Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly from PDX: Direct Flights from Portland

Published :- 2024-02-02
Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly from PDX

Alaska Airlines offers an expansive network of destinations from Portland International Airport (PDX), serving a diverse range of locations catering to business and leisure travelers. In exploring the question ‘Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly From PDX”, you will find a variety of domestic and international destinations. 

Among the 49 domestic routes, key cities include Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Denver, with multiple daily flights ensuring convenient scheduling options. Other significant domestic destinations comprise San Francisco, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Chicago. For those seeking sunnier climates, flights to Honolulu, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale are also available. 

Internationally, Alaska Airlines connects Portland to 4 vibrant destinations like Vancouver, offering travelers the chance to explore Canada’s scenic landscapes and urban centers. For those looking to travel further south, flights to Puerto Vallarta and Cancun provide gateways to Mexico’s renowned beaches and cultural experiences.

Alaska Airlines Flights from PDX

With a blend of short-haul and long-haul flights, Alaska Airlines flights from PDX cater to a wide array of travel needs, making it a preferred choice for many flying out of Portland. The table below lists all the 49 domestic and 4 international destinations to which Alaska Airlines flies directly from Portland (PDX), Oregon—along with the duration, frequency, and distance of each flight. 

Alaska Airlines Direct Flights from PDX
Seattle (SEA)1h 3m17-21130DailyDomestic
Phoenix (PHX)2h 35m9-121015DailyDomestic
Las Vegas (LAS)2h 11m9-12767DailyDomestic
Los Angeles (LAX)2h 26m7-12839DailyDomestic
Denver (DEN)2h 30m7-11994DailyDomestic
San Francisco (SFO)1h 51m7-10553DailyDomestic
San Jose (SJC)1h 45m4-8572DailyDomestic
Dallas (DFW)3h 45m5-61622DailyDomestic
Salt Lake City(SLC)1h 51m5-6632DailyDomestic
Oakland (OAK)1h 45m5-6547DailyDomestic
Sacramento (SMF)1h 30m4-6481DailyDomestic
San Diego (SAN)2h 28m4-6939DailyDomestic
Boise (BOI)1h 12m2-5345DailyDomestic
Vancouver (YVR)1h 16m3-4251DailyInternational
Spokane (GEG)1h 6m2-4279DailyDomestic
Santa Ana (SNA)2h 24m3-4865DailyDomestic
Palm Springs (PSP)2h 24m3879DailyDomestic
Chicago (ORD)3h 53m2-31744DailyDomestic
Anchorage (ANC)3h 46m1-31547DailyDomestic
Minneapolis (MSP)3h 16m2-31429DailyDomestic
Burbank (BUR)2h 12m2-3822DailyDomestic
Honolulu (HNL)6h 10m22616DailyDomestic
New York (JFK)5h 24m22461DailyDomestic
Miami (MIA)5h 40m22711DailyDomestic
Kahului (OGG)6h 5m1-22575DailyDomestic
Ontario (ONT)2h 17m1-3843DailyDomestic
Orlando (MCO)5h 23m1-22544DailyDomestic
Albuquerque (ABQ)2h 44m11116DailyDomestic
Austin (AUS)3h 48m11722DailyDomestic
Washington (DCA)4h 57m12357DailyDomestic
New York (EWR)5h 7m12440DailyDomestic
San Luis Obispo(SBP)2h 7m1726DailyDomestic
Kailua-Kona (KOA)6h 10m12621DailyDomestic
Puerto Vallarta (PVR)4h 29m11993DailyInternational
Redmond (RDM)0h 46m1116DailyDomestic
Reno (RNO)1h 28m1447DailyDomestic
Fort Lauderdale(FLL)5h 28m12705DailyDomestic
San Jose Cabo (SJD)3h 58m11719DailyInternational
Santa Rosa (STS)1h 39m1492DailyDomestic
Kansas City (MCI)3h 20m11485DailyDomestic
Medford (MFR)0h 57m1223DailyDomestic
Tucson (TUS)2h 46m11126DailyDomestic
Kauai Island (LIH)6h 18m12644DailyDomestic
Santa Barbara (SBA)2h 9m1789DailyDomestic
Boston (BOS)5h 22m12544DailyDomestic
Belgrade (BZN)1h 34m1554DailyDomestic
Fresno (FAT)1h 52m1630DailyDomestic
Missoula (MSO)1h 30m1418DailyDomestic
Billings (BIL)2h 2m1681DailyDomestic
Kalispell (FCA)1h 23m1438DailyDomestic
Cancun (CUN)5h 48m12649DailyInternational
Tampa (TPA)5h 6m12507DailyDomestic
Nashville (BNA)4h 20m11979DailyDomestic

Overview of Alaska Airlines Direct Flights from PDX

The table below provides the maximum and minimum flight duration, distance, and frequency of Alaska Airlines’ direct flights from PDX. 

Flight DurationMaximum Duration: 6h 18mKauai Island (LIH)
Minimum Duration: 0h 46mRedmond (RDM)
Flight DistanceMaximum Distance: 2711 milesMiami (MIA)
Minimum Distance: 116 milesRedmond (RDM)
Flight FrequencyMaximum Frequency: 17-21 flights/daySeattle (SEA)
Minimum Frequency: 1 flight/dayMultiple destinations with 1 flight/day

Note: The maximum frequency of flights is during peak seasons, while the minimum frequency represents the least number of flights per day across various destinations.

Alaska Airlines at PDX International Airport 

The table below offers a snapshot of the services and facilities available at Portland International Airport (PDX), focusing particularly on Alaska Airlines. It includes important information such as the airport’s location, contact numbers, terminal details, and various amenities provided at PDX. 

Whether you’re looking for parking options, need assistance with transportation, or require specific facilities like child play areas or pet-friendly amenities, this guide serves as a valuable resource for all travelers passing through Portland International Airport.

About Alaska Airlines and Portland International Airport
Airport NamePortland International Airport
Airport Location About 6 miles from downtown Portland
Airport Address7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218, U.S.A.
Airport Phone Number503-460-4234
Alaska Airlines Phone Number at PDX800-252-7522
Airport Code PDX
Terminals1 Terminal comprising 4 Concourses (B, C, D, E)
Alaska Airlines Terminal in PDXConcourses B and C

Inter-Terminal Transport

At PDX, passengers can easily navigate the airport without the need for inter-terminal transport, since it consists of a single terminal. However, it’s important for travelers to pass through the appropriate security checkpoint to access their specific concourse.

After successfully passing through security, travelers can reach either Concourses B and C or Concourses D and E. It’s important to note that the concourse connector is temporarily unavailable due to construction activities at the airport.

For those who have utilized the economy parking area, frequent complimentary shuttle buses are operating between the parking lots and the terminal for convenience.

Security and Customs at PDX International Airport

Portland International Airport (PDX) features two main security checkpoints situated at the terminal’s northern and southern extremities. These checkpoints grant access to Concourses B/C and D/E respectively.

Operating Hours of Checkpoints

  • South Checkpoint (Concourse B/C): Operational 24/7
  • North Checkpoint (Concourse D/E): Operational 24/7

TSA PreCheck 

Both security checkpoints at PDX are equipped with TSA PreCheck lanes, functioning during these times:

  • South Checkpoint (Concourse B/C): 4 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • North Checkpoint (Concourse D/E): 4 a.m. – 4 p.m.

PDX also houses a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center located beyond the northern security checkpoint (near Gate E2), open daily from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. Travelers can enroll here without an appointment, but must bring a photo ID and proof of citizenship for a hassle-free TSA PreCheck registration.

Tip. Special express lanes are provided at both checkpoints for passengers with eligible mileage program cards, JetBlue Even More Space, Even More Speed ticket holders, or those flying in first or business class. These lanes are also accessible for travelers flying from Portland to Seattle at the B/C checkpoint.

Global Entry 

PDX offers Global Entry kiosks for pre-cleared travelers. The airport also features a Global Entry enrollment office on the mezzanine level of the main terminal, open Monday to Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Enrollment on Arrival is available daily at booth 11, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Mobile Passport 

PDX supports the Mobile Passport app for eligible U.S. citizens arriving in the country. This service allows passengers to submit their details through the app instead of filling out a traditional arrival form and presenting their digital receipt to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent.

Airport Lounges at PDX

  • Concourse C, opposite Gate C5

Open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.

  • Near Concourse B entrance

Open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Priority Pass

While Priority Pass holders do not have access to airline lounges at PDX, they can enjoy discounts at selected dining establishments:

  • Capers Cafe Le Bar, situated in Concourse C
  • Capers Market, located in Concourse D
  • Westward Whiskey, found in Concourse C

Dining Options

With over 50 dining options, PDX caters to a variety of tastes, ranging from Henry’s Tavern to McDonald’s. The Clock Tower plaza area, accessible before security, hosts a diverse array of eateries, with additional options available across each concourse.


PDX offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout its public spaces, both before and after security. Guests can connect by selecting “flypdx” in their Wi-Fi settings and agreeing to the terms. For support, passengers can reach out to PDXCustomerService@PortofPortland.com.

Lost and Found

For lost items, PDX maintains a lost and found center on the baggage claim level of the terminal. The office operates Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., and can be contacted at 503.460.4272 during these hours.

For belongings lost in the terminal or public areas, passengers should approach the lost and found center. For items left on an aircraft, the respective airline should be contacted.

Additional Information

Guest Services 

For assistance, two staffed information desks are available in the baggage claim area. Additionally, customer service can be reached by phone at 503-460-4234, available daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Play Areas for Children 

PDX features several play areas for children, though it’s not among the top kid-friendly airports in the U.S. These areas are situated pre-security near the concourse entrances and within Concourses C and D. PDX also offers a unique Hollywood Theatre showcasing works by local filmmakers.

Facilities for Infants 

PDX is equipped with four nursing rooms, located at:

  • Near Capers Café in Concourse B/C
  • Close to gate B6 in Concourse B
  • Near gate D5 in Concourse D
  • Near gate E8 in Concourse E

Pet-Friendly Amenities 

There are three pet relief areas at PDX:

  • Outside baggage claim at the terminal’s south end
  • Adjacent to the Alaska Airlines Lounge in Concourse C
  • Across from gate D5 in Concourse D

Duty-Free Shopping 

While PDX doesn’t offer duty-free shops, all airport stores charge the same prices as off-airport shops, thanks to Oregon’s no sales tax policy.

Smoking Policy 

Designated smoking areas are available only outside the terminal. No smoking facilities are provided post-security.

Financial Services

  • Foreign exchange services can be found in the international arrivals area.
  • ATMs are distributed across the main terminal and concourses.

Luggage Services 

PDX does not offer luggage storage facilities.

Important Contact Numbers at PDX

  • Customer Service: 503-460-4234
  • Parking Information: 503-460-4234
  • Lost and Found: 503.460.4272

Transportation Options

Shuttle and Bus Services 

Regular and chartered bus services are available at PDX, with stops conveniently located just outside the terminal on the lower road.

Rail Connectivity 

The TriMet MAX Light Rail, situated at the terminal’s southern end in the ticketing lobby, offers convenient access. The red line connects the airport to Beaverton Transit Center via Rose Quarter Transit Center and downtown Portland. Trains leave every 15 minutes from the airport, with fares at $2.50 for a 2.5-hour ride or $5 for an all-day pass.

Limousine and Town Car Services 

For a more luxurious travel option, limousines and town cars are available. These vehicles can be found picking up and dropping off passengers on the lower-level road near the parking garage. The airport has recommended providers for these services.

Taxi Services 

Taxis can be hailed on the lower-level road outside the terminal, close to the parking garage. A typical fare to downtown Portland is approximately $35, excluding gratuity, and the journey usually takes about 30 minutes, traffic dependent.

Ridesharing Options 

Services like Lyft, Uber, and Wingz are available from PDX. Riders can coordinate with their drivers to meet on the lower-level road outside the terminal. Each service has a designated pickup area on the second island.

Driving Directions to PDX

From the South

  • Via I-5: Use the northbound I-5, passing through Portland, and take the exit to I-84 East. Continue on I-84 East, then merge onto I-205 North. Take the exit for Airport Way West from I-205 North. Follow Airport Way straight to the PDX terminal.
  • Via I-205: Head north on I-205 and exit at Airport Way West. Travel along Airport Way to arrive at the PDX terminal.

From the North

  • Via I-5: Drive south on I-5, then switch to I-84 East. From I-84 East, transition to I-205 North. Use the Airport Way West exit from I-205 North. Continue on Airport Way to reach the PDX terminal.
  • Via I-205: Go south on I-205 and take the Airport Way West exit. Proceed on Airport Way to the PDX terminal.

From the East

  • Head west on I-84 to join I-205 North: Exit onto I-205 North and take the Airport Way West exit. Follow Airport Way to arrive at the PDX terminal.

From the West

  • Begin on Hwy: 26 East towards Portland. Switch to I-405 South, then to I-5 North. Exit onto I-84 East, then follow it to I-205 North. From I-205 North, take the Airport Way West exit. Continue on Airport Way to the PDX terminal.

Parking Information

PDX offers a variety of parking options, including garages and open-air lots, with a total capacity exceeding 15,000 spaces.

Short-Term Parking at Portland International Airport 

The short-term parking garage, conveniently adjacent to the terminal, is linked by a skybridge, ensuring rapid access to the terminal. This garage accommodates vehicles up to 8 feet in height and includes 24 charging stations for electric vehicles. The parking rates are set at $3 per hour, with a daily maximum of $30.

Long-Term Parking 

The long-term parking garage, located behind the short-term facility, provides direct terminal access through pedestrian walkways. It houses 4,400 spaces and also has an 8-foot vehicle height limit. The long-term parking fees are $4 per hour, capping at $24 for a full day.

Economy Parking 

The red and blue economy parking lots, holding 7,900 spaces, are situated to the southeast of the airport near I-205. Complimentary shuttle service operates between these lots and the terminal, running every 7 to 9 minutes from 4 a.m. to midnight and every 15 minutes during off-peak hours.

Economy parking is priced at $4 per hour or $15 per day.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Parking 

Portland International Airport provides complimentary parking for motorcycles and bicycles. Motorcycle parking is exclusively under the upper roadway on the arrival level and is not available in other parking areas.

Free bicycle racks are located at both the north and south ends of the terminal’s lower level for secure locking.

Cell Phone Waiting Area 

The cell phone waiting lot, situated at the intersection of N.E. Airport Way and N.E. 82nd Avenue, allows for up to 30 minutes of free parking. This enables drivers to wait comfortably until they receive a call from arriving passengers, after which it’s a brief 3-minute drive to the curbside for pickup.

Off-Site and Hotel Parking Options 

While PDX’s economy parking is competitively priced at $12 per day, external parking options through airportparkingreservations.com start at $9.95 per day. However, shuttle services may be more frequent from the airport’s economy lot compared to external sites.

For travelers seeking combined hotel and parking deals, off-airport options might offer more attractive packages.

Parking for Disabled Passengers 

All PDX parking areas include designated spaces for disabled passengers, located near elevators in covered lots and close to bus shelters in economy lots. Disabled parking is available at a daily rate of $12 in any of the parking garages.
Parking Inquiries For general parking questions, contact 503-460-4234.

Car Rental

The car rental center at PDX is conveniently situated adjacent to the short-term parking area and can be reached via the south tunnel.

On-site rental agencies include:

  • Enterprise: 844-366-0498
  • Hertz: 503-528-7900
  • Avis: 503-249-4950
  • Thrifty: 503-528-7900
  • National: 800-227-7368
  • Payless: 503-288-8050
  • Zipcar: 866-494-7887
  • Sixt: 503-498-6455
  • Budget: 503-249-6331
  • Dollar: 503-249-4792
  • Alamo: 844-366-0497

Alaska Airlines PDX Destinations Map

Alaska Airlines PDX Destinations Map

A screenshot of the Alaska Airlines’ PDX Destinations Map/Route Map. Source: AlaskaAir.com

Discovering and booking flights from Portland is very simple if you’re using the Alaska Airlines PDX Destinations Map. This interactive digital map is a valuable tool for travelers looking to explore flights departing from Portland, Oregon, offering a comprehensive view of all the destinations Alaska Airlines serves from this hub.

How to Navigate the Alaska Airlines PDX Destinations Map

  1. Accessing the Map
    • To start your journey, visit the official Alaska Airlines website.
    • Navigate to the Where we fly section and select Route map to access the Destinations Map.
  2. Utilizing the Map
    • Viewing Flight Routes: Choose Portland (PDX) as your starting point. The page will then highlight a variety of direct and connecting flights to various destinations. Click on any destination for further details.
    • Booking Flights: Conveniently book your flight right from the map page. Enter your destination, travel dates, budget, and preferred flight class. The map will display available flights from Portland, complete with pricing information.
    • Customizing Your Search: Adjust your search using various filters, such as trip type (round-trip or one-way), use of mileage points, or available discounts.
    • Flight Details: Clicking on any route will provide you with detailed information, including flight duration, frequency, and other relevant details about your chosen destination.
    • Completing Your Reservation: The booking process is straightforward. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to finalize your flight booking and proceed with payment.

The Alaska Airlines PDX Destinations Map is an easy-to-use tool that brings together important travel information in a visually appealing, intuitive format. Whether you’re planning a business trip, a vacation, or just a quick getaway, this map simplifies the process, making it easy to explore and book your next flight from Portland with Alaska Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly from PDX

For travelers curious about the range of destinations Alaska Airlines offers from Portland International Airport (PDX), numerous questions often arise. From inquiries about international routes to understanding the frequency of flights to various cities, there’s a lot to consider when planning your journey. In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about Alaska Airlines’ flights from PDX, providing you with detailed information on destinations, flight schedules, and much more, to help you effortlessly navigate your travel plans.

Where does Alaska Airlines fly to from PDX?

Alaska Airlines presently flies directly from Portland International Airport (PDX) to 53 cities, out of 49 are in the United States and 4 beyond the U.S. 

To what cities does Alaska Airlines (AS) fly nonstop from PDX? 

Alaska Airlines flies from PDX nonstop to 53 cities.

From where does Alaska Airlines fly in PDX?

Alaska Airlines flies out of Concourses B and C at PDX, depending on your destination. 

Where does Alaska Airlines fly from PDX internationally?

Alaska Airlines flies from PDX to 4 international destinations—Vancouver (YVR) in Canada, and Puerto Vallarta (PVR), San Jose Cabo (SJD), and Cancun (CUN) in Mexico.

Are there direct flights from PDX to the Caribbean with Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines offers direct flights from PDX to Cancun (CUN), which is in the Caribbean.

Which Canadian destinations can I reach directly from PDX with Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines provides direct flights from PDX to Vancouver (YVR) in Canada.

How many daily flights does Alaska Airlines offer from PDX to Seattle (SEA)?

Alaska Airlines offers 17-21 flights per day from PDX to Seattle (SEA).

What is the duration of the longest direct flight offered by Alaska Airlines from PDX?

The longest direct flight is to Kauai Island (LIH) with a duration of 6h 18m.

What is the shortest flight Alaska Airlines offers from PDX?

The shortest flight is to Redmond (RDM) with a duration of 0h 46m.

Does Alaska Airlines offer daily flights to all its destinations from PDX?

Yes, Alaska Airlines offers daily flights to all its listed destinations from PDX.

What is the maximum flight distance for Alaska Airlines flights from PDX?

The maximum flight distance is to Fort Lauderdale (FLL), covering 2705 miles.

Which destination has the most frequent daily flights from PDX with Alaska Airlines?

Seattle (SEA) has the most frequent daily flights, with 17-21 flights per day.

Are there direct flights from PDX to Hawaii with Alaska Airlines?

Yes, Alaska Airlines provides direct flights from PDX to Kauai Island (LIH), Kahului (OGG), Honolulu (HNL), and Kailua-Kona (KOA) in Hawaii.

How many destinations does Alaska Airlines fly to directly from PDX?

Alaska Airlines offers direct flights to 53 destinations from PDX, out of which 49 are in the U.S. and 4 beyond the U.S.

What is the average flight duration for Alaska Airlines’ domestic flights from PDX?

Flight durations vary, but most are between 1 to 6 hours.

Does Alaska Airlines offer any direct international flights to Europe or Asia from PDX?

No, Alaska Airlines’ direct international flights from PDX are limited to Canada and Mexico (incl. the Caribbean).

Are there direct flights from PDX to major cities in California with Alaska Airlines?

Yes, direct flights to Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), San Diego (SAN), and others are available.

How frequently does Alaska Airlines fly from PDX to New York?

Alaska Airlines operates 2 daily flights from PDX to New York (JFK) and 1 daily flight to Newark (EWR).

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