Where Does KLM Fly to from Dublin: Direct KLM Flights from Dublin

Published :- 2024-02-13
Where Does KLM Fly to from Dublin

For travelers wondering ‘Where Does KLM Fly to from Dublin?’, the answer is that it offers direct flights from Dublin to only one primary destination—Amsterdam (AMS). This flight, covering a distance of 468 miles, operates every day with a duration of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, offering between 11 to 14 flights daily.

Although Amsterdam is the sole direct flight destination from Dublin with KLM, it serves as a major hub for travelers seeking to explore further. From Amsterdam, KLM connects passengers to an impressive network of over 150 destinations across more than 55 countries. This includes diverse and culturally rich locations like India, Israel, and Italy. Whether it’s the historical streets of Rome, the vibrant markets of Mumbai, or the Caribbean, KLM’s connected flights from Amsterdam provide a seamless travel experience.

KLM Flights from Dublin

KLM’s flights from Dublin include only one direct flight to Amsterdam (AMS). While the direct flights may be limited to Amsterdam only, the opportunities for onward travel are vast (150 cities spanning more than 55 countries), opening doors to exploring the world’s corners with ease and convenience. The table below provides useful information, such as the flight duration, frequency, and distance of the sole direct flight from Dublin.

List of KLM Direct Flights from Dublin
Amsterdam (AMS)1h 40m11-14 468All daysInternational

KLM Dublin Destinations Map

KLM Dublin Destinations Map

KLM Dublin Destinations Map/Route Map 

For travelers flying from Dublin with KLM, the airline’s Destinations Map is a treasure trove of possibilities. This interactive tool simplifies the exploration of KLM’s vast network, making travel planning a breeze.

Accessing the Map: To dive into this resource, begin by visiting the KLM website. Look for the Find your destination section, located under the Information tab, or directly access KLM’s Destinations Map. Once you input Dublin as your starting point, the map will come alive with all the destinations reachable via KLM from Dublin.

Navigating Your Journey: The ease of use is a standout feature of this map. A simple glance reveals all the direct and connecting flights available from Dublin. Each destination is marked, allowing you to click on any city or country for more in-depth information, such as flight schedules and services.

Planning Multi-Destination Trips: This map is particularly useful for those planning journeys involving multiple stops. It offers a visual layout of potential routes, helping you to craft an itinerary that’s both exciting and practical.

Seamless Booking Experience: But the KLM Dublin Destinations Map is more than just a planning tool. It’s integrated with KLM’s booking system, meaning you can transition from exploring to booking in just a few clicks. Select your chosen destination, and the website will guide you smoothly through the booking process.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first international trip from Dublin, the KLM Dublin Destinations Map is an invaluable tool. It combines the joy of discovering new destinations with the practicalities of planning and booking, all in one user-friendly platform.

KLM at Dublin Airport (DUB)

The table below is a concise guide for travelers at Dublin Airport, detailing crucial information like location, contact numbers, and terminal specifics. It outlines transport options such as buses, taxis, and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians, alongside security and check-in details. It includes tips for navigating self-service options and baby care facilities. Additionally, it covers Wi-Fi access, printing services, seating, and charging points—and much more. 

Airport NameDublin Airport
Airport Location About 6 miles north of Dublin City Center
Airport AddressDublin Airport
WebsiteSwords Road, Collinstown, Dublin, Ireland
Airport Phone NumberDublin Airport
KLM Phone Number at Dublin Airport +353-1-814-1111
Airport Code DUB
Terminals at Dublin2 (Terminals 1 and 2)
KLM Terminal at Dublin Airport Terminal 1

Inter-Terminal Transport

A covered walkway seamlessly connects Terminal 1’s Departures Section to Terminal 2’s Arrivals Section. If you’re in Terminal 1, proceed from the baggage claim, turn to your right, and take the escalator to the floor above. You’ll find the corridor right across from Check-In Area 1. 

Similarly, from Terminal 2, walk out of the baggage claim zone, take a left turn, and follow the signage to Terminal 1.

There’s also an external pathway available. This route is easily navigable with clear signs and it takes roughly two minutes to walk from one end to the other.

Transportation Options

  • Bus: Over 1,000 daily buses and coaches connect to Dublin and other Irish cities.
  • Taxi: Available outside Terminals 1 and 2. Drop-off and pick-up at terminal forecourts.
  • Cycling & Walking: Supported by European Cycle Friendly Airport Accreditation. For cycling, there are lanes and infrastructure, with designated parking in Multi Storey Car Park Area A. If you’re walking, new route maps for navigating the airport by foot, with pedestrian-friendly paths and signals.
  • Train & Bus Connections: Direct routes to O’Connell Street, Connolly and Heuston train stations, and Bus Áras.
  • Information: Transport map available for car parks, bus stops, and taxi points.
  • Contact: For active travel inquiries, email SustainableMobility@dublinairport.com.



  • At Terminal 1, Security is operational from 03:00 hours and continues until the last flight of the day departs.
  • Security at Terminal 2 starts at 03:30 hours and remains active until the departure of the final flight.
  • Travelers are advised to reach their respective terminals two hours ahead of short-haul departures and three hours prior to long-haul departures.
  • For those with check-in bags or traveling in groups, extra time is recommended. Consult your airline for specific times related to check-in desks and baggage drop services.
  • Information about check-in times for each airline and terminal is available below.

Check-in Details

  • For early morning flights, Terminal 1’s Security is available round the clock, while Terminal 2’s Security begins at 04:00.
  • View the current Security Queue Times [here].
  • Arriving two hours before short-haul and three hours before long-haul flights is suggested.
  • If checking in bags or traveling as a group, allow additional time. Verify your airline’s check-in and baggage drop schedules.
  • Specific check-in times per airline and terminal are detailed below.


  • Terminal 1. The check-in desks are on the first floor, with a list of airlines, their check-in times, and locations provided below.
  • Terminal 2. Located on the ground floor are the check-in desks, alongside a list of airlines, complete with check-in times and locations.

Security Screening Tips

  • Keep your boarding pass ready for Security; passports are verified at the boarding gate.
  • Place all liquids, gels, and pastes in a transparent, one-liter plastic bag, each container limited to 100ml.

Self-Service and Bag Drop Options

  • Several airlines offer the convenience of self-service check-in kiosks and online check-in for early flight check-in, seat selection, and boarding pass issuance.
  • Assistance with self-service kiosks is available from airline staff.
  • Travelers have the option to check in their bags within the check-in area, either at the dedicated airline customer bag drop desks or at automated self-service bag drop stations.

Baby Changing Facilities, etc.

Facilities for Changing Babies

  • In both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, there are baby changing facilities, typically found adjacent to the restrooms.

Rooms for Baby Feeding

  • At Dublin Airport, special rooms for feeding babies are provided in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
  • These rooms are designed to offer extra comfort and privacy for parents with infants.
  • Located after the passenger security screening area, you can find these rooms near the retail section in Terminal 2 and close to the dining area in Terminal 1. They are furnished with a highchair, cozy vinyl seats, a microwave, and a bottle warmer, creating a welcoming space for families with infants to unwind.

The Stork Exchange 

  • The Stork Exchange specializes in renting out baby and children’s equipment, exclusively using high-quality brands.
  • Their range includes everything from car seats, cribs, and strollers, to prams.
  • The team is trained and insured to ensure car seats are installed correctly and safely.
  • The equipment is available for delivery and collection at both Terminals 1 and 2, and can also be brought to the parking area or car rental stations.
  • For online bookings, visit TheStorkExchange.ie, or for any queries, call +353 (0)87 998 3762.

Children’s Area

  • Terminal 1. Located on the way to departure gates 101-121 (across from Starbucks).
  • Terminal 2. Located beside Burger King in the Mezzanine area.

Dining Options

Terminal 1

Before Security 

  • AMT Coffee
  • Burger King
  • Cloud Picker
  • Dublin Town To Go
  • Food Village
  • Starbucks
  • The Lansdowne
  • Upper Crust
  • Wrights Food Fayre

After Security

  • AMT Coffee
  • Burger King
  • Cloud Picker
  • Dublin Town To Go
  • Food Village
  • Starbucks
  • The Lansdowne
  • Upper Crust
  • Wrights Food Fayre

Terminal 2

Before Security 

  • Craft Coffee
  • Oak Café Bar
  • Wrights Food Court 

After Security

  • Burger King
  • Butlers Chocolate Café
  • Café Bar T2
  • Café Bar T2 Mezzanine
  • Café Bar Gate 417
  • Café Bar Gate 421
  • Café Bar, Gates 335A-F
  • Cloud Picker
  • Dubh
  • Starbucks
  • Starbucks Gate 332
  • The Fallow Kitchen & Bar
  • The Mezz
  • Whiskey Bread

Wi-Fi, Printing, Seating, and Charging Points

Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Dublin Airport operates as a Wi-Fi hub, providing complimentary wireless internet across both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
  • To access the Wi-Fi, select or type in the network ‘Dublin Airport Wi-Fi’.
  • This service is conveniently one-click, unlimited, and doesn’t require any registration or sign-up.

Printing Facilities

  • Printing services are now available at the airport. Printing a boarding card costs €6, and the process adheres to GDPR standards.
  • Documents for printing should be sent to a specified email address available at the service points and will be printed exactly as received, including any attachments.

Printing service locations

  • Terminal 1 Arrivals Hall at the Left luggage & baggage storage area, open from 05:00 to 23:00.
  • Terminal 1 Departures at the Bag wrap station, open from 04:00 to 21:00.
  • Terminal 2 Departures at the Bag wrap station, open from 04:00 to 20:00.

Seating and Charging Stations

  • At Dublin Airport, a range of comfortable seating areas are available for passengers to relax before their journey. Ideal for short stopovers or extended waits, these quiet areas offer a chance to unwind.
  • Additionally, passengers can charge their electronic devices at any of the free charging stations located throughout the terminals while waiting for their flights.

Luggage Storage and Related Services

At the Terminal 1 Arrivals and Departures, available from 06:00 to 21:00, Dublin Airport provides several luggage-related services.

  • Facilities include secure storage of bags, eco-friendly options for luggage wrapping, sales of suitcases and eco-conscious travel accessories, and private office space available for hourly rental.
  • Additionally, there’s a complimentary Parenting Room, ensuring safety and convenience.
  • Extra services encompass SIM card sales (Sim Local), portable WiFi rental (WiFi Candy), and a Lost Property section specifically for Ryanair and Dublin Express (reachable via dub.lostproperty@smartecarte.ie).
  • Terminal 1 Departures and Terminal 2’s bag drop area also offer bag wrapping services.
  • More details can be found at SmarteCarte.ie, by contacting dub.baggageservices@smartecarte.ie, or by calling 01 965 3000.

Luggage Trolleys

  • Complimentary luggage trolleys are stationed in 50 bays across the airport for easy passenger access.
  • Usage guidelines include refraining from overloading trolleys, promptly returning them to bays, keeping paths and exits clear, and not using trolleys on escalators.

Lost and Found

  • Locating Lost Items. For those searching for misplaced items, Dublin Airport maintains a list of found items. This can be checked online to see if the lost item has been turned in.
  • Reporting Lost Items. If an item is not listed, there’s an option to report it as lost via this link.
  • Identifying a Match. In case you spot your item on the list, there’s a ‘Report a possible match’ option next to the item for further action.
  • Collection Point. Retrieved items can be picked up from the Airport Police Public Office, situated in the Airport Police Station at the Arrivals level of Terminal 1.
  • Handling Fee. A €10 fee is charged for each item returned. This fee must be paid via contactless payment. Additionally, there’s an option for items to be posted back to the owner at an extra cost.

Identification Requirement. A valid photo ID is necessary for verification when collecting any lost property.

Important Contact Numbers at Dublin Airport

Customer Comments +353 1 814 4717

Car Park +353 1 944 0440

General +353 1 814 1111

Airport Police Enquiries + 353 1 944 4300

Car Breakdown Assistance +353 1 9444828WhatsApp Message Click here

Driving Directions to Dublin Airport (DUB)

Both Terminals 1 and 2 at Dublin Airport can be accessed by the same route, regardless of the terminal.

  • For travelers on the M1 motorway, take the exit at junction number 2, from where signage will guide you directly to Dublin Airport. 
  • If you’re coming from Swords via Dublin Road, approach the M1 roundabout and then follow the airport signage. 

Those driving on the M50 should merge onto the M1, and proceed to Exit 2, where signs will show the way to Dublin Airport.

Parking Information 

Short-Term Parking

  • Short-term parking at Dublin Airport is strategically placed for straightforward entry to both Terminals 1 and 2, with an emphasis on pre-booking for space assurance.
  • Car Park A near Terminal 1: Provides 450 spots, conveniently located a mere 2-minute stroll from each terminal.
  • Multi-storey Car Park C at Terminal 1: Hosts 1,500 spaces, positioned just 2 to 4 minutes on foot from Terminal 1 and a 6-minute walk from Terminal 2.
  • Terminal 2’s Dedicated Short-Term Area: This multi-level parking structure offers 1,800 spaces, connected to Terminal 2 by an enclosed walkway, reachable within 2 to 4 minutes.
  • Assistance for Customers: For any parking-related inquiries or to adjust bookings, customers can reach out via email at parkingdublin@dublinairport.com.
  • Flexible Cancellation and Refund Policy: Booking alterations or cancellations are manageable online with at least a 24-hour notification prior to the booked parking time, with refunds processed to the original mode of payment.
  • 24/7 Support in Car Parks: Round-the-clock assistance is available for vehicle issues like flat tires or batteries, alongside coordination for other necessary services.
  • Exclusive Valet Services: Around-the-clock, high-end valeting services by Crystal Valet are accessible in all short-term and long-term parking areas.

Long-Term Parking

Dublin Airport has over 18,600 spaces designated for extended-stay parking, spread across various car parks. Securing a parking spot ahead of time is recommended to ensure availability.

  • Express Red Facility: This facility is the primary extensive-stay parking area at the airport, boasting 8,000 spaces, ideally situated for easy access to Terminals 1 and 2.
  • Holiday Blue Facility: Known for its value, this parking area has 8,000 spaces, offers continuous security, and includes a complimentary shuttle service, taking about 15 minutes to reach both terminals.
  • Express Green Parking: A convenient parking solution is positioned close to both terminals.
  • Surface Parking at Terminal 2: A specialized area offering 270 parking spots for long-duration parking, located conveniently for both terminal buildings.
  • Customer Assistance: For inquiries or assistance, email support is available at parkingdublin@dublinairport.com.
  • Booking Changes and Refunds: Changes or cancellations to parking reservations can be managed online up to 24 hours before the scheduled parking time, with refunds processed automatically.
  • Round-the-Clock Breakdown Support: Assistance is on hand 24/7 for any vehicle issues, offering services such as tire or battery fixes at no charge.

Deluxe Car Care Service: Crystal Valet provides an around-the-clock, high-quality vehicle care and cleaning service available in all extended and short-term parking areas.

Reduced Mobility Car Parking

Over 90 parking spots are specifically allocated for passengers with disabilities, situated in the primary short-term car parks of both Terminals 1 and 2, and within each zone of the Express Red car park.

Assistance for Reduced Mobility: OCS, the airport’s Reduced Mobility Assistance Service Provider, offers support from car parks to the terminal and onwards. They can be contacted at +353 1 814 5902.

Terminal 1 Facilities

  • 50 designated spaces on the lower ground floor of Terminal 1 Short Term B car park.
  • Maximum vehicle height: 1.85 meters.
  • All spaces are wheelchair accessible and equipped with a special non-slip surface.

Terminal 2 Facilities

  • 40 designated spaces between Level 1 and Level 2 of the new Terminal 2 Short-Term car park.
  • Maximum vehicle height: 2.1 meters.
  • Spaces feature wheelchair accessibility and non-slip surfaces.

Express Red Long Term Car Park

  • Staffed 24/7 for assistance in locating parking spaces.
  • Each parking zone has 5 designated PRM spaces, clearly marked.
  • 24/7 wheelchair-accessible shuttle service is available from the car park to both terminals.

Short-Term Parking Assistance: OCS provides assistance services in the short-term car parks, with help points located in or adjacent to designated parking areas.

Long-Term Parking Assistance: In the Express Red Long-Term Car Park, assistance can be requested at the Reduced Mobility Help Point located within the bus shelter next to the PRM parking bay.

PRM Parking Access and Rates

  • PRM parking spaces can be pre-booked online at dublinairport.com with a special PRM rate.
  • A single-use PRM code is provided upon completing a form, required during the booking process.
  • Standard short-term rates apply for non-prebooked parking, with discounts for permit holders.

Car Rental

The car rental services below offer access to vehicles from both terminals at Dublin Airport.

  • Avis +353 1 605 7500
  • Europcar +353 1 812 2800
  • Budget +353 1 844 5150
  • Enterprise +353 1 460 5042
  • NewWay Car Hire +353 1 605 7588
  • Sixt +353 1 844 5689
  • Hertz +353 1 844 5466
  • Thrifty 053-915 2500
  • National +353 1 460 5042
  • Alamo +353 1 460 5042
  • Dollar 053 – 915 2500
  • Flizzr +353 1 235 2030
  • Payless +353 1 524 0803

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does KLM Fly from Dublin

Are you curious about the various destinations KLM reaches from Dublin? This section on “Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does KLM Fly from Dublin” offers comprehensive insights into the airline’s routes, providing travelers with essential information on KLM’s network from Dublin Airport. Whether you’re planning a business trip or a leisurely vacation, this resource answers important queries about KLM’s direct flight destinations from Dublin.

Where does KLM fly to from Dublin?

KLM flies directly from Dublin only to Amsterdam (AMS) in the Netherlands.

Where does KLM fly nonstop from Dublin?

KLM flies nonstop from Dublin to Amsterdam (AMS).

From where does KLM fly in Dublin?

KLM flies out of Terminal 1 (T1) at Dublin Airport (DUB).

What is the flight duration from Dublin to Amsterdam with KLM?

The flight duration from Dublin to Amsterdam (AMS) with KLM is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

How many flights per day does KLM operate from Dublin to Amsterdam?

KLM operates between 11 to 14 flights per day from Dublin to Amsterdam (AMS).

What is the distance in miles for KLM flights from Dublin to Amsterdam?

The flight distance from Dublin to Amsterdam (AMS) with KLM is about 468 miles.

On which days of the week does KLM fly from Dublin to Amsterdam?

KLM operates flights from Dublin to Amsterdam every day of the week.

Is the KLM flight from Dublin to Amsterdam considered a domestic or international route?

The KLM flight from Dublin to Amsterdam (AMS) is considered an international route.

What is the IATA code for the Amsterdam airport served by KLM from Dublin?

The IATA code for Amsterdam Airport is AMS.

Are there any days when KLM doesn’t fly from Dublin to Amsterdam?

No, KLM operates flights from Dublin to Amsterdam (AMS) all days of the week.

What type of aircraft does KLM use for flights from Dublin to Amsterdam?

The specific aircraft type for this route can vary, but KLM commonly uses Boeing 737 and Embraer 19X/17X aircraft for their flights.

Can I book a round trip from Dublin to Amsterdam with KLM?

Yes, you can book a round trip from Dublin to Amsterdam (AMS) with KLM.

Are there any direct flights from Dublin to other destinations with KLM?

Currently, KLM operates direct flights from Dublin to Amsterdam (AMS) only. For other destinations (exceeding 150), a connection in Amsterdam may be required.

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