Where Does Delta Fly from Nashville? Full List of Destinations

Published :- 2023-12-06
Where Does Delta Fly from Nashville

Nashville is not just a hub for music lovers but also a significant node in the aviation network for Delta Air Lines. This major American airline offers a range of destinations from Nashville International Airport (BNA). The question is, “Where does Delta fly from Nashville?”, reveals a diverse array of destinations that Delta services, making it a preferred choice for many flyers.

Delta’s flights from Nashville connect passengers to major U.S. cities like New York, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. The airline provides frequent and reliable services with multiple daily flights to these key destinations, including the bustling hubs of LaGuardia Airport in New York and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. For those looking to venture beyond the U.S. borders, Delta also offers connecting international flights from Nashville to popular vacation spots, though some of these routes may be seasonal.

Delta Flights from Nashville

Delta currently offers direct flights from Nashville to 11 domestic destinations in the U.S. The table below lists these destinations, along with flight duration, frequency, distance, days of operation, etc.

Delta’s Flights from Nashville 
S. No.DestinationDurationFlights/DayMilesWeekdaysRoute
1.New York (LGA)2h 20m9-16767SMTWTFSDomestic
2.Washington (DCA)1h 45m8-15564SMTWTFSDomestic
3.Atlanta (ATL)1h 10m8-14215SMTWTFSDomestic
4.Boston (BOS)2h 30m7-11946SMTWTFSDomestic
5.Raleigh/Durham (RDU)1h 30m5-10444SMTWTFSDomestic
6.Los Angeles (LAX)4h 35m7-91803SMTWTFSDomestic
7.Detroit (DTW)1h 38m4-8459SMTWTFSDomestic
8.Minneapolis (MSP)2h 10m5-8699SMTWTFSDomestic
9.New York (JFK)2h 30m6768SMTWTFSDomestic
10.Seattle (SEA)5h 11m3-41984SMTWTFSDomestic
11.Salt Lake City (SLC)3h 45m2-31408SMTWTFSDomestic

Delta’s Direct Flights from Nashville

Delta’s direct flights from Nashville include the same destinations as above. They are listed in the table below with the airport name, flight duration, the number of flights per day, distance, and the days on which they operate. 

S. No.DestinationAirport NameDurationFlights/DayDistance(miles)Days of Operation 
1New York—New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA)2h 20m9-16767Daily 
2Washington—District of ColumbiaRonald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)1h 45m8-15564Daily 
3Atlanta—GeorgiaHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)1h 10m8-14215Daily 
4Boston—MassachusettsLogan International Airport (BOS)2h 30m7-11946Daily 
5Raleigh/Durham—North CarolinaRaleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)1h 30m5-10444Daily 
6Los Angeles—CaliforniaLos Angeles International Airport (LAX)4h 35m7-91803Daily 
7Detroit—MichiganDetroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)1h 38m4-8459Daily 
8New York—New YorkJohn F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)2h 30m6768Daily 
9Minneapolis—MinnesotaMinneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)2h 10m5-8699Daily 
10Seattle—WashingtonSeattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)5h 11m3-41984Daily 
11Salt Lake City—UtahSalt Lake City International Airport (SLC)3h 45m2-31408Daily 

Direct Delta Flights to Nashville

Delta’s direct flights to Nashville include flights from at least 11 cities in the United States, as shown in the table below.

Direct Flights to Nashville with Delta
S.No.Origin Airport Name 
1Atlanta, GeorgiaHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
2Raleigh/Durham, North CarolinaRaleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)
3New York, New York (LGA)LaGuardia Airport (LGA)
4Boston, MassachusettsLogan International Airport (BOS)
5Detroit, MichiganDetroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)
6Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
7New York, New York (JFK)John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
8Washington, District of ColumbiaRonald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)
9New York, New York (LGA)LaGuardia Airport (LGA)
10Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles International Airport (LAX)
11Detroit, MichiganDetroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Delta Fly from Nashville

Delta Air Lines plays a pivotal role in connecting Nashville to a multitude of destinations across the globe. Travelers often inquire about the extent of Delta’s reach from Nashville International Airport, curious about the various cities and countries they can explore via this airline.

To address this curiosity, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about where Delta flies from Nashville. Whether you’re planning a business trip, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, these FAQs will help you navigate the vast network of Delta’s flights from Nashville, ensuring you’re well-informed for your next journey.

Does Delta offer non-stop flights from Nashville?

Yes, Delta offers non-stop flights from Nashville to several cities in the United States.

Where does Delta fly nonstop from Nashville?

Delta operates nonstop flights from Nashville to several major cities in the United States, such as Atlanta (ATL), Detroit (DTW), Minneapolis (MSP), New York (JFK and LGA), Los Angeles (LAX), and 5 more cities.

Does Delta offer international flights from Nashville?

No, Delta does not currently offer direct international flights from Nashville.

Can I fly to Asia or Australia with Delta from Nashville?

Delta does not currently offer nonstop flights to Asia or Australia from Nashville. However, it provides connecting flights through hub airports such as Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Does Delta offer seasonal flights from Nashville?

Yes, Delta operates seasonal flights from Nashville to popular vacation destinations like Cancun (CUN), depending on the season and demand.

How often do Delta flights depart from Nashville?

The frequency of Delta’s direct flights varies depending on the destination. There are multiple daily departures for all cities, with several more for major cities like Atlanta (ATL), Washington (DCA), New York (LGA and JFK), Boston (BOS), Raleigh-Durham (RDU), Los Angeles (LAX), Detroit (DTW), and Minneapolis (MSP).

Are there any codeshare agreements that expand Delta’s reach from Nashville?

Yes, Delta has codeshare agreements with several partner airlines which allow passengers to travel to additional destinations beyond what is offered directly by Delta.

Are there daily flights from Nashville to New York with Delta? 

Yes, Delta operates daily flights from Nashville to New York, servicing airports like LaGuardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

How often does Delta fly from Nashville to Atlanta? 

Delta flies from Nashville to Atlanta (a major hub) 8-14 times per day, depending on the season.

Can I fly direct from Nashville to Los Angeles with Delta? 

Yes, Delta offers several direct flights each day from Nashville to Los Angeles.

Does Delta fly nonstop from Nashville to Central America? 

Unfortunately, there are no nonstop options to Central America from Nashville at this time. 

Can I fly to South America with Delta from Nashville? 

You can connect through Atlanta or other major hubs for flights to South American destinations like São Paulo, Buenos Aires, etc.

What are the shortest and longest flight durations from Nashville with Delta? 

The shortest flight is to Atlanta, taking about 1 hour and 10 minutes, while the longest is to Seattle, taking around 5 hours and 11 minutes

Are there direct Delta flights from Nashville to major U.S. cities like Chicago and Dallas with Delta?

Delta’s direct flights from Nashville primarily include major cities like New York, Atlanta, and Boston. For other cities like Chicago and Dallas, availability can vary and may require connections.

How can I find out about Delta’s flight schedule from Nashville? 

The best way to find the most current flight schedule is to visit Delta’s official website or use a flight booking platform.

Does Delta offer flights from Nashville to Canadian or European destinations?

While Delta does offer international flights, the availability of direct flights to Canadian or European destinations from Nashville may be limited and subject to seasonal schedules. It’s best to check Delta’s official website for the most current information.

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