Where Does JetBlue Fly from Baltimore (BWI)? JetBlue Flights from BWI

Published :- 2024-04-15
JetBlue BWI Destinations Map

When considering the routes offered by JetBlue from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), the query “Where Does JetBlue Fly from Baltimore (BWI)” yields a focused yet strategic answer. JetBlue operates direct flights exclusively to Boston (BOS) from BWI. This singular route, while seemingly limited, serves as a springboard to a vast network of destinations. JetBlue flies directly from Boston to 75 cities reaching 51 domestic locations and 24 international destinations.

The airline schedules between 7 and 13 daily flights to Boston from Baltimore, with each journey lasting around 1 hour and 30 minutes and covering a distance of 371 miles. These flights are available every day, ensuring consistent and flexible travel options for passengers. Although JetBlue’s direct offerings from BWI may be confined to Boston, this connection is pivotal, granting access to a wide range of both domestic and international destinations. This makes JetBlue’s operation at BWI not just a simple point-to-point service, but a crucial link in a larger, global network.

JetBlue Flights from Baltimore (BWI) 

JetBlue’s flights from Baltimore (BWI) include direct flights to only one destination—Boston (BOS). The table below provides the flight duration, frequency, and distance of JetBlue’s direct flights from Baltimore. 

JetBlue’s Direct Flights from Baltimore (BWI)
Boston (BOS)1h 30m7-13371S M T W T F SDomestic

JetBlue BWI Destinations Map

JetBlue BWI Destinations Map

JetBlue BWI Destinations Map/Route Map. Source. JetBlue.com/Route-Map 

Exploring JetBlue’s flight network from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) is effortless with the JetBlue BWI Destinations Map. This interactive tool, accessible through JetBlue’s official website, offers a panoramic view of the airline’s reach from BWI, primarily focusing on its extensive connections from Boston (BOS), given JetBlue’s direct service from BWI to Boston.

To utilize this map, visit JetBlue’s website, navigate to the “Travel Info” tab, and then select the “Where We Fly” or “Route Map” link. From here, you can set BWI as your departure point to reveal a network of destinations served through direct and connecting flights. The map not only showcases the geographical spread of JetBlue’s routes but also provides critical flight details such as frequency, duration, and pricing.

Using this tool, travelers can click on any displayed route to view specific information, aiding in comprehensive travel planning directly from the map interface. This includes available flight times, fare options, and the type of in-flight services like the premium Mint class. When ready to proceed, the map integrates seamlessly into JetBlue’s booking system, allowing users to filter by direct flights, service class, or other preferences, streamlining the ticket purchasing process and making travel planning a smooth, integrated experience.

JetBlue at Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI)

The table below serves as a useful guide to the facilities and services available at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). It includes essential information for travelers, such as airport location, contact details, terminal maps, and transportation options. 

Additionally, the table details various passenger amenities like dining, Wi-Fi and charging stations, lost and found services, and specific areas for children’s play and nursing. It also covers transportation means within and outside the airport, including train, bus, shuttle services, and car rentals, along with parking options and directions for arriving at the airport by car. 

Name of the Airport Baltimore/Washington International Airport 
Airport Location Roughly 10 miles from downtown Baltimore
Airport Address7050 Friendship Road, Baltimore, MD 21240, USA
Airport Telephone Number410-859-7111
JetBlue Phone Number at BWIGeneral 1-800-538-2583TTY 1-800-336-5530Baggage 1-800-538-2583 
Terminals at BWI1 Main Terminal with 5 Concourses (A, B, C, D, E)
JetBlue’s Departure Terminal Main Terminal, Concourse D

Inter-Terminal Transport


Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, while not vast in size, lacks train or shuttle services for terminal connections. You must walk to navigate between terminals, specifically from the main terminal to various concourses. When transferring from concourses A/B/C to D/E, you’ll need to go through the security checkpoint again.

BWI encourages physical activity by offering designated cardio walking paths within its premises, complete with strategically placed defibrillators for safety. There are two one-kilometer trails available: one stretches from one end of the main terminal to the other, and the other spans the entire length of Concourse A to Concourse B.

Security & Customs

BWI is equipped with four security screening areas – three serving Concourses A, B, and C, and one dedicated to Concourses D and E.

– Checkpoint A operates from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m.

– Checkpoint B from 4 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.

– Checkpoint C from 4 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

– Checkpoint D/E from 4 a.m. to 9:15 p.m.

Tip. To optimize processing efficiency, the airport may occasionally close one of the checkpoints for Concourses A, B, or C based on the current flow of passengers, diverting traffic to the remaining operational checkpoints.

TSA PreCheck
BWI features TSA PreCheck lanes at each security checkpoint, with operational hours as follows:

  • Checkpoint A: Available as required by operational demands
  • Checkpoint B: 4 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Checkpoint C: Available based on operational needs
  • Checkpoint D/E: 4 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Global Entry
BWI provides Global Entry kiosks for travelers who are part of this expedited clearance program. For individuals with conditional approval, interviews can be scheduled at the Global Entry Enrollment Center, situated on the International Terminal’s lower level. This center operates Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., closing for a break between 11:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Furthermore, BWI offers the Enrollment on Arrival service, allowing conditionally approved Global Entry applicants to complete their interviews upon arrival. This service is available from Monday to Friday, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Mobile Passport
BWI supports the Mobile Passport Control app for U.S. international arrivals, facilitating expedited entry.

Travelers must input their trip details in the app and show their passport along with the app’s digital receipt to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer upon landing.

CLEAR expedited security lanes are present at all BWI checkpoints, where travelers can also register for the service. The operational hours are:

  • Checkpoint A: 4 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Checkpoints B, C, D, E: 4 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Priority Pass Access

Entry to The Club at BWI is granted three hours prior to flight departure for Priority Pass members, depending on space availability. Members who have directly purchased a Priority Pass (excluding those with memberships via credit card perks) are also granted entry to ROAM Fitness.

Cafes and Restaurants

With 60 dining establishments including restaurants, cafes, and snack bars, BWI offers a rich culinary scene. While some options are available outside the security checkpoints in the terminal’s north end, Concourses A, B, and C are connected, allowing seamless access to the food outlets within the secure zones.
For meal planning, check the airport’s official website to see the dining facilities available.

Wi-Fi and Charging


BWI provides high-speed Wi-Fi access throughout its premises. Passengers can connect to the internet using the “_BWI Free WiFi” network. For any internet connection problems, reach out to support@slicewifi.com.
Charging Stations: Complimentary charging stations are located across the concourses, and available for passenger use.

Lost & Found

  • Passengers who lose an item on a plane or in ticketing or boarding zones should get in touch with the respective airline to track it down.
  • Items misplaced at the security checkpoints require communication with the TSA lost and found center. Contact the office at 410-689-3620 or drop by the office on the terminal’s lower level across from door 9.

For items lost in other parts of the airport, file a report with the airport’s lost and found department. You can reach out via email at maalostandfound@bwiairport.com or in person. The lost and found office is conveniently located near the Concourse C entrance on the upper level.

Additional Information 

Information Services
At BWI, passengers can find information desks in several locations:

  • International Concourse arrivals area
  • The lower level of Concourse C and D
  • Southwest Airlines baggage claim area 1-5
  • Ticketing area before Concourse A/B and D

Children’s Play Areas
While BWI might not be listed among the most child-friendly airports, it offers a play area for children in the D/E connector, featuring a large airplane model and rocking chairs.

Baby Facilities
For nursing mothers, BWI provides Mamava nursing stations at:

  • Concourse A near gate A7
  • Concourse B near gate B2
  • Concourse C near gate C7
  • Concourse D near gate D2
  • D/E connector in the children’s play area

Traveling With a Pet
BWI includes pet relief areas, both within and outside the secure zones:

  • Outside the hourly parking garage (outside security)
  • At the Concourse C entrance (inside security)
  • In the D/E connector area (inside security)

Shoppers can visit two duty-free stores located in the B/C and D/E connectors.

Smoking Areas
Designated smoking zones are available outside the terminal on the center islands of the upper and lower levels.

A meditation room for prayer or quiet contemplation is located behind the Delta ticketing area. Access can be arranged by calling 410-859-7736.

Currency exchange services are offered at two locations: on the upper level near the American Airlines ticketing area and in the D/E connector. Additionally, ATMs are accessible throughout the airport.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Airport Information: 410-859-7683
  • Lost and Found: 410-859-7387

Transport Options 


  • Amtrak: For passengers bound for cities like Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., or Wilmington, BWI provides a no-cost shuttle bus to the nearby MARC/Amtrak rail station. This service departs every 10 minutes (or 25 minutes between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.) from the baggage claim area on the lower level.
  • MTA MARC Train: Operating from the MARC/Amtrak station close to BWI, this train offers routes to Baltimore’s downtown, Prince George’s County, Harford County, and Washington, D.C.
  • MTA Light Rail: Connects BWI with Baltimore city center, Timonium, and Hunt Valley. It charges $1.90 per ride. The light rail’s station is just outside the lower level near Concourse E. Service runs from early morning until midnight on weekdays, with adjusted hours on weekends and holidays.

Bus Services

  • MTA ICC Bus: Route 201 from BWI heads to Gaithersburg, stopping at Shady Grove Metro and Arundel Mills Mall. The bus stop is located outside the airport near Concourses A and E.
  • MTA Bus: Line 75 connects the airport with local destinations like Parkway Center and Arundel Mills Mall. Route 107 offers weekday service to Old Court Metro Subway Station.
  • RTA: The 501/Silver route services from Columbia Mall to BWI, covering Anne Arundel and Northern Prince George’s County with a fare of $2.

Shuttle Services
Specific zones at BWI are allocated for various shuttle services:

  • Hotel shuttles at Zones 1 and 3
  • Off-airport parking shuttles at Zone 2
  • Combined services at Zone 4 Additionally, the BayRunner Shuttle provides pre-booked transfers between Ocean City, Grantsville, and BWI.

Taxicab Access
Taxi services are available at designated stands outside the lower level, with metered rates to local destinations like downtown Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
Ride-Hailing Services
Platforms such as Uber and Lyft offer curbside services on the upper level for both arrivals and departures at the terminal.

Driving Directions to BWI

From Downtown Baltimore

Start on MD 295 South, then take the I-195 East exit directed to BWI Airport. Follow I-195 straight until you enter the airport’s roadway network.

From Washington, D.C.

Begin on New York Avenue/US-50, then use the left two lanes to join the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Stay on this parkway until you see the exit for I-195 East pointing towards BWI Airport. Proceed on I-195 to access the roads leading into the airport.

Parking Information

Short-Term Parking
The most immediate parking option is the hourly garage near the main terminal, which employs an intelligent parking system indicating open spots via green lights. This garage offers a direct link to the terminal through air-conditioned walkways, charging $4 hourly and a daily maximum of $22.

Long-Term Parking
For daily parking, the garage on Terminal Road and Scott Drive costs $12 per day, with shuttles to the airport every 8-10 minutes. The express parking area, a more budget-friendly choice at $10 daily, is also located here. Shuttles from this lot will ferry you and your luggage to the terminal.

For the best rates, the long-term A and B lots on MD 162 (Aviation Boulevard) charge $8 per day, with regular shuttle service to the airport.

Temporary Waiting Area
The cell phone lot, situated on Scott Road adjacent to the daily garage entry, is designated for drivers waiting to pick up passengers, offering a free stay for up to one hour with the requirement that drivers stay with their vehicles.

Alternative Parking Options
While external parking lots may offer rates starting at about $7 per day, BWI’s long-term rate of $8 daily often proves to be more convenient. Therefore, parking within the airport grounds is generally advised unless combined with a hotel parking arrangement.

Accessible Parking
BWI ensures that all official parking lots have spaces reserved for disabled passengers, with shuttle services accommodating wheelchair access.
Parking Assistance
For inquiries related to parking at BWI: 800-468-6294

Car Rentals at BWI

At BWI, the car rental facility is situated within the airport grounds, just a brief shuttle ride from the terminal. Complimentary shuttle services ferry passengers to and from this center, with pick-up and drop-off at the terminal’s lower level.

The transit time to reach the rental center from the terminal, located at the intersection of Stoney Run Road and New Ridge Road, is about 10 minutes.

The car rental center hosts various companies, such as:

– Enterprise: 800-325-8007

– Avis: 410-859-1680

– National: 410-859-8092

– Thrifty: 410-850-7112

– Dollar: 410-850-7112

– NextCar: 410-461-1500

– Budget: 410-691-2913

– Hertz: 410-850-7400

– Alamo: 410-859-8092

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does JetBlue Fly from Baltimore (BWI)

Discovering the scope of JetBlue’s air travel from Baltimore requires understanding the key aspects of its service. The FAQs below about Where Does JetBlue Fly from Baltimore (BWI) delve into the direct and connecting flights to provide you with comprehensive insights into the travel options from BWI, especially through the strategic hub of Boston.

Where does JetBlue fly to from Baltimore (BWI)?

JetBlue flies directly from Baltimore (BWI) to Boston (BOS).

From where does JetBlue fly in Baltimore (BWI)?

JetBlue flights depart from the Main Terminal (Concourse D) at BWI.

How many flights per day does JetBlue operate from BWI to Boston? 

JetBlue operates between 7 and 13 flights daily from BWI to Boston.

How long is the JetBlue flight from BWI to Boston with JetBlue? 

The flight duration of JetBlue’s flight from BWI to Boston is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Can passengers fly to other destinations via JetBlue from Boston after flying from BWI? 

Yes, passengers can fly to 75 other cities, including 51 domestic and 24 international destinations, from Boston after flying from BWI.

How can travelers view the JetBlue BWI Destinations Map? 

Travelers can view the JetBlue BWI Destinations Map by visiting JetBlue’s official website, navigating to the “Travel Info” tab, and selecting the “Where We Fly” or “Route Map” link.

What is the distance covered by JetBlue flights from BWI to Boston? 

JetBlue flights from BWI to Boston cover a distance of 371 miles.

Are there facilities for international travelers at BWI, like Global Entry? 

Yes, BWI has Global Entry kiosks and offers an Enrollment on Arrival service for international travelers.

What amenities are available at BWI for travelers? 

BWI offers various amenities, including dining options, Wi-Fi, charging stations, children’s play areas, baby facilities, pet relief areas, and special services for travelers with disabilities.

Is there a direct connection between the concourses within BWI? 

While BWI is not vast, walking is the primary mode of inter-terminal transport, with specific paths connecting the concourses.

What security and customs facilities does BWI offer? 

BWI is equipped with four security screening areas and TSA PreCheck lanes, serving different concourses and operational during specific hours.

How does JetBlue’s service from BWI to Boston facilitate further travel? 

JetBlue’s service from BWI to Boston acts as a key link to a wider network, facilitating easy access to a range of domestic and international destinations from Boston.

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