Where Does Delta Fly Direct From Chicago? Non-Stop Flight Destinations

Published :- 2023-10-31
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“Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Chicago?” is a question on the minds of many travelers seeking to explore new destinations with Delta Air Lines. Chicago, a bustling hub in the heart of the Midwest, serves as a strategic departure point for numerous Delta flights. Dive into the details to discover the destinations to which Delta flies directly from the Windy City, and let your travel aspirations take flight.

Delta Direct Flights from Chicago 

Delta Air Lines offers 8 direct flights from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, a bustling hub in the heartland of the United States. These non-stop flights provide convenient options for reaching various domestic destinations without any layovers and are listed below.

List of Direct Delta Flights from Chicago

S. No.DestinationDurationFlights/DayMilesWeekdaysRoute
1New York (LGA)2h 15m19-31735S M T W T F SDomestic
2Boston (BOS)2h 23m18-23869S M T W T F SDomestic
3Atlanta (ATL)2h 0m18-21610S M T W T F SDomestic
4Minneapolis (MSP)1h 31m16-22335S M T W T F SDomestic
5Detroit (DTW)1h 23m15-18235S M T W T F SDomestic
6Seattle (SEA)4h 40m13-201725S M T W T F SDomestic
7New York (JFK)2h 25m9-10742S M T W T F SDomestic
8Salt Lake City (SLC)3h 37m8-101253S M T W T F SDomestic

Map of Delta Direct Flights from Chicago 

Delta direct flights from chicago

Delta Flights to Chicago

Delta Airlines’ Chicago-bound flights include a wide range of cities across the United States and beyond. Some of the major cities served by Delta with flights to Chicago include New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and Washington D.C. Additionally, Delta offers international flights to Chicago from destinations such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City, Toronto, and Frankfurt. 

Frequency of Delta Air Lines Chicago Flights

How often do Delta Air Lines direct flights from Chicago depart? The frequency of Delta Air Lines direct flights from Chicago is 7 days a week. The number of daily flights will depend on your destination, as shown below:

DestinationDaily FlightsDays of the Week
Atlanta (ATL) 18-21All 7 days
Boston (BOS) 18-23All 7 days
Detroit (DTW)15-18All 7 days
Minneapolis (MSP)16-22All 7 days
New York (LGA)19-31All 7 days
New York (JFK)9-10All 7 days
Salt Lake City (SLC)8-10All 7 days
Seattle (SEA)13-20All 7 days

Budget Options for Flying with Delta from Chicago 

Delta offers a range of fare options to cater to different budgets and travel needs. Below are 5 budget-friendly suggestions when considering flying with Delta:

  1. Purchase a Basic Economy ticket: Delta’s Basic Economy fare is typically the most affordable option. It provides a lower-cost choice for price-conscious passengers, though it comes with some restrictions, such as seat assignment after check-in and no ticket changes.
  2. Become a SkyMiles member: Delta often offers special promotions and deals for SkyMiles members. By keeping an eye on these promotions, you can find discounted award flights and save on travel.
  3. Avoid extra baggage fees: Familiarize yourself with Delta’s baggage policies to avoid unexpected fees. Traveling light or adhering to the airline’s baggage allowance can save you money.
  4. Book well in advance: Ticket prices tend to rise closer to the departure date. Booking your ticket in advance may help you secure your ticket for a lower price.
  5. Be flexible with your travel dates: If your travel dates are flexible, use Delta’s fare calendar or low-fare finder tools to identify the cheapest days to fly.

10 Things to Keep in Mind Booking Delta Flights from Chicago

Male passenger with airport staff booking ticket

Below are 10 general tips to remember when booking direct Delta flights from Chicago:

  1. Cancellation/Change: Delta understands that plans may change. You can easily cancel or change your flight prior to departure on the Delta website or via Customer Service.
  2. Check-in Procedures: Ensure you’re aware of Delta’s check-in timelines and requirements. This will help you avoid any last-minute hassles at the airport.
  3. Baggage Policies: Familiarize yourself with Delta’s baggage allowance and fees. Knowing the weight and size limits for both checked and carry-on luggage can save you time and money.
  4. Security Protocols: Understand the security procedures and requirements at both your departure and arrival airports. This includes any documentation or health checks that might be required due to travel advisories.
  5. Destination & Travel Requirements: Use Delta’s interactive Discover Map to find out which destinations are open for travel and to get details on any potential entry requirements.
  6. Fly Delta App: Download Delta’s mobile app (Fly Delta) for checking in, tracking your flight status, making flight changes, and chatting with a live agent. 
  7. Bag & Travel Fees: Stay updated with Delta’s bag and travel fees to avoid any surprises.
  8. Premium Travel: Experience the new Delta Premium Select on longer, connecting flights for more spacious seats, more dining options, and premium amenities.
  9. Customer Service: If you have any issues or questions, Delta’s customer service is available to assist you. You can message them or submit a comment/complaint.
  10. Policies: Review Delta’s customer commitment, tarmac delay plan, legal policies, and other relevant policies before booking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Delta Fly Direct from Chicago

If you’re planning a trip from Chicago and wondering where Delta Airlines flies, you’re in the right place. This section answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Where Does Delta Fly From Chicago. So do check it out before embarking on your next journey.

Where does Delta fly nonstop from Chicago?

Delta’s non-stop flights from Chicago include flights to the following 8 cities within the United States:

– Atlanta (ATL)
– Boston (BOS)
– Detroit (DTW)
– Minneapolis (MSP)
– New York (JFK)
– New York (LGA)
– Salt Lake City (SLC)
– Seattle (SEA)

Which terminal does Delta Air Lines fly from at Chicago?

Delta flights depart from Terminal 5 at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD).

To what cities Does Delta fly direct from Chicago?

Delta flies directly to New York (JFK and LaGuardia), Seattle, and 5 other cities in the United States.

To what countries can I fly direct from Chicago Airport?

You can fly directly from Chicago Airport only within the United States. 

To what domestic destinations does Delta fly from Chicago nonstop? 

Delta offers nonstop flights to 8 cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. However, you can fly to most major cities in the U.S. (and beyond) on connecting flights.

Does Delta fly internationally from Chicago? 

Delta offers connecting but not direct international flights from Chicago to destinations such as Cancun, London, Paris, and Tokyo.

Are there direct flights to Europe from Chicago on Delta? 

No, there aren’t any direct flights to Europe from Chicago on Delta. But you can take a connecting flight from Chicago to European cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Athens, Dublin, Rome, Zurich, London, etc.

Can I book a connecting flight through Delta from Chicago? 

Absolutely! With its extensive network of partner airlines and alliances, you can easily book connecting flights through Delta from Chicago to reach your final destination.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles when flying with Delta from Chicago? 

Yes! As a member of the SkyMiles loyalty program, you can earn miles for every qualifying flight you take with Delta.

What aircraft does Delta Air Lines fly from Chicago?

Delta operates the following aircraft from Chicago:

– Boeing 717/737/757
– Airbus A31X/32X
– Embraer 19X/17X
– Bombardier CRJ/Challenger

Does Delta fly to O’Hare International Airport? 

Yes, Delta operates numerous flights out of O’Hare International Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the world.

Which Delta direct flights from Chicago are the longest in duration?

Delta’s direct flights from Chicago with the longest duration are to Seattle (4h 40m), Salt Lake City (3h 37m), and New York, JFK (2h 25m).

Which Delta direct flights from Chicago are the shortest in duration?

Delta’s direct flights from Chicago with the shortest duration are to Detroit (1h 23m), Minneapolis (1h 31m), and Atlanta (2h).

Which Delta direct flights from Chicago are the farthest in distance?

Delta’s direct flights from Chicago that are the farthest from Chicago are to Seattle (1725 miles), Salt Lake City (1253 miles), and Boston (869 miles).

Are there any Delta flights to Chicago from Europe?

Yes, you take connecting Delta flights to Chicago from Europe, such as:

– Denmark (Copenhagen)
– Netherlands (Amsterdam)
– France (Paris, Nice)
– Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart)
– Greece (Athens)
– Ireland (Dublin, Shannon)
– Italy (Milan, Naples, Rome, Venice

Are there any Delta flights to Chicago from Mexico?

Yes, there are connecting Delta flights to Chicago from the following cities in Mexico:

– San José del Cabo (SJD) 
– Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
– Monterrey (MTY)
– Mexico City (MEX)
– Guadalajara (GDL)
– Cozumel (CZM)
– Cancún (CUN)

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