Where Does Qatar Airways Fly from SFO?

Published :- 2024-01-12
Where Does Qatar Airways Fly from SFO

Travelers often wonder, “Where does Qatar Airways fly from SFO?” The answer lies in the airline’s streamlined, yet expansive, route network. Known for its service and modern fleet, Qatar Airways offers direct flights from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to its hub in Doha (DOH) in Qatar. This singular direct route is pivotal for travelers looking to explore the Middle East or connect to other destinations. The flight to Doha is approximately 15 hours and 25 minutes long, with one flight scheduled daily. This regularity provides flexibility for both business and leisure travelers.

From Doha, you can seamlessly connect to over 150 destinations globally. The airline’s network includes major cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to explore new cultures or attend international business meetings. 

Qatar Airways Flights from SFO

Qatar Airways operates only one direct flight from San Francisco, which is to Doha (DOH) in Qatar. The route from SFO to Doha operates every day of the week. While the direct route is international, the network beyond Doha ensures that you can fly to almost any part of the world from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Below are the details of the Qatar Airways direct flight from SFO, along with the flight duration, distance, and frequency.

Qatar Airways Direct Flights from SFO
Doha (DOH)15h 25m18068Sunday to SaturdayInternational

Qatar Airways SFO Destinations Map

Qatar Airways SFO Destinations Map

A screenshot of Qatar Airways destinations map. Source: QatarAirways.com

In today’s interconnected world, understanding airline routes and destinations is crucial for travelers. The Qatar Airways SFO Destinations Map is a useful tool for anyone flying from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) with Qatar Airways. This interactive map, accessible on Qatar Airways’ website, is a treasure trove of information, helping passengers visualize and plan their journeys with ease.

To access the Qatar Airways Destinations Map, visit the airline’s official website and navigate to the Explore option on top and then select the Our destinations link, or go directly to the Qatar Airways Destinations Page and select your preferred region. Here, you’ll find the Qatar Airways Route Map, which is a detailed graphical representation of all the destinations accessible from the region selected by you. This feature is particularly useful for travelers looking to explore Qatar Airways’ global network, which spans continents and includes numerous cities.

Using the Destinations Map is simple. Click on any destination to learn more about the route, including flight duration, frequency, and available services. This interactive tool is not only informative but also simplifies the booking process. By selecting a destination on the map, passengers are led to a page where they can view flight schedules, check ticket availability, and make reservations.

The map provides insights into the vast array of destinations that Qatar Airways connects to from SFO. While the airline directly flies to Doha, its hub, from there, passengers can connect to over 150 global destinations. The map visually represents these connections, making it easier for users to plan multi-destination trips and understand the extent of Qatar Airways’ network.

The Qatar Airways SFO Destinations Map not only displays the airline’s network but also enhances the overall experience of planning and booking flights by providing all necessary information in a user-friendly, interactive format.

Qatar Airways at SFO International Airport

Airport NameSan Francisco International Airport
Airport AddressHighway 101 San Francisco CA 94128, USA
Location About 3 miles south of San Francisco’s city center
Airline Code (Qatar Airways)QR
Qatar Airways SFO TerminalInternational Terminal A
Qatar Airways Phone Number at SFO International Airport877.777.2827

SFO Airport Phone Numbers General 800.435.9736/650.821.8211

Airport Parking 650.821.7900

Parking Reservations Assistance 833.350.3010


TSA Pre✓® Enrollment Center 650.266.1900

TSA 866.289.9673

Baggage Storage/Travel Services 650.877.0422

#SFO FREE WIFI Support 855.415.9434

SFO Public Transit

  • SamTrans Public Bus Options
  • Utilize Routes 292 and 398 for direct access to the airport’s terminals.
  • To reach the Rental Car Center, take Route 142, connecting through the AirTrain’s blue line from the terminals.
  • Additional stops for Routes 292 and 398 are available along North McDonnell Road, operating from morning to evening.
  • SamTrans maintains a round-the-clock service at SFO, with Routes ECR and 397 providing limited services at night.
  • These routes facilitate travel northward to San Francisco and Daly City, and southward to Palo Alto.
  • Bus Station Locations at SFO
    • In Terminal 2, find the stop at the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level, positioned in the center island near Courtyard 2.
    • Terminal 3’s stop is located curbside at the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level, adjacent to Courtyard 4.
    • The International Terminal features stops at Level 1 in Courtyard A and near Courtyard G curbside.
  • Rental Cars at SFO
    • Central Hub for Rental Cars: A single, convenient location for all rental car pickups and returns.
  • Getting There: The AirTrain Blue Line, operating 24 hours, connects passengers to the Rental Car Center from all terminals and parking areas.
  • Center’s Address: Located at 780 N. McDonnell Road, San Francisco, CA 94128.
  • Hotel Shuttle Services at SFO
    • Shuttle Availability: Shuttles for various airport-area hotels are accessible.
    • Pickup Points: Positioned at the Hotel Courtesy Shuttle Zone, situated in the center island of the Departures/Ticketing Level at every terminal.
    • Hotel Contacts: Dedicated telephones for hotel inquiries are available at each shuttle zone.
    • Service Area: Shuttle services are confined to hotels in the airport vicinity and do not extend to other areas of San Francisco or the Bay Area.
  • AirTrain/Getting Around SFO
    • The AirTrain runs continuously, 24/7, with trains departing every four minutes or so.
    • Accessibility Considerations: Designed to accommodate wheelchairs, AirTrain cars have special areas at both ends for wheelchair users, and elevators are available at all stations.
    • Lost and Found Services: Passengers who lose items on the AirTrain can reach out to the airport’s Lost and Found for assistance.

AirTrain Lines at SFO

  • Red Line Services: Links all airport terminals, their garages, the BART station, and the Grand Hyatt at SFO.
  • Blue Line Services: Connects the Long-Term Parking area and the Rental Car Center to all the terminals, their garages, the BART station, and the Grand Hyatt.
  • Service Information
  • Maintenance Schedule: Nightly maintenance from 11 pm to 5 am may alter normal operations and extend travel durations.
  • Station Access Guidelines
  • From Terminal 1 (Harvey Milk): Navigate to Mezzanine – Level 3 using elevators or escalators and proceed via the skybridge.
  • Terminals 2 and 3: Access follows a similar pattern to Terminal 1, through the Mezzanine – Level 3.
  • International Terminal Access: Reach the AirTrain stations near Gates A and G by ascending to Level 4 via elevators or escalators.
  • From Parking Facilities: Access AirTrain from various levels in the Domestic and International Parking Garages using elevators or stairs.

Transit Connections at SFO

  • BART Integration: AirTrain offers a direct link to the BART system at the Garage G AirTrain/BART station.
  • Caltrain Connectivity: Passengers can access Caltrain by transferring to BART and proceeding to the Millbrae Station.
  • Access to Specific Facilities at SFO
  • For Rental Car and Long-Term Parking: Utilize the AirTrain Blue Line, as these locations are not accessible via the Red Line.
  • Onboard Rules and Guidelines at SFO
  • Permitted Items: Travelers can bring airport luggage carts, service animals, shipping crates for animals, and bicycles, adhering to specific safety guidelines.
  • Onboard Restrictions: Activities like eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly prohibited on AirTrain.

Navigating Through SFO Airport

  • Pedestrian Paths: Recommended walking routes are provided between certain terminals due to construction activities. AirTrain is the exclusive mode of transport to the Rental Car Center and Long Term Parking.
  • Information and Assistance at SFO
  • Support Desks: Information Desks are strategically placed across the terminals, offering language assistance and guidance, with a detailed map for their locations.
  • Go>SFO
  • The Go>SFO Shuttle represents the latest addition to the commuter transportation options at SFO, specifically designed to cater to the needs of the airport’s workforce. 

Currently, this service operates routes to and from Hayward and Castro Valley. Although there are aspirations to eventually open up this service to the broader passenger base, at present, it is exclusively available for employees at SFO who possess either a valid Airport security badge or an official employee badge.

Parking at SFO International Airport

  • Online Booking Offer
  • Special limited-time offer for online bookings.
  • Long-Term Parking: $20/day rate for stays of 10+ days, valid for garage entries from December 14, 2023, to January 2, 2024.
  • Advance Booking System
  • Secure parking spots by booking early online.
  • Choose dates and times, enter payment information, and receive a personalized QR code for garage access.
  • Contactless entry and exit, with no need for tickets or payment machines.
  • Flexible booking options, allowing changes or cancellations up to 2 hours before booked entry time.
  • Exclusive offers are available only through online booking.
  • Parking Garage Capacities and Specifications
  • Domestic Garage: 1,200 spots available, maximum vehicle height 6’6″ (78″).
  • International Garage A: 795 spots available, maximum vehicle height 8’2″ (98″).
  • International Garage G: 355 spots available, maximum vehicle height 8’2″ (98″).
  • ParkFAST: 65 spots in the Domestic Garage, a dedicated space with entry, limited to 166 parkers at any time.
  • Long Term Garage: 487 spots available, Garage 1 – maximum height 6’10” (82″), Garage 2 – maximum height 8’2″ (98″).
  • Cell Phone Waiting Lot. When picking up loved ones or acquaintances at the curb, avoid looping around the terminal area. SFO’s No-Cost Cell Phone Lot, strategically placed near the Long-Term Parking and a brief five-minute ride from the terminals, offers a hassle-free waiting spot. 
  • The wait time is capped at 60 minutes.
  • Operational hours exclude 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.
  • Unattended vehicles are not permitted in the lot.
  • Access to commercial vehicles is restricted.
  • Parking is assigned based on availability, with a first-arrive, first-park system.
  • You can locate the Cell Phone Lot at SFO at the intersection of North McDonnell Rd. and San Bruno Ave., San Francisco, CA 94128.
  • Location of International Parking Garages
  • Two garages, A and G, are situated adjacent to the International Terminal.
  • Garage A is on the north side, while Garage G is on the south side of the airport.
  • Proximity to Gates:
    • Garage A is nearest for travelers using A-Gates.
    • Garage G is most convenient for passengers at G-Gates.
  • Access to Terminals:
    • Pedestrian walkways connect the garages to the International Terminal.
    • AirTrain stations in both garages provide a 10-minute ride to Domestic Terminals 1, 2, and 3.
  • Directions:
    • Follow signs for the International Terminal, then Garages A & G.
  • Parking Rates:
    • $2 per 15 minutes.
    • Maximum charge of $36 per 24 hours.
  • Vehicle Restrictions:
    • No vehicles taller than 8’2″ are permitted.
    • Note: Rates are subject to change.
  • Long-Term Parking at SFO
  • Long-Term Parking is SFO’s most economical choice, offering both garage and surface lot parking that is safe and secure.
  • Connectivity to Terminals
    • The Long-Term Parking area is linked to all airport terminals via the AirTrain Blue Line.
    • The AirTrain operates 24 hours a day, with departures every 4 minutes.
    • AirTrain access is available from Level 5 of the Long-Term Parking Garage.
  • Advance Booking and Payment
    • Parking can be booked and paid for in advance online.
    • Upon booking, customers receive a QR code for hassle-free garage entry and exit, eliminating the need for physical tickets.
    • Special offers may be available through the online booking system.
  • Parking Rates
    • The rate is $2 per 15 minutes, with a maximum of $25 per 24 hours.
    • Garage 1 has a maximum vehicle height of 6’10” (82″), while Garage 2 accommodates up to 8’2″ (98″).
    • Surface lot parking is available for vehicles over 8’2″ (98″).
    • Note: Rates are subject to change.
  • Overheight Vehicle Accessible Parking
    • For overheight vehicles requiring accessible parking, assistance is available at the Long-Term Parking facility.
  • Location and Access
    • Located just north of the terminals, easily reachable from Highways 101 and 380.
    • From Highway 101, take the San Bruno Avenue exit; from 380 East, take the North Access Road/South Airport Boulevard exit.
    • The address for Long-Term Parking is 794 South Airport Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94128.

Services at SFO International Terminal A

  • Water Refill Stations
  • Indoor Area for Animal Relief
  • Vending Machines (Available in Terminal 1 and International Terminal)
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) provided by Bank of America
  • Adult Changing Tables
  • Nurseries for Infants
  • Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Mobile Application Assistance for Travelers with Autism and Cognitive Special Needs
  • Availability of Wheelchairs
  • Companion Care Restroom Facilities
  • Free Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)

Accessibility at SFO

  • Facilities for Adult Changing are available in Companion Care Bathrooms at select locations:
    • Harvey Milk Terminal 1: Near Gate B13 (after security clearance) and on Mezzanine Level 2 (exclusively for international arrivals at this terminal).
    • Adjacent to Gate A2 in International Terminal A (after security clearance).
    • Located between Gates G2 and G5 in International Terminal G (after security clearance).
  • Assistance-Friendly Restrooms
    • Specifically designed restrooms for passengers needing assistance are available throughout all terminals, both before and after security checkpoints.
  • Mobility-Friendly Access Ramps
    • Ramps designed for accessibility and easier movement are installed throughout the airport and its terminal structures.
  • Guidelines for Accommodating Service Animals
    • Service animals are permitted in all areas of the airport, encompassing terminals and the AirTrain. More information can be found under the Pets & Service Animals category.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communication Services (TTY)
    • These services are positioned at various key points including the International Terminal, Harvey Milk Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3, particularly close to the Information Counters. Complimentary calls within the 48 contiguous states are available from any airport courtesy phone; calls to other areas require a calling card. Video Relay Services (VRS) are available at the Information Counters.
  • Audio-Visual Paging Facilitiesat SFO
    • The airport offers both visual and audio paging services. To access this, dial 1.800.I.FLY.SFO or 650.821.8211 and select option “2” for paging services.
  • Protocol for Wheelchair Assistanceat SFO
    • Passengers are encouraged to inform their airline about wheelchair requirements during flight booking.
    • In Domestic Terminals 1, 2, and 3, assistance can be requested from skycaps or airline personnel at the curbside and check-in areas.
    • For International Terminal assistance, visit your airline’s desk or use the terminal entrance phones (dial 9.1.415.310.4434).
    • Coordination with the airline is recommended for internal airport transfers, such as to the Rental Car Center or the Grand Hyatt at SFO.
  • Pets and Service Animals at SFO
    • Pet and Service Animal Guidelines in the Airport
  • In the terminal areas, only service animals are exempt from being in travel carriers.
  • AirTrain permits the presence of service animals.
  • Designated spaces, such as Animal Relief Areas, are accessible for leashed pets.
  • Airline Coordination for Pet Travel. Before travel, verify with your airline the necessary pet documentation, carrier specifications, and any travel constraints for pets.
  • Facilities in Animal Relief Areas at SFO
  • These areas are equipped with water stations and waste disposal options, including doggie bag dispensers.
  • Accessible to disabled individuals, these areas are encircled by fencing and greenery.
  • Operate continuously, every day.
  • Locating Animal Relief Areas at SFO
  • To find outdoor areas, follow the paw-print signs from the arrivals level:
  • At Terminal 1, Courtyard 2, and Terminal 3, Courtyard 4, on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level.
  • Indoor areas are marked by signs on the departure level:
  • Post-security areas in International Terminal A, Terminals 1 B, and C Gates, Terminal 2 D Gates, and Terminal 3 near F Gates.
  • Animal Safety Precautions at SFO
  • To prevent accidents, avoid using escalators or moving walkways with animals.
  • When moving between levels, use elevators and either carry your animal or transport them in a kennel.
  • Retrieving Pets Post-Flight at SFO
  • Pets traveling with you will arrive at the baggage claim area.
  • For pets shipped via cargo, contact the specific airline’s cargo service.
  • Overseas Travel with Pets at SFO
  • Contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture at 650.821.8732 for advice on international pet travel regulations.
  • Security Procedures with Pets at SFO
  • Consult TSA for specific procedures regarding travel with service animals and smaller pets.
  • Airport Butler. The “Airport Butler” service at San Francisco International Airport offers personalized concierge assistance for various types of passengers, including business executives, families with children, non-English speakers, senior citizens, and others. 

Services include help with check-in, baggage, connecting flights, flight delays or cancellations, lounge reservations, ground transportation, personal shopping, greeting guests with flowers or gifts, and arranging private meeting rooms or business services like printing and translation. 

The service is multi-lingual and can be tailored to individual needs. For more details or reservations, visit Flysfo.com/passengers/services/airport-butler or call 855.822.9868.

  • Expedited Travel at SFO
    1. CLEAR: This service provides swift access to airport security through all SFO terminals using biometric identification.
    2. TSA Precheck™: Offers faster security screening through certain airlines and airports.
    3. Global Entry: A program by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for pre-approved, low-risk travelers, allowing quicker entry into the U.S.
  • Mobile Passport. Allows eligible arriving passengers to use their iOS or Android device for passport and customs declaration, then access a dedicated express lane.
  • Travel Agency. Situated in the International Terminal’s Pre-Security Main Hall, it offers full-scale travel agency service, including arrangements for trips and coverage for travel uncertainties. Also provides a range of conveniences like:
  • Storing luggage.
  • Rapid delivery services for overnight needs.
  • Facilities for sending faxes and making copies.
  • Secure wrapping for luggage.
  • Customized boxes for transporting bikes and wine.
  • Selection of bags for both carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Essential items for travel.
  • Carriers for pets.
  • Rentable car seats for babies and children.
  • Facilities for computing and taking photos for passports.

Operating hours are from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

Reachable at this number: 650.877.0422.

SFO Medical Clinic

  • The SFO Medical Clinic offers travel medicine, urgent care, immigration physicals, and occupational health services.
  • Available services include COVID-19 booster shots (appointment required), travel vaccinations, and treatment for urgent medical needs.
  • It also conducts immigration physicals and provides occupational health services like ergonomic assessments and educational seminars.
  • The clinic accepts most PPO insurance, major credit cards, and personal checks.
  • Located in the International Terminal Main Hall, open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • For emergencies, Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame is the nearest medical facility.
  • Free Wi-Fi. SFO provides free Wi-Fi service across all its terminals. To connect, select #SFO FREE WIFI as your network. For any questions relating to the Wi-Fi service, call 855.415.WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Qatar Airways Fly from SFO

Navigating the flight network of Qatar Airways from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) can raise several questions for travelers. This section on “Frequently Asked Questions About Where Qatar Airways Flies from SFO” is designed to provide clarity and convenience. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your first journey with Qatar Airways, this resource aims to answer your queries about destinations and flight schedules on this route. 

Where does Qatar Airways fly to from SFO?

Qatar Airways flies directly from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) only to its primary hub at Doha (DOH) in Qatar. 

Where does Qatar Airways fly nonstop from SFO?

Qatar Airways flies nonstop from SFO to Doha (DOH) in Qatar. 

What destinations does Qatar Airways fly to directly from San Francisco International Airport?

Qatar Airways offers direct flights from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Doha (DOH).

How long is the direct flight from SFO to Doha with Qatar Airways?

The direct flight from SFO to DOH with Qatar Airways takes approximately 15 hours and 25 minutes.

How frequently does Qatar Airways operate flights from SFO to Doha?

Qatar Airways operates one flight per day from SFO to DOH.

On which days of the week can I fly from SFO to Doha with Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways operates flights from SFO to Doha every day of the week, including weekends.

What type of route is the SFO to Doha flight operated by Qatar Airways?

The flight from San Francisco to Doha operated by Qatar Airways is an international route.

What is the flight distance of the direct flight from SFO to Doha with Qatar Airways?

The approximate flight distance of the direct flight from SFO to Doha is about 8068 miles or 12985 kilometers.

Is advance booking required for Qatar Airways flights from SFO to Doha?

It is generally recommended to book in advance for international flights, including the SFO to DOH route with Qatar Airways, to secure the best rates and availability.

Where can I check the status and schedule for Qatar Airways flights from SFO to Doha?

You can check flight status and schedules on the Qatar Airways official website or through the San Francisco International Airport’s flight information.

Are there any seasonal variations in the frequency of flights from SFO to DOH with Qatar Airways?

Flight schedules can vary based on seasonal demand. Check the current flight schedule on the Qatar Airways website for the most up-to-date information.

Can I book a round trip from SFO to Doha with Qatar Airways, and what are the options? 

Yes, you can book round-trip flights from SFO to DOH with Qatar Airways. Various options including economy, business, and first-class are usually available, subject to availability.

What’s the total number of airports available in San Francisco?

Three distinct airports are present in San Francisco, namely the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), The Embarcadero Airport (EMB), and the China Basin Heliport (JCC).

How extensive is the airline network from San Francisco International Airport (SFO)?

San Francisco International Airport boasts connections with 169 airports globally, serviced by 49 airlines at present.

What airlines operate out of San Francisco?

The list of airlines flying out of San Francisco includes 49 carriers, including names like Delta, Turkish Airlines, Air New Zealand, JetBlue, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, ANA, Southwest, Fiji Airways, Copa Airlines, Breeze Airways, Alaska Airlines, EVA Air, Starlux Airlines, Air Transat, Emirates, United, Condor, Qatar Airways, China Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, AVIANCA, Iberia, Singapore Airlines, Air India, Viva Macau, SAS, WestJet, Air France, French Bee, Lufthansa, Flair Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, JAL, ITA Airways, TAP Portugal, Frontier Airlines, SWISS, Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, Sun Country Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines.

Which global airline alliances are represented in San Francisco?

Airline alliances with a presence in San Francisco include Star Alliance, oneworld, and Skyteam.

What’s the IATA code for San Francisco International Airport?

The international airport code for San Francisco International Airport is SFO.

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