Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Las Vegas: Delta Flights from LAS

Published :- 2024-01-25
Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Las Vegas

For travelers wondering Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Las Vegas, the options are both plentiful and diverse. In terms of domestic travel, Delta offers a wide range of destinations that cater to both the casual traveler and the business commuter. Among the major cities, Los Angeles (LAX) stands out with the highest frequency of flights – between 28 and 34 daily – and a brief flight time of just 1 hour and 18 minutes. Other key domestic destinations include Seattle (SEA), San Diego (SAN), Atlanta (ATL), and New York, with flights to both JFK and LGA airports. These routes cover various regions of the United States, making Delta a convenient choice for traveling across the country.

On the international front, Delta’s Las Vegas routes extend to 3 significant global destinations. The airline offers direct flights to Seoul (ICN), Amsterdam (AMS), and Paris (CDG). These flights not only connect travelers to major cities in Asia and Europe but also serve as gateways to further international exploration. 

Delta Flights from Las Vegas

Whether it’s a short trip to a neighboring state or a long-haul journey to another continent, Delta’s flights from Las Vegas provide a range of options suitable for an array of travel needs and preferences. The table below lists the 20 destinations to which Delta flies directly from Las Vegas, along with the flight duration, frequency, and distance. 

Delta’s Direct Flights from Las Vegas 
Destination DurationFlights/DayMilesWeekdaysRoute
Los Angeles (LAX)1h 18m28-34237DailyDomestic
Seattle (SEA)2h 48m20-23871DailyDomestic
San Diego (SAN)1h 10m16-22260DailyDomestic
Atlanta (ATL)3h 52m16-181752DailyDomestic
Sacramento (SMF)1h 35m12-18399DailyDomestic
Salt Lake City (SLC)1h 26m10-14369DailyDomestic
San Jose (SJC)1h 30m10-13387DailyDomestic
Minneapolis (MSP)3h 7m11-141304DailyDomestic
Austin (AUS)2h 40m11-121094DailyDomestic
Detroit (DTW)3h 58m101754DailyDomestic
New York (JFK)5h 3m6-102255DailyDomestic
Boston (BOS)5h 6m7-92388DailyDomestic
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)4h 20m3-42032DailyDomestic
Orlando (MCO)4h 31m3-52046DailyDomestic
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)4h 31m32182DailyDomestic
Cincinnati (CVG)3h 49m2-41683DailyDomestic
Seoul (ICN)13h 25m16042DailyInternational
Amsterdam (AMS)9h 56m15372DailyInternational
New York (LGA)5h 25m12249DailyDomestic
Paris (CDG)10h 20m15459DailyInternational

Overview of Delta’s Flights from Las Vegas

The section below provides an overview of the direct flight options available with Delta Air Lines from Las Vegas, ranging from short domestic hops to long-haul international journeys.

Flight Duration

  • Maximum Duration: The longest direct flight from Las Vegas is to Seoul (ICN) with a duration of 13 hours and 25 minutes.
  • Minimum Duration: The shortest direct flight from Las Vegas is to San Diego (SAN) with a duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Flight Distance

  • Maximum Distance: The farthest direct flight from Las Vegas is to Seoul (ICN), covering a distance of 6,042 miles.
  • Minimum Distance: The shortest direct flight from Las Vegas is to Los Angeles (LAX), covering a distance of 237 miles.

Flight Frequency

  • Maximum Frequency: The highest frequency of flights from Las Vegas is to Los Angeles (LAX), with 28-34 flights daily.
  • Minimum Frequency: The lowest frequency of flights per day from Las Vegas is to Seoul (ICN), Amsterdam (AMS), New York (LGA), and Paris (CDG), with 1 flight per day. 

Note: The frequency of flights can vary depending on the season and operational decisions of the airline. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, check directly with the airline or airport.

Delta Las Vegas Destinations Map

Delta Las Vegas Destinations Map

A screenshot of Delta’s Las Vegas Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: Delta.com

Exploring flight options from Las Vegas with Delta Air Lines is a breeze, thanks to the Delta Las Vegas Destinations Map. This intuitive and interactive tool on Delta’s official website simplifies the process of planning your travels from Las Vegas.

Accessing the Map: To start, visit Delta Air Lines’ official website. Look for the Route Map section, which is straightforward to locate and use. This feature offers an immediate overview of all the destinations Delta flies to from Las Vegas.

Using the Map: The Delta Las Vegas Destinations Map is very user-friendly. Once on the route map page, choose Las Vegas (LAS) as your departure airport. You can then input your desired destination and travel dates, tailoring the search to fit your specific needs. The page will now display all available routes, including key details like flight durations, numbers, and exact timings for both direct and connecting flights.

Sort & Filter Tool: Enhance your search experience with the Sort & Filter feature. This functionality allows you to refine searches based on criteria like flight duration, number of stops, and departure times, ensuring your travel plans align with your preferences.

Booking Flights: After selecting a flight, the Book A Flight option seamlessly guides you to the booking interface. This integration streamlines the process, making it efficient and straightforward.

Interactive Features: The map’s interactive design isn’t just about functionality; it also invites exploration. Mac users can zoom in using the command key and a finger scroll, while Windows users can use the CTRL key and a finger scroll. This feature is particularly useful for those keen on exploring destinations in-depth.

Inspiring Travel and Exploration: Beyond being a mere display of Delta’s network from Las Vegas, the map also inspires travel adventures. With additional website features like Explore Top Destinations, you gain insights into travel requirements, pricing, and the attractions of various locations.

In summary, the Delta Las Vegas Destinations Map is an essential tool for anyone flying from Las Vegas with Delta Air Lines. From planning your journey to booking your flight, it turns the task of arranging travel into a streamlined experience.

Delta Air Lines at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)

The table below provides important at-a-glance information and services for travelers flying with Delta Air Lines through Harry Reid International Airport (LAS). Located just about 5 miles from downtown Las Vegas, LAS Airport offers a range of services and amenities. 

Delta Air Lines and Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)
Airport NameHarry Reid International Airport 
Airport Address5757 Wayne Newton Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119, U.S.A.
Location About 5 miles from downtown Las Vegas
Airport Code LAS
Delta Departure TerminalTerminal 1 
Airport WebsiteHarryReidAirport.com
Airport Phone Number702-261-5211

Inter-Terminal Transport

Inside the Secure Area

Airport Tram System Passengers at Harry Reid International Airport can utilize the frequent tram service to move between terminals and gates within the secure area. The tram system consists of three distinct routes, each marked by a different color for easy navigation.

Tram Routes

  • Green Line: Connects Terminal 1 and C gates in both directions.
  • Blue Line: Links D gates with Terminal 1 and vice versa.
  • Red Line: Runs between Terminal 3 and D gates, and back.

Outside the Secure Area: Airport Shuttle Bus For transportation between terminals outside the secure area, the airport provides a shuttle bus service. This service operates every 20 to 30 minutes. As these buses move outside the secure zone, passengers will need to undergo security screening again upon reaching their destination terminal.

Shuttle Bus Departure Points

  • From Terminal 1. Level 0, exits 7 to 13.
  • From Terminal 3. Level 0, both west (for domestic travelers) and east ends (for international travelers).

Walking Paths

Inside the Secure Area at Harry Reid International Airport, there are recommended walking paths to promote passenger fitness. The paths connect various gates within Terminal 1.

  • The A and B gates are within a brief walking distance of each other.
  • To access the C gates, passengers can use the annex from the B gates or the corridor near the A/B security checkpoint.

The airport’s walking map, available on the Fly Fit! page, outlines these routes and their lengths. It’s important to note that there are no luggage storage facilities, so any personal or carry-on items must be carried along.

Security and Customs at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)

At Harry Reid International Airport, passengers can navigate through multiple security checkpoints located in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Each checkpoint operates during specific hours for efficient passenger flow.

Operational Hours of Security Checkpoints

  • Terminal 1, A/B Checkpoint: Operational from 0330 hours to 0100 hours.
  • Terminal 1, C Annex Checkpoint: Active from 0305 hours to 2130 hours.
  • Terminal 1, C/D Checkpoint: Available 24 hours a day.
  • Terminal 3 Checkpoint: Open from 0330 hours to 0130 hours.
  • Terminal 3, Innovation Checkpoint: Functioning from 0600 hours to 1400 hours.

These operational times are structured to optimize security and customs processes for travelers at LAS.

TSA PreCheck: LAS provides TSA PreCheck lanes in each terminal. However, it’s important to note that their operational hours differ from those of the regular security lanes:

TSA PreCheck Operating Times

  • Terminal 1, A/B Checkpoint: 3 a.m. – 12 a.m.
  • Terminal 1, C Annex Checkpoint: Mon & Tue: 3 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Wed-Sun: 3 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Terminal 1, C/D Checkpoint: 3 a.m. – 12 a.m.
  • Terminal 3 Checkpoint: 3 a.m. – 12 a.m.

These times may vary, so checking the latest TSA PreCheck schedule is advisable. Outside these hours, expedited screening is available at standard checkpoints, but the process differs from PreCheck.

For enrollment, LAS has a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center located in Terminal 1’s baggage claim area. The center operates Monday to Friday with varying hours, and the latest schedule can be found online.

Tip: TSA PreCheck is highly beneficial for frequent flyers from LAS, known for having some of the longest security wait times in the U.S.

Global Entry: Global Entry kiosks are available at LAS for approved passengers. Those with conditional approval must schedule an interview at the Terminal 3 Enrollment Center, open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Additionally, Enrollment on Arrival is available daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

CLEAR: CLEAR lanes are present at all security checkpoints in LAS, except the Terminal 3 innovation checkpoint. Most checkpoints operate daily from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m., while the C/D checkpoints extend until 10 p.m.

There’s also a CLEAR Enrollment Center in Terminal 2. Enrollment can be done at the mentioned checkpoints during operating hours.

Food and Beverage Options at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)

Harry Reid International Airport boasts over 65 dining establishments including restaurants, bars, cafés, and quick-service kiosks, primarily situated in the departure concourses. For those not yet past security, the Terminal 1 Esplanade offers several options for a quick meal.

To explore dining choices in each terminal or concourse, visit the LAS airport website for detailed information.

Connectivity and Power at LAS

At LAS, visitors can access complimentary Wi-Fi in all public zones, ensuring constant connectivity.

Power Stations: Scattered across Terminals 1 and 3, charging stations are readily available, especially near gate areas. For those needing to power up laptops, dedicated workstations are provided.
Travel Tip: Remember, free Wi-Fi isn’t a standard feature at all airports. To ensure continuous online access, consider carrying a portable hotspot device.

Lost & Found at LAS Airport

Should you misplace an item in the public spaces, security checkpoints, or departure gates of LAS, the lost and found office can be contacted at 702-261-5134. Operating hours are from 0800 to 1630 PST, Sunday through Friday. Alternatively, a lost item report can be filed online.

For items lost on board an aircraft, reach out directly to the airline.

Additional Facilities at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)

Information Services: Passengers at LAS can locate information booths in the baggage claim areas of both terminals. For after-hours assistance, the airport’s white courtesy phones can be used by dialing 0.

Travelers Aid: While LAS doesn’t have an on-site Travelers Aid center, the nearest facility is at 1640 E. Flamingo Rd., #100, Las Vegas, NV 89119. For assistance, call 702-369-4357.

Children’s Play Areas: LAS features a play area for children in the D gates building, situated on the upper level of the open lobby. It is recognized as one of the most kid-friendly airports in the U.S.

Baby Facilities: Nursing pods are available across all terminal and departure areas at LAS:

  • A/B/C gates: On the bridge linking B and C gates
  • D gates: Upper level of the open lobby area
  • E gates: Near gate E9

Pet Relief Areas: LAS provides specific enclosed areas for pet relief at:

  • Terminal 1: Outside security near doors 13 and 30.
  • Terminal 3: Outside security, the eastern side of the ground transportation area.
  • C gates: Near gate C25 on the bridge between B and C gates.
  • D gates: Upper level of the open lobby area.
  • E gates: Opposite gate E11.

Duty-Free Shopping: Duty-free shops are located near gates D17 and E7.

Designated Smoking Areas: Smoking is allowed in:

  • Barney’s Lounge (C gates)
  • Bud Track Lounge (Esplanade)
  • Gaming lounges (A, B, C, D, and E gates)
  • Outside ticketing and baggage claim areas

Financial Services: ATMs are accessible throughout the terminals and concourses.

Luggage Services: No baggage storage is available at LAS. For storage needs, “Bags To Go” at 4057 Dean Martin Dr., Las Vegas, NV, is recommended.

Medical Facilities: The University Medical Center (UMC) clinic is located in Terminal 1, level 2 near the A/B security checkpoint. It operates daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Important LAS Contact Numbers

  • General Inquiries: 702-261-5211
  • Car Parking: 702-261-5121
  • Paging: 702-261-5211
  • Car Rental Center: 702-261-6001
  • Lost and Found: 702-261-5134

Getting To and From Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)

At LAS, travelers have various transportation options, including public buses, private or shared shuttles, and taxis available just outside the terminals.

RTC Public Bus

The Centennial Express (CX) connects Terminal 3, with buses departing from the second-level departures area.

Shuttle Services

  • Inter-city Shuttles. For travel outside Las Vegas, passengers can opt for private or shared-ride shuttles. LAS endorses several third-party shuttle services.
  • Group Shuttles. Affordable shared-ride shuttles can be arranged upon arrival. They are accessible from outside doors 7 to 13 in the baggage claim of Terminal 1, or from level 0 in Terminal 3. These shuttles make multiple stops, catering to passengers heading in similar directions.

Taxi Services 

Taxis are stationed outside exits 1-4 in the baggage claim of Terminal 1 and on Level 0 of Terminal 3. The fare to the Las Vegas Strip varies, typically ranging between $18 and $30, depending on the destination hotel.

Ride-Hailing Apps

Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft are authorized for pickups and drop-offs at LAS. For Terminal 1, drivers meet passengers at level 2 of the parking garage, and for Terminal 3, at the valet level of the parking structure.

Instructions for Reaching Harry Reid International Airport

Driving from North Las Vegas: Set off on I-15 heading southward and continue up to the vicinity of West Tropicana Avenue in the Paradise area. Opt for Exit 37, then make your way westward on Tropicana Avenue. Position yourself in the three lanes on the right to make a turn onto the Harry Reid Airport Connector/Paradise Road.
Driving from the Grand Canyon: Start from Pierce Ferry Road and turn towards US-93 in Dolan Springs. Head north on US-93, which transitions into I-11. Follow I-11 and take exit 23 to merge onto I-215 West. Then, take the exit 10 off-ramp towards Sunset Road/Harry Reid Airport, leading you to merge onto the Harry Reid Airport Connector.

Parking Information

Official Airport Parking at LAS: Harry Reid International Airport offers extensive parking options, including six on-site garages for both short and long-term needs.

Short-term Parking Options

  • Terminal 1. The short-term lot is next to the terminal entrance on the 2M level. Ideal for brief stays up to 3 hours, it has a 7-foot height clearance.
  • Terminal 3. Located outside Terminal 3 on the 1st level. Suitable for up to 3-hour stays with a clearance of 9 feet 4 inches.

Rates for Short-term Parking

  • First 15 minutes: Complimentary
  • Up to 1 hour: $3
  • 1-2 hours: $6
  • 2-3 hours: $9
  • Additional hour: $4
  • Daily max: $36

Long-term Parking Solutions

  • Terminal 1. Available on levels 1M, 3, 4, 5, and 6, with an 8-foot clearance. Levels are named after Vegas hotels for easy recall.
  • Terminal 3. On levels 3, 4, 5, and 6, next to the terminal. International travelers should park on the east side, and domestic on the west, both marked with playing card symbols. The clearance is 8 feet 2 inches.

Long-term Parking Fees

  • First 15 minutes: Free
  • Up to 3 hours: $10
  • Additional hour: $2
  • Daily max: $18

Economy Parking at LAS

  • Terminal 1. Located at 576 Kitty Hawk Way, with a shuttle service every 15-20 minutes. Oversized vehicles have a separate lot (details below).
  • Terminal 3. Adjacent to the terminal, accommodating all vehicle sizes.

Economy Parking Rates

  • First 15 minutes: Free
  • Up to 2 hours: $4
  • Additional hour: $2
  • Daily max: $12

Oversized/Remote Parking: The oversized lot for Terminal 1 is on Gilespie Street, opposite the Rent-A-Car Center, with a shuttle service available.

Oversized Parking Charges

  • Up to 30 minutes: $3
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour: $6
  • Additional hour: $3
  • Daily max: $15

Valet Parking Services: Available at both terminals, with Terminal 1 valet on Level 2 and Terminal 3 on Level V. The daily rate for valet service is $30.

Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off

  • Terminal 1. Pick-up is across the pedestrian bridge on level 1 of the garage.
  • Terminal 2. Pick-up from level 1 of the garage.
  • Departure drop-offs at Level 1 of Terminal 1 and Level 2 of Terminal 3.

There’s also a cell phone lot near Terminal 1’s economy parking for waiting vehicles.
Off-site and Hotel Parking: Several off-site lots offer daily rates starting at $15, including shuttle services. Some hotels also provide parking and accommodation packages. For comparisons, AirportParkingReservations.com is a helpful resource.

Rental Car Facility at Harry Reid International Airport

The airport’s rental car center is situated approximately 3 miles from the airport terminals at 7135 Gilespie St. It is accessible via courtesy shuttle services that run frequently. 

For Terminal 1, shuttle pick-up is on level 1 outside doors 10 and 11. In Terminal 3, shuttles can be found on level 0, with departures from doors 51 to 54 on the west and doors 55 to 58 on the east.

List of Car Rental Agencies 

  • Thrifty: 800-367-2277
  • Sixt: 888-749-8227
  • Payless: 800-729-5377
  • National: 800-CAR-RENT
  • Hertz: 800-654-3131
  • Enterprise: 800-RENTACAR
  • Dollar: 800-800-4000
  • Budget: 800-922-2899
  • Avis: 800-331-1212
  • Alamo: 800-GOALAMO

Frequently Asked Questions on Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Las Vegas

Navigating travel options can often seem daunting, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect flight. For those looking to fly with Delta Air Lines from Las Vegas, a common query arises: “Where does Delta fly directly from Las Vegas?” To address this and similar questions, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time traveler, these FAQs offer valuable insights into Delta’s flight routes, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make the best travel decisions.

Where does Delta fly from Las Vegas?

Delta flies directly from Las Vegas to the following 20 cities.

Where does Delta fly nonstop from Las Vegas?

Delta flies nonstop from Las Vegas to 17 cities in the United States and 3 international destinations.

Where does Delta fly internationally from Las Vegas?

At present, Delta flies internationally from Las Vegas to 3 cities directly—Seoul (ICN), Amsterdam (AMS), and Paris (CDG).

What is the shortest direct flight Delta offers from Las Vegas?

The shortest direct flight is to San Diego (SAN), with a duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Which destination has the highest frequency of Delta flights from Las Vegas?

Los Angeles (LAX) has the highest frequency, with 28-34 flights per day.

What is the longest direct international flight Delta operates from Las Vegas?

The longest direct international flight is to Seoul (ICN), taking 13 hours and 25 minutes.

How many direct flights does Delta offer from Las Vegas to New York?

Delta operates 6-10 direct flights daily to New York (JFK) and 1 direct flight to New York (LGA).

Does Delta fly directly from Las Vegas to Europe?

Yes, Delta has direct flights from Las Vegas to Amsterdam (AMS) and Paris (CDG).

What is the flight duration from Las Vegas to Atlanta with Delta?

The flight duration from Las Vegas to Atlanta (ATL) is approximately 3 hours and 52 minutes.

How far is the flight from Las Vegas to Seattle with Delta?

The direct flight from Las Vegas to Seattle (SEA) covers 871 miles.

Are there daily flights from Las Vegas to San Jose with Delta?

Yes, Delta offers 10-13 daily flights to San Jose (SJC).

What is the distance of Delta’s direct flight from Las Vegas to Boston?

The direct flight to Boston (BOS) covers a distance of 2,388 miles.

How often does Delta fly from Las Vegas to Minneapolis?

Delta operates 11-14 daily flights to Minneapolis (MSP).

What are the flight options from Las Vegas to Florida with Delta?

Delta offers direct flights to Orlando (MCO) with 3-5 flights per day and to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) with 3 flights per day.

How many flights per day does Delta have from Las Vegas to Detroit?

Delta operates 10 flights per day to Detroit (DTW).

Can I fly directly from Las Vegas to Seoul with Delta?

Yes, there is 1 daily direct flight from Las Vegas to Seoul (ICN).

What are Delta’s domestic flight options from Las Vegas?

Delta’s domestic options from Las Vegas include 17 cities.

How long is the direct flight from Las Vegas to Paris with Delta?

The direct flight to Paris (CDG) has a duration of approximately 10 hours and 20 minutes.

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