Where Does Norwegian Air Fly? Full list of Routes and Destinations

Published :- 2024-01-09
Where Does Norwegian Air Fly

Norwegian Air covers a broad spectrum of destinations both domestically within Norway and internationally. The question, “Where Does Norwegian Air Fly?” highlights the airline’s reach across various regions, connecting people and places.

Norwegian Air’s international destinations span across Europe, extending to key cities in various countries. In the Balkans, travelers can fly to Tirana in Albania and Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The airline’s reach in Eastern Europe includes capitals like Sofia in Bulgaria and Prague in Czechia, along with other significant cities like Budapest in Hungary and Riga in Latvia.

The airline’s presence in Southern Europe is notable, with flights to Mediterranean hotspots like Athens and Santorini in Greece, and several cities in Italy, including Rome, Venice, and Milan. Nordic destinations feature prominently, with multiple flights within Norway, including Oslo, Bergen, and Tromsø, and extending to Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Western European destinations are well-covered, with flights to major hubs like Paris and Toulouse in France, and Munich and Berlin in Germany. Norwegian Air also flies to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Dublin in Ireland.

Not just limited to Europe, Norwegian Air connects to Tel Aviv in Israel and Marrakech in Morocco, offering a gateway to diverse cultures and landscapes.

Where Does Norwegian Air Fly Direct/Nonstop?

The table below lists all the 95 destinations to which Norwegian Air flies directly without stops. This comprises 87 international destinations (in 31 countries) and 8 domestic destinations in Norway.

Where Does Norwegian Air Fly Directly without Stops?
Trondheim (TRD)
Tromsø (TOS)
Stavanger (SVG)
Oslo (Torp) (TRF)
Oslo (OSL)
Haugesund (HAU)
Bergen (BGO)
Ålesund (AES)
AlbaniaTirana (TIA)
AustriaSalzburg (SZG)
Bosnia & HerzegovinaSarajevo (SJJ)
BulgariaSofia (SOF)
Burgas (BOJ)
CroatiaZagreb (ZAG)
Zadar (ZAD)
Split (SPU)
Pula (PUY)
Dubrovnik (DBV)
CyprusLarnaca (LCA)
CzechiaPrague (PRG)
DenmarkRønne (RNN)
Copenhagen (CPH)
Billund (BLL)
Aarhus (AAR)
Aalborg (AAL)
EstoniaTallinn (TLL)
FranceToulouse (TLS)
Paris (CDG)
Nice (NCE)
Montpellier (MPL)
Lyon (LYS)
Bordeaux (BOD)
Bastia (Corsica) (BIA)
FinlandRovaniemi (RVN)
Kittilä (KTT)
Helsinki (HEL)
GermanyMunich (MUC)
Berlin (BER)
GreeceSantorini (JTR)
Rhodes (RHO)
Preveza / Lefkada (PVK)
Heraklion (Crete) (HER)
Corfu (Kerkyra) (CFU)
Chania (Crete) (CHQ)
Athens (ATH)
HungaryBudapest (BUD)
IrelandDublin (DUB)
IsraelTel Aviv (TLV)
ItalyVenice Marco Polo (VCE)
Rome (Fiumicino) (FCO)
Pisa (PSA)
Palermo (PMO)
Olbia (Sardinia) (OLB)
Naples (NAP)
Milan (Bergamo) (BGY)
Catania (CTA)
Bologna (BLQ)
Bari (BRI)
LatviaRiga (RIX)
LithuaniaVilnius (VNO)
Palanga (PLQ)
MaltaMalta (MLA)
MontenegroTivat (TIV)
MoroccoMarrakech (RAK)
NetherlandsAmsterdam (AMS)
PolandWrocław (WRO)
Krakow (KRK)
PortugalPorto (OPO)
Lisbon (LIS)
Funchal (Madeira) (FNC)
Faro (FAO)
SerbiaPristina (PRN)
SpainValencia (VLC)
Tenerife (Reina Sofía) (TFS)
Palma de Mallorca (PMI)
Málaga (AGP)
Madrid (MAD)
Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) (LPA)
Bilbao (BIO)
Barcelona (BCN)
Alicante (ALC)
SwedenVisby (VBY)
Växjö (VXO)
Umeå (UME)
Stockholm (Skavsta) (NYO)
Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
Luleå (LLA)
Kiruna (KRN)
Gothenburg (GOT)
SwitzerlandGeneva (GVA)
Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL)
TurkeyAntalya (AYT)
United KingdomManchester (MAN)
London Gatwick (LGW)
Edinburgh (EDI)

Where Does Norwegian Air Fly Internationally?

Norwegian Air flies to a variety of international destinations across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. These destinations include:

  • Europe. Cities across Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.
  • Middle East: Tel Aviv in Israel.
  • North Africa: Marrakech in Morocco.

Where Does Norwegian Air Fly in the United States?

Norwegian Air does not currently fly to the United States. The airline’s focus is on destinations within Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. However, for the most current information on routes, check Norwegian Air’s official website or contact the airline’s customer service, as flight routes can change.

Norwegian Air Route Map

Norwegian Air Route Map

A screenshot of the Where Does Norwegian Air Fly map. Source: Norwegian.com/en/Route-Map/

Navigating the world of air travel can be complex, but with the Norwegian Air Route Map, planning your next journey becomes an exciting and effortless experience. Norwegian Air offers a user-friendly Destinations Map and Norwegian Air Flight Map (list view) on its website. These interactive tools are not only practical but also enrich the overall experience of booking flights.

The interactive route map found on Norwegian Air’s website simplifies the process of exploring potential destinations. This feature allows travelers to visually browse Norwegian Air’s global network, covering destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

How to Use the Norwegian Air Route Map

  1. Access the Map. Visit the official Norwegian Air website and navigate to the route map section.
  2. Explore Destinations. The Norwegian Air Destinations Map displays a network of routes. You can easily hover over or click on any city to see available flights.
  3. Refine Your Search. Filters are available to refine your search based on your preferences, such as direct flights, potential connections, and specific regions or countries.
  4. Flight Information. Clicking on a destination brings up detailed information, including flight frequencies and timings.

Booking Flights Using the Norwegian Air Flight Map

Once you have explored the map and decided on your destination, booking is just a few clicks away. Select your desired city, and you will be directed to a page/section where you can choose dates, times, and fare types. The seamless integration of the route map with the booking system makes it a hassle-free process.

Benefits of Using the Norwegian Air Route Map

  1. Visual Exploration. The interactive map provides a visual representation of routes, making it easier to understand the airline’s network.
  2. Planning Made Simple. It simplifies the planning process, especially for complex itineraries with multiple destinations or layovers.
  3. Real-Time Information. The map offers real-time information on Norwegian Air’s routes, ensuring you have the latest data on available destinations and flight schedules.
  4. Personalization. Filters and search options allow for a personalized experience, catering to individual travel needs and preferences.
  5. Direct Booking. Integration with the booking system allows for immediate action once you’ve decided on your journey, streamlining the entire process.

Popular Norwegian Air Routes

Below is a list of some of the popular routes recently flown by Norwegian Air:

  1. Aalborg (AAL) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  2. Aalborg (AAL) to Málaga (AGP)
  3. Aalborg (AAL) to Tenerife (Reina Sofía) (TFS)
  4. Alicante (ALC) to Bergen (BGO)
  5. Alicante (ALC) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  6. Alicante (ALC) to Gothenburg (GOT)
  7. Alicante (ALC) to Haugesund (HAU)
  8. Alicante (ALC) to Helsinki (HEL)
  9. Alicante (ALC) to Oslo (OSL)
  10. Alicante (ALC) to Oslo (Torp) (TRF)
  11. Alicante (ALC) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  12. Amsterdam (AMS) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  13. Amsterdam (AMS) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  14. Antalya (AYT) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  15. Barcelona (BCN) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  16. Barcelona (BCN) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  17. Bergen (BGO) to Alicante (ALC)
  18. Berlin (BER) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  19. Berlin (BER) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  20. Budapest (BUD) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  21. Copenhagen (CPH) to Aalborg (AAL)
  22. Copenhagen (CPH) to Alicante (ALC)
  23. Copenhagen (CPH) to Amsterdam (AMS)
  24. Copenhagen (CPH) to Barcelona (BCN)
  25. Copenhagen (CPH) to Berlin (BER)
  26. Copenhagen (CPH) to Budapest (BUD)
  27. Copenhagen (CPH) to Edinburgh (EDI)
  28. Copenhagen (CPH) to Funchal (Madeira) (FNC)
  29. Copenhagen (CPH) to Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) (LPA)
  30. Copenhagen (CPH) to Krakow (KRK)
  31. Copenhagen (CPH) to Lisbon (LIS)
  32. Copenhagen (CPH) to London Gatwick (LGW)
  33. Copenhagen (CPH) to Málaga (AGP)
  34. Copenhagen (CPH) to Manchester (MAN)
  35. Copenhagen (CPH) to Marrakech (RAK)
  36. Copenhagen (CPH) to Nice (NCE)
  37. Copenhagen (CPH) to Oslo (OSL)
  38. Copenhagen (CPH) to Paris (CDG)
  39. Copenhagen (CPH) to Prague (PRG)
  40. Copenhagen (CPH) to Riga (RIX)
  41. Copenhagen (CPH) to Rome (Fiumicino) (FCO)
  42. Copenhagen (CPH) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  43. Copenhagen (CPH) to Tenerife (Reina Sofía) (TFS)
  44. Copenhagen (CPH) to Tromsø (TOS)
  45. Edinburgh (EDI) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  46. Edinburgh (EDI) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  47. Faro (FAO) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  48. Funchal (Madeira) (FNC) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  49. Gothenburg (GOT) to Alicante (ALC)
  50. Gothenburg (GOT) to Málaga (AGP)
  51. Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) (LPA) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  52. Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) (LPA) to Helsinki (HEL)
  53. Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) (LPA) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  54. Haugesund (HAU) to Alicante (ALC)
  55. Helsinki (HEL) to Alicante (ALC)
  56. Helsinki (HEL) to Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) (LPA)
  57. Helsinki (HEL) to London Gatwick (LGW)
  58. Helsinki (HEL) to Málaga (AGP)
  59. Helsinki (HEL) to Rovaniemi (RVN)
  60. Helsinki (HEL) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  61. Helsinki (HEL) to Tenerife (Reina Sofía) (TFS)
  62. Kiruna (KRN) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  63. Krakow (KRK) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  64. Lisbon (LIS) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  65. London Gatwick (LGW) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  66. London Gatwick (LGW) to Helsinki (HEL)
  67. London Gatwick (LGW) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  68. Luleå (LLA) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  69. Málaga (AGP) to Aalborg (AAL)
  70. Málaga (AGP) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  71. Málaga (AGP) to Gothenburg (GOT)
  72. Málaga (AGP) to Helsinki (HEL)
  73. Málaga (AGP) to Oslo (OSL)
  74. Málaga (AGP) to Oslo (Torp) (TRF)
  75. Málaga (AGP) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  76. Manchester (MAN) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  77. Marrakech (RAK) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  78. Marrakech (RAK) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  79. Nice (NCE) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  80. Nice (NCE) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  81. Oslo (OSL) to Alicante (ALC)
  82. Oslo (OSL) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  83. Oslo (OSL) to Málaga (AGP)
  84. Oslo (OSL) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  85. Oslo (Torp) (TRF) to Alicante (ALC)
  86. Oslo (Torp) (TRF) to Málaga (AGP)
  87. Palma de Mallorca (PMI) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  88. Paris (CDG) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  89. Paris (CDG) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  90. Prague (PRG) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  91. Prague (PRG) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  92. Riga (RIX) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  93. Rome (Fiumicino) (FCO) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  94. Rome (Fiumicino) (FCO) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  95. Rovaniemi (RVN) to Helsinki (HEL)
  96. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Alicante (ALC)
  97. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Amsterdam (AMS)
  98. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Antalya (AYT)
  99. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Barcelona (BCN)
  100. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Berlin (BER)
  101. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  102. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Edinburgh (EDI)
  103. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Faro (FAO)
  104. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) (LPA)
  105. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Helsinki (HEL)
  106. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Kiruna (KRN)
  107. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Larnaca (LCA)
  108. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to London Gatwick (LGW)
  109. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Luleå (LLA)
  110. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Málaga (AGP)
  111. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Marrakech (RAK)
  112. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Nice (NCE)
  113. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Oslo (OSL)
  114. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Paris (CDG)
  115. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Prague (PRG)
  116. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Rome (Fiumicino) (FCO)
  117. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Tenerife (Reina Sofía) (TFS)
  118. Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN) to Umeå (UME)
  119. Tenerife (Reina Sofía) (TFS) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  120. Tenerife (Reina Sofía) (TFS) to Helsinki (HEL)
  121. Tenerife (Reina Sofía) (TFS) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  122. Tromsø (TOS) to Copenhagen (CPH)
  123. Umeå (UME) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)
  124. Larnaca (LCA) to Stockholm (Arlanda) (ARN)

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Norwegian Air Fly 

Norwegian Air, known for its distinctive red-nosed aircraft and affordable travel options, has captured the attention of globe-trotters and casual travelers alike. As one of the most popular low-cost airlines in Europe, it raises numerous queries about its destinations and operational routes. In this section, we delve into some of the most frequently asked questions about where Norwegian Air flies, providing valuable insights for travelers planning their next adventure.

Where does Norwegian Airlines fly to?

Norwegian Air flies to 95 cities, comprising 87 international destinations in 31 countries and 8 domestic destinations in Norway.

Does Norwegian Air fly to any destinations in Northern Europe?

Yes, Norwegian Air flies to multiple destinations in Northern Europe, including cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Estonia.

What destinations does Norwegian Air serve in Southern Europe?

Norwegian Air serves several destinations in Southern Europe, including cities in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia.

Are there any direct flights with Norwegian Air to Central Europe?

Yes, Norwegian Air offers direct flights to Central European destinations like Germany, Austria, Czechia, Hungary, and Poland.

Does Norwegian Air operate flights to the Balkans?

Norwegian Air operates flights to several Balkan countries, including Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

What are the flight options with Norwegian Air to Western Europe?

Norwegian Air flies to various cities in Western Europe, including destinations in France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Can I travel with Norwegian Air to the Mediterranean region?

Yes, Norwegian Air offers flights to Mediterranean destinations such as Cyprus, Malta, and the Greek islands.

Does Norwegian Air have flights to Eastern Europe?

Yes, Norwegian Air serves destinations in Eastern Europe, including Lithuania and Latvia.

Are there Norwegian Air flights to the Nordic countries?

Norwegian Air extensively covers the Nordic region, with flights to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

What are the travel options with Norwegian Air to the Iberian Peninsula?

Norwegian Air flies to several cities in the Iberian Peninsula, including destinations in Spain and Portugal.

Does Norwegian Air offer flights to any islands in Europe?

Yes, Norwegian Air serves various European islands, including the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Greek Islands, and Corsica.

Can I use Norwegian Air to travel to the Baltic States?

Yes, Norwegian Air operates flights to the Baltic States, including Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Are there direct flights with Norwegian Air to any destination in the Americas?

Norwegian Air has no direct flights to the Americas. For the most current routes, please check Norwegian Air’s official website or contact their customer service.

Does Norwegian Air fly to any destinations in Asia?

Norwegian Air’s flight routes primarily focus on destinations within Europe and do not include direct flights to Asia.

Are there Norwegian Air flights to Caribbean destinations?

Norwegian Air does not currently operate direct flights to the Caribbean.

Does Norwegian Air serve any destinations in the Middle East?

Norwegian Air provides service to the Middle East, with direct flights to destinations like Israel.

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