOH) on Qatar Airways flight QR 720. The 777-300ER aircraft is used for this 7439-mile journey, offering Business and Economy classes, and takes about 14 hours and 30 minutes.

Are there Qatar Airways flights from Washington, D.C. (IAD) to Doha?

Qatar Airways flies from Washington, D.C. (IAD) to Doha (DOH) daily with flight QR 708 and four times weekly with QR 710. Both flights use the A350-1000 aircraft, offering Business and Economy classes. The flight distance is 6952 miles with a duration of around 12 hours and 55 minutes.

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