Where Does WestJet Fly from Kitchener? WestJet Flights from Kitchener

Published :- 2024-03-20
Where Does WestJet Fly from Kitchener

WestJet’s flight network from Kitchener is a gateway to a world of destinations, despite its direct flights being limited to only one destination. So where does WestJet fly from Kitchener? From Kitchener, you can embark on a journey to Calgary (YYC), a hub from which WestJet flies to more than 80 destinations globally. This includes major regions and cities across the globe, making it a convenient starting point for travelers looking to explore far and wide. 

From Calgary, you can fly across various continents including North America, Europe, and Asia, among others. WestJet’s extensive network from Calgary ensures you have a wealth of options for your next adventure, business trip, or family holiday. Whether you’re planning to soak up the sun in the United Arab Emirates, explore the historic streets of Italy, or indulge in the cultural delights of China, your journey can start with just one flight from Kitchener to Calgary.

WestJet Flights from Kitchener

WestJet’s flights from Kitchener include daily flights to Calgary (YYC), one of WestJet’s major domestic hubs. The table in this section provides useful information, such as the duration, daily flight frequency, and flight distance of the direct WestJet flights from Kitchener. 

WestJet’s Direct Flights from Kitchener
Calgary (YYC)4h 10m0-11651S, M, T, W, T, F, SDomestic

WestJet Kitchener Destinations Map 

WestJet Kitchener Destinations Map 

WestJet Kitchener Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: WestJet.com 

Discovering your trip with WestJet is now more intuitive and engaging than ever before, thanks to the WestJet Kitchener Destinations Map. This innovative feature on WestJet’s official website offers a visual and interactive way to explore the myriad of destinations accessible from Kitchener. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, the Destinations Map simplifies the process of discovering and booking your flights.

Accessing the WestJet Kitchener Destinations Map: Embark on your next trip by following these easy steps:

  1. Visit the WestJet website at WestJet.com.
  2. At the top of the homepage, find and click on the Search icon
  3. Enter Route Map in the search bar and initiate the search
  4. Click on the Route Map search result, which redirects you to the interactive Destinations Map

Using the Destinations Map. The Destinations Map is a practical tool designed to enhance your travel planning. Start by selecting Kitchener (YKF) as your departure city. Immediately, the map will display all direct destinations offered by WestJet from Kitchener, providing a clear and comprehensive view of your potential travel routes.

Planning and Booking Your Journey. You can use the map to:

  • Select your preferred destination directly on the map or via a dropdown menu.
  • Adjust the budget slider to filter flights within your financial range, showing all suitable options.
  • Refine your search to include direct flights, connecting flights, or flights to specific regions.

After you decide on your destination, the Destinations Map will facilitate a smooth transition to the booking phase. A few clicks within the map interface are all it takes to secure your tickets for your chosen destination.

Embarking on Your Next Adventure. The WestJet Destinations Map is designed for everyone from business travelers to families, and solo explorers, making it easier than ever to turn your travel aspirations into a reality. 

WestJet at Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF), Kitchener 

The table is a useful guide for travelers flying out of the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF), detailing essential services and amenities. From convenient parking options and free Wi-Fi access to specialized services such as curbside assistance for travelers with disabilities and pet relief areas, the table covers all the bases to ensure a smooth and comfortable airport experience. 

Additionally, it provides contact information for car rentals, taxi services, and limousine providers, alongside a snapshot of available transportation services. This information is pivotal for planning your visit, navigating through the airport facilities, and making your journey as seamless as possible.

Airport NameRegion of Waterloo International Airport 
Airport Location Approximately 20 minutes from the city centers of Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, and Cambridge.
Airport AddressMain Air Terminal Building1-4881 Fountain Street NorthBreslau, Ontario (Canada) N0B 1M0
Website URLWaterlooAirport.ca/en
YKF Phone Number1-866-648-2256 (toll-free)519-575-4781
WestJet’s Phone Number at YKF1-888-937-8538 1-877-952-0100 (TTY)
Airport Code YKF
Terminals at YKF1 Main Terminal 
WestJet Departures Terminal at YKFMain Terminal 
Lost and Found Items519-502-3947

Free Wi-Fi and Charging


To access the free wi-fi service:

  • Switch on your smart device
  • Enable the wireless adapter
  • Connect to this network: RMOW-Public

Charging Stations

Available in the departure lounge and main lobby

Pet Relief Areas

There are 2 pet relief areas at YKF:

  • Outside the domestic arrival building 
  • After Security Screening near the repack tables

Both pet relief areas have garbage cans and pet waste dispensers.

Additional Information 

Curbside Drop-off and Pick-up
Designated areas for dropping off and picking up passengers are conveniently located right at the curb. These areas are marked by the International Symbol of Access, ensuring easy identification. You’ll find these specific zones:

  • Directly in front of the main terminal’s Departure area
  • In front of the domestic arrivals building
    It’s important to note that these spots are strictly for loading purposes; waiting is not allowed.

Assistance at the Curbside for Travelers with Disabilities
Travelers with disabilities may avail themselves of curbside assistance from the moment they arrive at the terminal curb, extending all the way to the airline check-in counter, and similarly from the arrivals area to their onward transportation. Those in need of special assistance are encouraged to reach out either via email (link provided here) or by calling us directly at 519-575-4781. To ensure the best service, we recommend contacting us at least 48 hours before your arrival or departure.

Accessible Parking Options
Every parking lot at the terminal is equipped with accessible parking spaces, clearly marked with the Universal Access Symbol. To utilize these spaces, please make sure to display your valid Accessible Parking Permit where it’s easily visible, either on the vehicle’s sun visor or the front dashboard.

For a visual guide to our parking facilities, feel free to review the image linked here.
Courtesy Airport Shuttle Service
The courtesy shuttle service from the Value parking lot is designed with accessibility in mind and features a wheelchair lift. This service can accommodate passengers with mobility aids that do not fold or collapse, ensuring a smooth and convenient airport experience.

Transport Options 

Airport Transit Services
Grand River Transit (GRT) enhances airport connectivity with its flexible service to the GRT and GO Transit networks. Route 79 Breslau is tailored as an on-demand, adaptable transit option.

Service Hours for Route 79 Breslau
This route is active from Monday to Friday during 3 time slots: 6-10 a.m., 2-6 p.m., and 10:45-11:45 p.m. Utilize the GRT Flex App to schedule your trips up to two days ahead.

GRT Flex App
For seamless travel planning and bookings, download the GRT Flex App from the App Store or Google Play Store. Need assistance? Dial 519-585-7555. More details are available at grt.ca/Breslau.

Interconnection with GO Transit and Via Rail
GRT facilitates connections to GO Transit and VIA Rail at Kitchener Rail Station, broadening your travel options.

GO Transit Information

  • Location: 126 Weber St W, Kitchener, Ontario
  • Contact: 888-438-6646 or 877-378-6123
  • Explore more at gotransit.com.

Rail Details

  • Location: 126 Weber St W, Kitchener, Ontario
  • Contact: 888-842-7245
  • Visit viarail.ca for further information.

Car Rentals
The Region of Waterloo International Airport hosts Avis and Enterprise for convenient car rentals located near the Domestic Arrivals Building.

Contact Information

  • Avis: 1-888-897-8448, avis.com, with a key drop box outside the Air Terminal Building.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 1-800-261-7331, enterprise.ca, key drop box inside the Air Terminal Building.

Taxi Services
Taxis from YKF are fully regulated, ensuring drivers are licensed, trained, and vehicles are annually inspected. Find taxis at the designated stand outside YKF’s main entrance.

Taxi Companies

Limousine Service
Licensed limousine services offer a luxurious alternative, requiring advance reservations. These services adhere to the same strict regulations as taxis for your safety and comfort.

Limousine providers include: 

Toronto Pearson Limousine 647-860-8000

VIP Limousine Service KW 519-221-5466

Touch of Class Limousine & Emerald Black Car 519-742-2193

The Wright Limousine Service 1-800-328-5501/519-894-5555

Speedy Limo Service KW 519-834-0545

Paradise Limo Service 519-638-0061

Limo Guys Inc. 647-505-8227

KW Limo Inc. 519-998-3988

Epic Limo 519-998-2822

Brentwood Livery 1-877-741-5700/519-741-5700

Boulevard Limousine 1-888-330-5386/519-886-8090Blackcar Waterloo Region 519-888-1008

Parking Information 

Onsite Parking
The Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) provides an efficient gated parking system close to the terminal for travelers’ convenience. Offering two parking lots just a short walk from the Terminal and another accessible by shuttle, all options are at ground level, without cover, and under security surveillance.

  • Standard Parking Rates. Charging $3 hourly, with a daily cap at $16 for every 24 hours, and the initial 30 minutes are complimentary.
  • Seasonal Value Parking. The entry to the value parking lot will be closed during winter starting October 1, 2023. Shuttle service remains operational through October 31, 2023. Guests returning post-November 1, 2023, are advised to seek help at the Airport Information Desk within the main terminal.

All rates are inclusive of HST, and extended stay discounts are not available.

Uncovered, ground-level parking is available without the need for reservations and is monitored for security. Accessible parking spaces are distributed across all parking lots. Travelers requiring assistance are encouraged to coordinate with their airline prior to airport arrival for arrangements.

Main Parking Lots

  • One is accessed by turning left onto Canuck Road from the left side of Airport Road.
  • Another is located directly off Airport Road on the right, near the Main Air Terminal Building.

Payment Methods
Acceptable payment forms include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, debit, and cash (the latter only at pay stations, not at exit gates).

Pay Stations
Parking fees can be settled upon exiting the lot or at pay stations inside the domestic arrivals building, with a 20-minute grace period post-payment. In case of a lost ticket, assistance is available at the Information Desk in the main terminal.

Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities
Two EV charging stations are located in the lot to the left of the main terminal, each able to service two vehicles, thus accommodating four vehicles in total for charging.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does WestJet Fly Direct from Kitchener

Navigating the skies from Kitchener to WestJet opens up a world of travel possibilities, but travelers often have questions about the direct routes available. Our “Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does WestJet Fly Direct from Kitchener” provides you with the answers you need, making it easier for you to plan your next adventure without the hassle of layovers and connecting flights. Whether you’re jetting off on a business trip or embarking on a leisurely vacation, understanding your direct flight options can streamline your travel experience.

Where does WestJet fly to from Kitchener?

WestJet currently flies to Calgary (YYC), one of the airline’s domestic hubs, from Kitchener.

Where does WestJet fly directly from Kitchener (YKF)?

WestJet offers direct flights from Kitchener (YKF) to Calgary (YYC).

From where does WestJet fly in Kitchener?

WestJet flies from the main terminal at Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) near Kitchener.

How long is the flight from Kitchener to Calgary with WestJet?

The flight duration from Kitchener (YKF) to Calgary (YYC) with WestJet is approximately 4 hours and 10 minutes.

How often does WestJet operate flights from Kitchener to Calgary?

WestJet normally operates 0 – 1 flight per day from Kitchener (YKF) to Calgary (YYC).

What is the distance of the flight from Kitchener to Calgary with WestJet?

The flight from Kitchener (YKF) to Calgary (YYC) covers a distance of about 1651 miles.

On which days of the week can I fly from Kitchener to Calgary with WestJet?

WestJet operates flights from Kitchener (YKF) to Calgary (YYC) every day of the week.

Is the WestJet flight from Kitchener to Calgary considered a domestic flight?

Yes, the WestJet flight from Kitchener to Calgary is considered a domestic route.

Are there any alternative destinations from Kitchener with WestJet apart from Calgary?

Based on the current schedule, Calgary (YYC) is the only direct flight destination offered by WestJet from Kitchener (YKF). For other destinations, you may need to consider connecting flights.

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