Where Does Emirates Fly from Houston? Emirates Flights from Houston

Published :- 2024-04-26
Where Does Emirates Fly from Houston

Travel enthusiasts often wonder, “Where does Emirates fly from Houston?” With its reputation for luxurious travel, Emirates offers direct flights connecting Houston to the global stage. Specifically, Emirates operates a direct flight from Houston to Dubai (DXB), with a flight duration of approximately 14 hours and 50 minutes. This service runs daily, ensuring consistent access to one of the world’s most vibrant cities. 

Although Emirates flies directly from Houston to only one destination, Dubai serves as a significant hub for the airline. Emirates flies from Dubai directly to more than 120 destinations worldwide, offering travelers from Houston a gateway to explore the globe. 

The direct flight from Houston to Dubai covers a distance of 8,151 miles, marking a significant link between the United States and the Middle East.

Emirates Flights from Houston

Emirates flights from Houston include direct flights to only one destination—Dubai. However, you can take connecting flights from Dubai to more than 120 destinations worldwide. The table below lists useful information about Emirates’ direct flights from Houston, such as the flight duration, frequency, and distance.  

Emirates Direct Flights from Houston
Dubai (DXB)14h 50m18151S, M, T, W, T, F, SInternational

Emirates Houston Destinations Map

Emirates Houston Destinations Map
Emirates Houston Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: Emirates.com

Discover the world from Houston with the Emirates Houston Destinations Map, a user-friendly online tool designed to guide you through the Emirates’ extensive network of global destinations. To access this resource, simply navigate to the Emirates website. From there, select “Where We Fly” followed by “Explore” and then “Route map” to access the “Go to route map” feature. This interactive map allows you to effortlessly explore the cities that Emirates connects you to from Houston.

Start your travel planning by entering Houston in the “Where are you flying from?” field, and then choose your intended destination in the “Where are you flying to?” area. Alternatively, engage with the map directly to pick both your departure and destination cities, offering an engaging and visual approach to your itinerary planning.

The Emirates Houston Destinations Map not only showcases your selected route but also presents alternative and codeshare routes available with Emirates, giving you a holistic view of your travel possibilities. Dive into the specifics of your flight, including available amenities such as exclusive lounges, seat configurations, in-flight connectivity, and entertainment options, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable journey.

When ready to book, simply select your travel dates, specify your preferred travel class, and enter passenger details. After completing the payment process, your booking will be confirmed, marking the beginning of your Emirates adventure from Houston to the destination of your choice.

Emirates at Houston International Airport 

The table below offers a snapshot of the essential services and facilities at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) for travelers. From seamless terminal connectivity with the Skyway and Subway systems to diverse ground transportation options including shuttles, buses, limos, and taxis, this overview ensures you have all the information at your fingertips.

The table covers practical details like Wi-Fi access, lost and found services, accessibility features, and parking solutions, including valet services and eco-friendly parking options. For those driving to the airport, directions and parking information are succinctly presented. Car rental details, including shuttle service to the Rental Car Hub and a list of rental companies, round out this indispensable resource for anyone flying out of IAH.

Airport NameGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport 
Airport Location Approximately 22 miles north of downtown Houston
Airport Address2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032, USA
Website URLFly2Houston.com
IAH Phone Number+1-281-230-3100
Emirates Phone Number at IAH+1-800-777-3999
Airport Code IAH
Terminals at IAH5 (Terminals A, B, C, D, and E)
Emirates Departures Terminal at IAHTerminal D

Inter-Terminal Transport

IAH offers full connectivity across all five terminals, facilitated by two distinct transit systems: the Skyway and the Subway.

Skyway Automated People-Mover

  • Safety and Efficiency: The Skyway operates above ground, offering a secure and efficient transit option within the security perimeter.
  • Frequency and Accessibility: Departures are every two minutes from stations located in Terminals A, B, C, and D/E.
  • Complimentary Service: Available daily at no charge, with clear signage directing passengers to “Skyway” stations.
  • Journey Duration: The complete journey from Terminal A to Terminal D/E via Skyway takes just over four minutes.

Subway Train

  • Pre-Security Transit: The Subway runs below ground, providing a convenient transit solution outside the security checkpoint areas.
  • Operational Schedule: Trains depart every three minutes, connecting Terminals A, B, C, D/E, and the Airport Marriott, from 3:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. The service is paused from 12:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.
  • Cost-Free Travel: This service is offered at no cost and operates daily, with stations marked by “Subway” signage.
  • Transit Time: The average travel time between adjacent Subway stations is about three minutes.

Ground Transportation

Shuttles and Buses

  • Off-Airport Parking Shuttles: Designated pick-up/drop-off locations outside Baggage Claim/Arrivals Level at Terminals A, B, and C. Departures curb drop-off at Terminal D.
  • Hotel Shuttles: Available at Terminals A, B, and C for transporting guests to and from nearby accommodations. Interactive Visitor Kiosks and direct dial phones in Baggage Claim for shuttle requests.
  • Cruise and Charter Buses: Services available at Terminals A and C for passengers traveling with cruise lines or charter buses.
  • Public Bus Transportation: METRO Bus 102 offers service from IAH to downtown Houston, with a $1.25 fare. For travel between IAH and HOU, passengers can utilize METRO Bus 102 and METRO Bus 40.
  • Additional Bus Transportation: Shuttle services to Beaumont/Port Arthur, College Station, and Galveston with various departure points within Terminal C.

Limos and Sedans

  • Pickup Areas: Specific locations at Terminals A, B, C, and E for limousine services, with designated waiting areas for drivers. Terminal D does not have limo pick-up areas.
  • Procedures: Drivers must have active manifests to wait inside baggage claim areas. International passengers arriving at Terminal D proceed through customs to the Terminal E international arrivals hall for pickup.
  • Regulations: All limousine drivers must be officially badged, and solicitation of fares on the premises is prohibited.

Taxis and Ride Apps

  • Taxi Pickup: Locations outside the Baggage Claim/Arrivals Level at Terminals A, B, C, and E. Airport personnel are available 24/7 for assistance.
  • Ride App Pickup: Designated areas at Terminals A and C for app-based ride services, with signage indicating pick-up points. Terminal D, E, and B passengers can use inter-terminal transportation to reach these areas.
  • Fares and Surcharges: Estimated taxi fares are listed for various destinations, with additional charges for late-night rides and a senior citizen discount available.
  • Ride Apps Serving IAH: Includes Alto, Lyft, RideTEGO, Uber, and Wingz, with pick-up and drop-off at all terminals.

Dining and Drinks (Terminal D, post-security)

Vending Machine – Snacks

  • Price Range: Less than $10
  • Kid-friendly Menu, Gluten-free Options, Vegetarian Options
  • Location: Terminal D, Terminal E International Arrivals
  • Open 24/7

Vending Machine – Beverages

  • Price Range: Less than $10
  • Kid-friendly Menu, Gluten-free Options, Vegetarian Options, Vegan Options
  • Location: Terminal D, Terminal E International Arrivals
  • Open 24/7

Vending Machine-Hot Water

  • Gluten-free Options, Vegetarian Options, Vegan Options
  • Location: Terminal D
  • Open 24/7

Vending Machine-Coffee

  • Price Range: Less than $10
  • Gluten-free Options, Vegetarian Options, Vegan Options
  • Location: Gate A7, Terminal D
  • Open 24/7

Peet’s Coffee

  • Price Range: Less than $10
  • Gluten-free Options, Vegetarian Options, Vegan Options
  • Location: Terminal D
  • Open Daily 6:30 AM-10:00 PM

Hugo’s Cocina

  • Price Range: More than $20
  • Kid-friendly Menu, Local
  • Location: Terminal D
  • Open Daily 7:00 AM-10:00 PM

Ciao Gourmet Market

  • Price Range: Less than $10
  • Kid-friendly Menu, Vegetarian Options
  • Location: Terminal D
  • Open Daily 6:30 AM-9:30 PM

Byte: Fresh Grab and Go Meals

  • Price Range: $10 – $20
  • Location: Terminal D
  • Open Now, Available 24/7

Bayou City Bar

  • Local
  • Location: Terminal D
  • Open Daily 7:00 AM-10:00 PM


Free Airport Wi-Fi is available in all terminals and parking garages, with a simple connection process, as explained below:

  • Select your device’s Wi-Fi icon
  • Then select “Free Airport WIFI” from the available networks
  • Agree to the terms on the Wi-Fi page that opens automatically 
  • Click on the Submit button

For assistance, call 1-844-831-0999.

Lost and Found

If you’ve misplaced an item, the appropriate contact varies based on where the item was lost. Below are the details for whom to reach out to for assistance.

Airport Lost & Found

  • Operating Hours: Available from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.
  • Contact Number: 1-833-253-2940
  • Location: Found on the Arrivals Level (Lower Level) within Terminal E.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

For belongings left at the security checkpoint, contact the TSA directly at 1-281-443-5301 or via email at iahlostandfound@tsa.dhs.gov.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Passports discovered are handed over to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection after thirty (30) days. You can reach IAH CBP at 1-281-230-4672 for passport inquiries.

IAH Rental Car Shuttle

If you’ve left something on a Car Rental Shuttle Bus, get in touch with Transdev by calling 1-281-233-1019 or emailing Ben.Herr@transdev.com.

Additional Information


The Houston Airport System offers comprehensive accessibility services and facilities throughout the airport.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

  • AEDs are strategically placed throughout the airport for cardiac emergencies, identifiable by a heart and lightning bolt symbol on overhead signs or cabinets.

Airport Information Booths

3 information booths are located in:

  • Terminal A: Baggage claim area
  • Terminal C: Baggage claim area
  • Terminals D/E: International Arrivals Hall

ATM Facilities

ATMs are available across all terminals, with potential fees based on bank policies. Locations include:

  • Ticketing lobbies and near gates in Terminals A and B
  • Various locations in Terminal C-D Walkway and near gates in Terminal C
  • Level 1 of Terminal E and near gates in Terminal E

Baggage Carts

  • Available in baggage claim and near passenger drop-off areas for managing heavy or multiple bags. Payment options include cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, and JCB.

Baggage Wrap Services

  • Pre-security baggage wrapping is available in Terminals A and D for a fee, where luggage is secured with tamper-resistant plastic film.

Battery Charging Stations

  • Complimentary power stations and Rapid Charger Machines for electronic devices are available in every terminal.


  • Interfaith chapels located in Terminal C (near Gates C29 – C33) and Terminal D (near Gate D15) offer a peaceful retreat open 24/7.

Currency Exchange

  • Located in Terminals B, C, D, and E, offering currency exchange services with applicable fees. 

Interactive Visitor Kiosks (IVKs)

  • Service-oriented amenities and demo videos are available at various locations across all terminals to enhance the travel experience.

Mothers Rooms/Lactation Rooms

  • Private nursing rooms are provided for traveling mothers in multiple terminals, complemented by baby changing tables in restrooms.
  • Locations include Terminal A (between The Breakfast Klub and Gate A1, and close to Gate A17); Terminal B (close to Gate B21); Terminal C (close to Gate C34, across Gate C4, inside the women’s restroom across Gate C4); Terminal D (across Gate D15 and Gate D16); and Terminal E (close to Gate E11).

Mail Services

  • A U.S. mailbox is available on the Terminal A departures level, and MailSafe Express offers delivery for items prohibited at TSA checkpoints.


  • A nursery equipped with a crib and rocking chair is located at Terminal D, offering a private space for babies.

Service Animal Relief Areas

Designated service animal relief areas are located post-security across various terminals, as shown below. 

  • Within Terminal A, post-security, close to Gate A12
  • Inside Terminal B, post-security, adjacent to Gate B1, opposite The Fruteria
  • Located within Terminal C, post-security, directly opposite Gate C2
  • Within Terminal D, post-security, facing Gate D12
  • Situated inside Terminal E, post-security, opposite Gate E12

Shower Facilities

  • Available at The Centurion Lounge by American Express in Terminal D (mezzanine floor) and Minute Suites in Terminal C (Gate C14).

Smoking Areas

Designated smoking areas are located outside the terminals, as shown below:

  • Terminal A, on the ground floor towards the north, near Door A-113 by the Private Cars Pick-Up area.
  • On the second floor of Terminal A, on the eastern side, accessible from both the northern and southern entrances.
  • Terminal B, on the ground level at the southern side, close to the Taxi Pick-Up spot.
  • The second floor of Terminal B features locations on the eastern side, near both the northern and southern entrances.
  • Terminal C’s first level on the southern side features Door C-105, conveniently located near the Shuttle and Bus Pick-Up area.
  • The second level of Terminal C, on the eastern side, offers access from both north and south entrances.
  • Terminal D’s ground floor for Ticketing is positioned on both the western and eastern sides of the entrance.
  • Terminal E, the first floor towards the northwest, by Door E-101, is situated near the Hotel Shuttles Pick-Up point.

Tax Rebates

  • Sales tax rebate services for eligible international passengers are located in Terminals D and E (pre-security).


  • Offers a welcoming space for U.S. military members and their families, located in Terminal D, near Gate D8 (before, after, and between flights).

Vending Machines

  • Snack and drink vending machines are located throughout the 5 terminals, including Subway stations and the international arrivals hall in Terminal E.

Water Bottle Filling Stations

  • Free filling stations throughout the terminals feature touch-sensitive dispensers.

Wheelchair Services

  • Provided through airlines, available upon request in advance or at ticket counters.

Driving Directions

From I-45

Take the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8) going eastward, then take a turn onto JFK Boulevard heading towards the north until you arrive at the terminal buildings.

From U.S. Highway 59 (I-69)

Exit at Will Clayton Parkway and move westward. Continue beyond Lee Road and follow directions leading you to the terminal areas.

From Hardy Toll Road

Take the exit for Intercontinental Airport, move east along the Hardy Airport Connector, then proceed on JFK Boulevard heading in the northerly direction to reach the terminal structures.

From Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8)  

Make your exit at JFK Boulevard and continue north of the airport’s terminals.

Parking Information

Terminal Parking

  • Availability: Open 24/7 at George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) and William P. Hobby (HOU) Airports.
  • Features: Direct access to all terminals, accessible spaces, EV charging, and an automatic parking guidance system.
  • Rates: Start at $25 daily for IAH terminals A & B and C, D & E. Hobby Airport rates are $24 daily in both the Red and Blue Garages.

Valet Parking

  • Convenience: Available at IAH within three terminal garages and on the second level of HOU’s Red Garage.
  • Perks: Complimentary water, covered parking, advance reservations, major credit cards accepted, and car wash services.
  • Rates: IAH offers a $30 daily rate, while HOU provides a slightly lower rate of $28 daily.

Eco Park

  • Eco-Friendly: The largest and most environmentally conscious shuttle fleet at IAH.
  • Options: Covered and uncovered parking with free shuttle service between 5:30 a.m. and midnight.
  • Rates: Uncovered starts at $6.47 plus tax and covered at $8.31 plus tax at IAH. HOU offers uncovered parking at $9.24 plus tax.

Veteran Parking

  • Eligibility: Certain military veterans and award recipients with qualified license plates.
  • Benefits: Complimentary parking at IAH and HOU, up to 60 consecutive days in Eco Park or 5 days in parking garages.
  • Requirements: Veteran presence, proper ID, and vehicle registration. Restrictions apply to temporary tags and non-display of veteran plates.

Parking Plus

  • Program Overview: The Houston Airports Parking Plus program rewards frequent flyers with points for parking at George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) and William P. Hobby Airport (HOU).
  • Benefits: Members earn points for every 24 hours of parking, which can be converted into airline miles or free parking. Participating airlines include UA MileagePlus, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards, and American Airlines AAdvantage.
  • Enrollment: Travelers can join online to start accumulating points immediately, with the ability to specify a personal or business credit card for each parking visit.

EV Charging

  • Availability: Blink and ChargePoint electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are available at both IAH and HOU.
  • Locations: Chargers are located in strategic locations including eco-park lots, terminal garages, and valet areas.
  • Usage: To use the Blink chargers, customers need a Blink InCard or a smartphone to scan a QR code for a guest code. ChargePoint users can find stations in the Blue Garage at HOU. Charging sessions are complimentary.
  • Support: For assistance, Blink users can contact the support center or visit the Blink website for more information.

Car Rentals at IAH

Shuttle Service to Rental Car Hub

  • The journey to the Rental Car Hub from the terminals takes about five minutes via shuttle.
  • Shuttles leave every five minutes from the Baggage Claim/Arrivals area of Terminals A, B, and C from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, and every ten minutes from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. For Terminal D, the shuttle service is up until 9:00 pm; afterward, head to Terminal C.
  • Pick-up locations:
    • At Terminal A on the southern side, near Door A-115
    • Terminal B’s southern edge, by Door B-103
    • On the southern flank of Terminal C, adjacent to Door C-105
    • The western curb for Terminal D
  • Directional signage to “Ground Transportation” and “Rental Car” signs guide the way.
  • Be on the lookout for blue and white shuttles labeled “Rental Car Shuttle.”
  • Note: International arrivals at Terminal D move through Customs & Immigration to Terminal E’s international arrivals hall.

Car Rental Companies

  • Zipcar: 1-866-494-7227, open 24/7
  • Thrifty Car Rental: 1-877-283-0898, operates daily from 5:00 am to 1:30 am
  • Sixt Car Rental: 1-888-749-8227, available daily from 5:00 am to midnight
  • Payless Car Rental: 1-800-729-5377, service from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm daily
  • National: 1-888-826-6890, open 24/7
  • Hertz: 1-800-654-3131, available 24 hours a day
  • Enterprise: 1-800-736-8222, open around the clock
  • Dollar: 1-800-800-4000, daily service from 5:00 am to 1:30 am
  • Budget: 1-800-218-7992, operates 24/7
  • Avis: 1-800-633-3469, available 24/7
  • Alamo: 1-888-233-8749, open every day, 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Emirates Fly from Houston

Exploring the destinations Emirates Airlines serves from Houston is of keen interest to travelers looking to embark on international journeys. The FAQs below provide insightful answers to “Where Does Emirates Fly from Houston”. Whether you’re planning a business trip, a leisurely vacation, or a visit to family and friends across the globe, the FAQs below will make your travel planning as smooth as possible.

Where does Emirates fly to from Houston?

Emirates flies directly from Houston to Dubai (DXB), providing a gateway to numerous international destinations from this major hub.

Where does Emirates fly nonstop from Houston?

Refer to the answer above.

Where does Emirates fly direct from Houston?

Emirates currently flies directly from Houston to only one destination—Dubai (DXB). However, from Dubai, you can travel to more than 120 destinations worldwide.

How long does the direct flight from Houston to Dubai with Emirates take?

The direct flight from Houston to Dubai with Emirates has a duration of approximately 14 hours and 50 minutes.

How often does Emirates operate flights from Houston to Dubai?

Emirates operates a daily flight from Houston to Dubai, ensuring daily connectivity between these two cities.

What is the distance covered by the direct flight from Houston to Dubai on Emirates?

The direct flight from Houston to Dubai with Emirates covers a distance of 8,151 miles.

On which days of the week does Emirates fly directly from Houston to Dubai?

Emirates’ direct flights from Houston to Dubai operate every day of the week, from Sunday through Saturday. However, flight schedules can change, so do check the airline’s website or call the local office in your area.

Which airlines fly nonstop from Houston to Dubai?

At present, only Emirates flies nonstop from Houston to Dubai.

How many airports are there in Houston?

Houston currently has 13 airports, which are:
George Bush Intcntl Houston (IAH), Woodlawns Heliport (JWL), West Chase Hilton Heliport (JWH), Texas Park Ten Heliport (JPT), Marriot Astrodome Heliport (JMA), Transco Tower Galleria Heliport (JGQ), Greenway Plaza Heliport (JGP), Central Business District Heliport (JDX), Sugar Land Regional Airport (SGR), West Houston (IWS), William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), Ellington Fld (EFD), and David Wayne Hooks Field (DWH). 

What is the best airport to use when flying from Houston?

George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport (IAH) is deemed the ideal choice for flights departing from Houston due to its comprehensive service offerings and connectivity.

What is the airport in Houston (IAH) called?

The airport at Houston (IAH) is called George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

How many airlines are flying from Houston George Bush Intcntl Houston (IAH)?

A total of 26 airlines currently operate flights from Houston, covering 214 destinations globally.

Which airlines are flying from Houston?

Aside from Emirates, the airlines flying from Houston currently include:
WestJet, Volaris, VivaAerobus, United, Turkish Airlines, Spirit, Southwest, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, EVA Air, Delta, British Airways, AVIANCA, ANA, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air France, Air Canada, Aeromexico, and Aerolineas MAS.

What’s the code of George Bush Intercontinental Airport at Houston?

The IATA code of George Bush Intercontinental Airport is IAH.

How many airports are there in Dubai?

Dubai is serviced by 3 airports: Dubai International Airport (DXB), Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) and Sharjah International Airport (SHJ).

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